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Kunlun Grand Palm Imprint versus Kunlun Grand Palm Imprint!

Sky Flipping Hammer Imprint against Sky Flipping Hammer Imprint!

The same martial arts and technique…

Behind Luke's surprise was utter confusion toward the situation. He was the one who taught Feng Lin these martial arts, so how could it be stronger than his own!?


He couldn't comprehend it and wasn't able to find his answer.

But that didn't matter. It wasn't long before Feng Lin answered them with continuous heavy strikes.

Feng Lin would never give his opponent a chance to respond after being dazed by his attacks. Stacking his fingers side by side, pointed like a sword, he pierced toward the middle of Luke's brows.

Immortal Slaying Sword Imprint!

A seemingly normal strike yet it was more than what met the eyes. The quiver of the finger muscles had created an unimaginable force in the air, cutting through the void. It truly held the essence of killing a deity.

Out of all the various forms of martial arts in the world, murder by sword dao was the most impressive.

In ancient cultivation mythologies, sword immortal was the pinnacle of sword dao. There were layers after layers of predestined fate at work, making the attainment of immortality far more difficult than other cultivators.

If sword immortals claimed that they were second in term of killing techniques, who would dare claim first?

Immortal Slaying Sword Imprint gathered the entire body's energy into a tiny tip, making it a great burden for the finger to bear. Feng Lin didn't use it frequently either. But the moment he did, it held the essence of a sword immortal, like an oath to execute its enemies with the edge of the sword.

Luke's eyes popped; he could feel the murderous intent behind the strike and his heart turned cold.

He was unable to dodge this!

In this crucial point between life and death, he pressed a button on his waist in haste. Suddenly, his wrist began emitting a glaring light and formed a sturdy shield in front of him.


Using his finger as a sword, it pierced through without mercy.

Even so, the force had been weakened by a good half.

Fighting for his last breath, Luke looked as though he was fleeing for his life when he retreated hastily without a care for his precious and rare genetic equipment.

"This is not good! My power and speed is no match for this rascal! My combat powers have been completely overwhelmed and even the techniques were of no use! I must use my forte—the Wind and Fire attack!" As Luke's body traveled horizontally in mid-air, he recalled the pivotal technique.

Techniques didn't have anything to compare its strengths against; only combat power could be measured in such a manner.

He realized this in such a pathetic state—that was an even more depressing thought!

He might as well not have thought about it…


Feng Lin was aggressive. Likewise, Luke refused to bow to his fate and decided to unleash his dominance. He contended against Feng Lin head-on.

The more it dragged, the more beneficial it was for him.

Once assistance arrived for him, he would love to see how Feng Lin continued being this savage. It would be difficult for the latter to flee once they pierced through his wings!

Luke had wind and fire on each of his hands.

Fire as Yang, Wind as Yin!

With the combination of Fire and Wind, he formed his Wheel of Wind and Fire. Engulfing everything around it as it made its appearance, it set off gales and heat waves.

From a glance, Feng Lin recognized it as the Yin Yang Mirror Imprint. However, Luke had obviously combined Kunlun Grand Palm Imprint with genetic martial arts and had evolved it into a unique new technique.

Wheel of Wind and Fire spun at high speed all around Feng Lin, trapping him into the cage of Wind and Fire. Tornadoes of fire surrounded him, refusing to let him escape.

Through the gaps of these fire hurricanes, Feng Lin spotted Luke speeding toward the other side.

The hypnotized Insolent Tiger was now fighting against his own partners-in-crime, the young man and woman.

The eagle-eyed man held onto the ray gun and was firing maniacally.

The wild lady had a whip in her hands. It danced as it coiled around the Insolent Tiger, making it hard for him to struggle free.

As partners, they didn't have the heart to kill him either and avoided striking Insolent Tiger's vital points.

However, the latter had already been hypnotized by Feng Lin and didn't have any consciousness of his own doing. Hence, his strikes were merciless, delivering fatal blows after the next.

With the advantage of having the Wind Tiger Gene, his body consisted of harshly defined muscles. He slashed out destructive gales, was ferocious in his attacks, and suppressed the two opponents by himself.

Luke had exchanged blows with Feng Lin previously and understood that his Wind and Fire powers would not be able to defeat Feng Lin's defense. Therefore, he wanted to delay Feng Lin, using that time to awaken Insolent Tiger so they could combine the four of their powers to bring down Feng Lin together.

It was a great idea, but Feng Lin had seen through his strategy from the get-go. Would he let him get away with it?

Feng Lin stretched his arms out, flipping waves of gales which were mixed with infinite primordial power. The palm technique continued at a faster pace until it left traces of countless palm imprints in the air. They fanned out like a sail, stirring up the void as the powerful gales permeated the whole place.


