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Feng Lin was already surrounded.

Abandoned cars and metal accessories piled up all around the Flying Cars Junkyard, making the paths as messy and complex as a maze.

The four silhouettes stood at each direction, surrounding him into a space without any chance of escape.

In the dark, the glint of an aggressive gaze sized Feng Lin up, so sharp that it felt as though it was about to pierce through his body. It didn't bother keeping it a secret.

The atmosphere grew eerie and dark.

This was a desolate land where it would be hard to create any sort of commotion no matter what happened.

Feng Lin kept a straight face, although he couldn't help the hint of a sneer from lifting at the corner of his lips.

To have arranged an appointment at such a location, it seemed Luke didn't bear any good intentions.

What a coincidence!

That's what I thought too!

It suits me perfectly to meet at such an isolated place!

In this case, it wouldn't stir too much attention no matter what I do nor would it cause any unnecessary trouble.


Ba-dum, ba-dum!

The four silhouettes approached in haste; they were four people who looked different from one another.

"Leader, is this Feng Lin you spoke about? He's just a little brat!" With a low, muffled voice, a three-meter-tall figure stepped out of the shadow first and revealed himself. He was an enormous man all dressed in combat armor. He stared down at the seemingly scrawny Feng Lin from his height and let slip a cunning smile. "Even so, this rascal has quite the guts. He dares to meet with the Iron Blood Unit all by himself! Should I call him ignorant, or… ignorant?"

"Don't be careless, Insolent Tiger! His strength and toughness of his body aren't inferior to you!" A familiar voice sounded from behind the huge man as Luke stepped out in his usual outfit—the Mars traditional robe.

"Him?!" The huge man broke into maniacal laughter in disapproval. His eyes widened, looking like a ferocious tiger with its sights on the prey, about to swallow Feng Lin whole.

Feng Lin's gaze remained indifferent; he wouldn't bother about these people. He looked toward the other two silhouettes.

One was a man with a striking sniper ray rifle on his back. His eyes were narrow and long, as sharp as a hawk. Another was a seductive lady with an alluring body. She was dressed in body-fitting shorts and crop top with a slender waist. It was extremely attractive. Her exposed skin was decorated with the unique tattoo worn by people from Mars, giving her a sexy, unruly aura.

While the four of them looked vastly different, there was an exception; they all possessed a ferocious and threatening aura. This was the pressure caused by high vitality stats.

Any normal person would have cowered before the four of them.

Yet, to the Feng Lin now, it wasn't any different from being brushed by a light breeze.

It was without a doubt that these people were interstellar cultivators with vitality of more than 10.

Feng Lin's heart wavered for a split second, recalling that Luke was a team leader of one of the battle units in the Mars Revolutionary Army. He made a connection to what the huge man had said earlier… Could it be that these people were his teammates?

Then why wasn't the Snakeboy here?

Was it because they were afraid that an apprentice would hold them back? Was that why only these four genetic cultivators have arrived?


The corner of Feng Lin's lips curled into a scornful smile.

Such attitude. As expected, they came with ill intentions!

"Feng Lin, you're truly a believer! You really came. Tell us the secret of Giant Pharmaceutical Company! We, the Mars Revolutionary Army, can take you in as a member!" Luke smiled.

"Take me in as a member?" Feng Lin squinted, revealing a dangerous aura as he shot a question back. "Hm? This was not what we discussed earlier. Shouldn't you arrange for my departure from Mars once I tell you the secret?"

"No, no, no!" Using their strength in numbers to his advantage, Luke gained confidence, smiling as he continued, "Feng Lin, I did say that I'll arrange for your departure, but I didn't say when. In fact, we really do need your talent and need you to be undercover at the Giant Pharmaceutical Company to gather information from within! As long as you help us destroy the Giant Pharmaceutical Company, we will send you back to Earth at once and will even compensate you generously!"

He proposed an outrageous request to Feng Lin, requesting the latter to risk his life to be a mole for them in the Giant Pharmaceutical Company.

The unit of four turned their mocking gaze toward him; if their lack of fear toward his refusal was an indication of anything, then it must be that they felt as though they possessed information which they could use against Feng Lin.

"You're going back on your words!" Feng Lin's eyes narrowed.

Luke donned a trace of satisfaction behind his smile. "No! Feng Lin, you can only blame it on your overwhelming talent. It's as the saying goes, the most capable people do the most work, right?"

Feng Lin snickered. "Do you take me as a fool? If you divulge that I was the one who leaked the information, wouldn't I be seeking my own demise by going back to the Giant Pharmaceutical Company?"

Luke laughed as he got the impression that Feng Lin was compromising. "Don't worry! Since we want you to give us insider information, we will definitely keep this secret for you! Apart from the four of us, no one else knows of this secret! That Snakeboy is too reckless, so I didn't even tell him!"

Feng Lin actually laughed at his words and mumbled to himself, "I'm relieved, then!"

"That's good!" Luke nodded with a smile.

Yet, without a word, Feng Lin approached him, his eyes cold as ice. His entire demeanor was like a knife being slowly unsheathed, revealing a chilling sharpness.

"What are you doing?" Luke thought something was amiss as he felt a sense of foreboding. "Careful!"

Feng Lin moved in that instant before the sound of his warning faded away. With the activation of 45.8 vitality stat, his power was like an arrow from a bow, rushing forth like a bolt of lightning.