Feng Lin roared as his arms jolted. The air which had gathered in front of his chest exploded, stirring an upsurge of wind and dispersed the Wind and Fire trap he was in.

He escaped, shifting like a bolt of electricity and arrived at a distance.

The speed was quick beyond compare, to the extent where even Feng Lin didn't have time to change his technique. Instead, he struck forth with a mediocre longfist.

There was nothing magnificent about the attack, but it contained the impact that came with a high-speed punch. It was fast and damaging, like an artillery shell which had exploded with a big bang.

"Not good!" Luke's expression changed drastically before using Kunlun Grand Palm Imprint's Primordial Flag Imprint—a technique widely known for its defensive abilities—and shielded himself.

The same technique could have a drastic difference in power when used by different people.

Feng Lin's normal punch shattered the defensive palm force and landed ruthlessly against his opponent's chest.

A loud bang resounded!

The armor Luke wore broke on impact, revealing cracks akin to a turtle's shell. At a speed visible to the naked eye, it crumbled as he coughed out blood along with the remnants of his broken organs. His entire body was cast aside.

Even so, he was a menacing man who had been through hundreds of battles. He puffed up his cheeks and spat out blood, turned it into a blood arrow and shot it toward Feng Lin.

Feng Lin dodged and Luke retreated in haste. A pity that it was just a pointless struggle. 

Seizing the opportunity of his opponent's weakened state, Feng Lin went after his life!

How could Feng Lin let someone go this easily? He swiftly caught up to his retreating figure.

Vajra Dragon Claw!

One of Feng Lin's hands turned into claws and reached toward the top of his enemy's head.

The attack landed on its first hit. Luke's skull was just about to be grounded into fine dust by the grip.

In that crucial moment, his body spun like a top, evading at the moment of life and death. He tumbled across the floor, looking discomposed as he fled.

The strong claws were extremely sharp and with the powerful grip, it tore his clothes into shreds.

Luke stood up shakily, suffering from countless internal injuries throughout his body. His heart sank to the bottom of the pit.

They were both using Kunlun Grand Palm Imprint, yet Feng Lin excelled beyond the ability of his teacher; Luke was not a match at all.

To his dismay, it was the strongest of their squad, Insolent Tiger, who got hypnotized, fighting among themselves in a turn of events. It left them at a disadvantage.

It seemed like there was not a chance that this day would improve!

He could never have expected Feng Lin's immense improvement after mere weeks of not seeing each other. His method and progress seemed strange.

The initial plan was to use the squad's powers to subdue Feng Lin, but now they couldn't even guarantee their own lives!

"Eh?" At that moment, Feng Lin let out a sound of curiosity.

His vitality was at least triple of Luke's. Despite striking continuously, his opponent was still able to dodge with all kinds of techniques.

It was no wonder Luke was an interstellar cultivator who had fought and killed in lots of battles; he had an abundance of combat experience.

It was all the more reason why Feng Lin could never let them get away alive, not a single one of them.

The reason was simple, only the dead could keep secrets!

Unless he was left without a choice, Feng Lin wouldn't want to give up the chance to get his hands on the ruins of Furnace Immortal Sect. This was why these people must die!

Sky Flipping Hammer Imprint!

His fists were like drumming thunder, and his punches were berserk.

Feng Lin advanced forward, striking mercilessly.

Luke gathered all the strength he had left and could barely defend himself.

The punches were like rolls of furious squalls, and he was like the wavering weed in its midst, on the verge of collapse.

If it had been weeks ago, he would still be able to rely on Kunlun Grand Palm Imprint, at least sustaining more than hundreds of techniques under Feng Lin's punches.

Now, he couldn't even handle a single technique.

With every punch, his body felt as though it had been crushed by a mountain, and it was about to give way.

He flushed red, sputtering blood. His body was surrounded by the force of Wind and Fire, but under Feng Lin's punches, they extinguished bit by bit.

Feng Lin drowned him completely under his overflowing punches. There was no glimmer of hope for winning or even surviving.

He deeply regretted his arrogance and the fact that he only brought along a small squad to subdue Feng Lin. It seemed like it would be difficult for him to escape today!

Still, he couldn't die like this. Holding on to his last hope, he begged, "Feng Lin, I was the one who taught you Kunlun Grand Palm Imprint. On the account that we know each other, do you really have to exterminate every last one of us?"

Feng Lin's eyes were unmoving and cold. He just leaped forward as an answer.

With Vajra Demon Descent, his arms brandished like a vajra scepter with great force, splitting Luke's skull on impact and showing no mercy.

If Luke had known it would come to this, he would have never acted this way!

Luke's premonition was right.

Feng Lin did want to exterminate every last one of them!
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