Luke roared in anger, "Feng Lin, aren't you afraid that we'll take revenge and divulge your secret?"

Feng Lin laughed heartily. "I've never tolerated a threat made by anyone in my life!"

He raised up both of his arms and gathered his strength before swinging them down abruptly. Like a deluge, his arms paddled through the air and like a God brandishing his whip, it smashed everything in its sight into dust.

His heart was long since filled with murderous intent. From the moment Luke threatened him, the guy was already a dead man.

Feng Lin never trusted anyone. Even if he did, then there were only two types of people he trusted: himself and another would be…

The dead!

Reveal his secret? Revenge?

No one would be able to do any of that when they were all corpses!

He would never choose the path someone else chose for him in any circumstances. Instead, he would use his own method through every trouble!


A crack from the whipping gesture made the air seemed as though it had combusted as well, forming a true vacuum without sound.

The three-meter-tall man nicknamed "Insolent Tiger" donned a cunning smile and charged toward Feng Lin.

Using both of his hands as claws, he clawed toward Feng Lin's throat. If this strike landed, then Feng Lin's would have been torn apart.

Gale began to form behind the gigantic man, forming subtly into the shape of a tiger. Tilting his head up, he let out a roar. It reverberated in the air, making one tremble in fear.

A cracking sound.

The whip collided with the hammer; the gale subsided and the tiger destroyed, his bones broken into smithereens.

The huge man's smile turned rigid and his eyes popped, looking as though they would pop right out of their sockets.

His huge body collapsed in the next moment as blood-curdling screams left his lips.

Just because a person was huge didn't mean that their vitality was high!

Feng Lin struck with 45.8 vitality. The Stone Monkey Gene gave him rock-solid bones and immense power. He had long since surpassed the realm of humans.

The huge man might have looked vicious, but his vitality was only around 20. With just a whip, he was completely destroyed!

Feng Lin stared coldly at his anguished features, his hands tracing an imprint ceaselessly before striking at his enemy's forehead yet again. The overwhelming power caused a wearing of consciousness with blood flowing through all seven apertures.

Feng Lin's imprint changed again in an instant, forming imprints after the next and presenting a change in Yin and Yang with endless evolution.

The huge man stared in a daze. His eyes began to lose focus while the imprints started changing as his consciousness slipped.

Feng Lin's mental gene was strengthened to nine points, way past the extremes. He had tremendous mental strength, as majestic as a wave when it rushed through the space between the huge man's brows.

"Your last regret should be engaging in a close-combat battle with me!" Feng Lin's ruthless expression would become the huge man's last memory. His gaze slackened in the next second and lost all consciousness as he stood behind Feng Lin, moving in any way the latter willed him to.

"Kill them!" Feng Lin's voice rang out emotionless, and the huge man charged toward the young men and woman immediately.

"Insolent Tiger, have you gone crazy!"

"Stop right now!"


This was shocking to the young interstellar cultivators.

The huge man arched his waist, making the muscles of his body rise as hair from every part of his body stood at attention like needles. He became just like a human form of a ferocious tiger, emitting a violent and dangerous aura.

His claws tore the gale, lifting rolls after rolls of light breeze like invisible blades, throwing their surroundings into chaos.

Those abandoned flying cars were sliced apart by the wind blades, sputtering sparks as they went.

This caused the young man and woman to grieve endlessly. As an interstellar cultivator, Insolent Tiger's awakening had been a mid-grade primeval gene—the Wind Tiger Gene.

Dragons derived from the clouds, and tigers from the wind!

This Insolent Tiger was not only terrifying in close-combat exchanges, but his technique was also accompanied by the strength of hurricanes. His power was berserk, making him the strongest in combat within their unit.

They didn't dare to go near.

After all, the gene they had awakened wasn't one that strengthened their body. If they were to be sliced by the wind blades or swept into Insolent Tiger's hurricane, then they'd be severely injured in an instant.

In a flurry of movements, they evaded the attacks. However, forced back by Insolent Tiger's powers, they were put at a disadvantage momentarily.

"Hypnotism technique?" Witnessing the scene, Luke was startled. He was aware that Feng Lin awakened the Mental Gene but hadn't expected him to master the gene's strange hypnotism technique this quickly. At that moment, he was helpless against the attacks.

Watching as his three teammates fought against each other, he was extremely worried, and his expression turned glum.

"You should save your worry for yourself!" Feng Lin chuckled. His hands curled into fists, turning into Sky Flipping Hammer Imprint. Like a mountain, the imprints pressed down without mercy.

I was the one who taught you Kunlun Grand Palm Imprint!

You wish to use it against me?!

Luke scoffed in disdain, using the same Sky Flipping Hammer Imprint to counter.

Yet, in the next second, he was flung aside like a sandbag, crashing unceremoniously into the pile of flying cars, gone without a trace.

He struggled to get up after a long while, covered in rusty metal accessories. He looked as dreadful as it could be. Both his hands had been on the receiving end of the huge force and were still trembling.

"...." Luke could feel nothing more than utter shock, rendering him completely speechless.

They were both using the Kunlun Grand Palm Imprint, and he was the one who taught it to Feng Lin!

Those were the same technique, but he had lost at first contact. He was not even a match!

Could it be that, in such a short time, Feng Lin had excelled beyond the ability of his teacher!?
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