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Chapter 12 – Furious Li Mu

As the various gathered forces began to recall how they had treated this young county magistrate, all of them began to drip with a cold sweat. They started to realize just how crazy a death wish their actions had been and were so frightened it seemed as if their souls would vanish from their bodies. This person had seemed as if he could be pinched like a soft persimmon, but he was actually a ruthless tiger pretending to be a pig.

The Divine Orchard Gang had truly kicked an iron plate this time.

Now they could only see how Sikong Jin managed this situation.


Li Mu kicked another stone column.

The stone column was so thick that it needed two people to wrap their arms around it, but this thick column stone column actually loudly collapsed as if it were made from flour.

Crushed pieces of stones flew into the air and fell down like rain, smashing the poisonous insects on the ground and turning them into colorful splats. Some of the bug and snake masters were also struck by the stones and they retreated back with screams.

Li Mu was like a dragon in human form as he leapt up once more and hurtled deep into the Divine Orchard Gang headquarters.

“I must rescue them first.”

He was searching for the plaintiff Zhang Li and Kin’er.

Rumble rumble rumble

Crashing sounds emitted from the stone forest. Columns of stone collapsed, filling the air with dust and rocks. Pained cries echoed out, filled with increasing alarm and fear.

It was like a wild tiger had broken into a flock of chickens.

Soon after –

“You all…actually committed such a villainous crime…all of you should just die!”

Li Mu was so angered that he exploded out in a roar. His voice was like a thunderclap that rang deep into the stone forest.

Soon after, more panicked shouts and cries for mercy howled out from the disciples of the Divine Orchard Gang.

Soon, the acrid smell of blood emerged from deep in the stone forest.

Many people were being cut down.

Li Mu was going on a killing spree.

Ma Junmo stood outside, looking at this scene from afar. He approximately understood what had happened.

When the Divine Orchard Gang was first founded, they were originally a union of agricultural and medicine businesses that had only wanted to seek a better livelihood. They were a normal small gang, but afterwards they gradually rose in status. Many outlaws joined them and it was at this time that they began to rapidly inflate. Afterwards, when the current gang master Sikong Jin joined, the nature of the gang began to undergo a complete change, becoming utterly dark and evil.

In these past years, the Divine Orchard Gang could be called a cancerous tumor in the side of Alabaster County City. They committed all sorts of vicious and evil acts and many young and beautiful women had disappeared because of them, with all clues leading towards the Divine Orchard Gang. Rumors said that they had been taken to the Divine Orchard Gang where the disciples would humiliate and abuse them. And, it was even said that the Divine Orchard Gang helped Sikong Jin cultivate his poison arts and brought in live test subjects to do so. It was said he used living people as reagents for his alchemy and dug out their beating hearts and livers to feed his insects. He was cruel to the extreme.

Besides the disciples of the Divine Orchard Gang and visitors, anyone else that was caught and brought into their headquarters had already stepped onto the road of death.

At this time, with Zhang Li and her daughter having been brought to the Divine Orchard Gang headquarters, they had absolutely no chance of living.

Ma Junmo could see that the lord county magistrate wasn’t some bloodthirsty killer. The reason he broke into the Divine Orchard Gang was to save others. Besides cutting down the Four Heavenly Guardians that had killed the county guard Zhang Ru, he didn’t choose to slaughter the ordinary disciples of the Divine Orchard Gang. But, as he entered the depths of the headquarters and saw the tragic and hellish conditions there as well as the corpse of the dead plaintiff, his rage finally broke past the limit and he began his killing spree.

Miserable screams transmitted from deep within the Divine Orchard Gang headquarters.

Many people who watched from outside were horrified.

This young county magistrate was crazy.


County Deputy Zhou Wu was startled. The red porcelain teacup in his hand fell to the ground and broke apart.

“My Lord, Li Mu is a martial arts master, and a very terrifying one at that. With a single saber, he is soon about to clear out the entire Divine Orchard Gang. Even though the Four Heavenly Guardians joined forces they still weren’t able to overcome four moves from Li Mu’s hands. One saber strike each…all of them were cut down…” The one who ran back to report this was a servant from the Zhou Family. He panted and as he spoke his face paled with fear.

“How is this possible? You...are you sure you saw what you did?” Zhou Wu’s voice was a little hoarse. A dark premonition rose up in his heart.

“I’m absolutely sure.” The servant continued gasping for breath, as if he couldn’t rid himself of the shock and fear that still wracked his body.

Zhou Wu fell off his chair, his face flushed with embarrassment. He looked as if he had eaten a dead mouse and was at a loss for words for a long time.

The county registrar Feng Yuanxing waved his hands, indicating for the servant to go out and investigate again.

When the house servant left, Feng Yuanxing rose up and cupped his hands across his chest. “My Lord, it seems our analysis was wrong. This Li Mu is bad news, and he was simply playing the role of a pig to eat tigers. Even we were fooled by him before. Time is of the essence. We should carefully weigh our options on what to do next. I believe this news will soon spread throughout the entire county and all the various influences will begin to change their position towards Li Mu.”

Zhou Wu nodded but was unable to speak.

If Li Mu was only an imperial scholar candidate , then there was simply no need to worry about him. Taking a step back, even if Li Mu were only a martial arts master, then this wouldn’t be a fatal problem. But, the current issue was that not only was Li Mu a terrifying martial arts master but he was also the county magistrate. With these two identities gathered together, he had become a dreadful force.

Within the great Qin Empire, a county magistrate was the lowest imperial administrative official designated to see over the citizens. But they also possessed absolute authority and power; even the county soldiers were supposed to fall under their control. Although the Zhou Family was a local bully of Alabaster County, when they had to face such a person who combined both strength and authority, they actually fell into a passive position.

At the same time.

County Commander Zheng Longxing had a dark and gloomy expression as he sat in his chamber.

The expression on his face had yet to fade away.

The Zheng Longxing who thought he had been in control of everything had suffered a tremendous blow. He suddenly thought that he was some ridiculous clown jumping about. He had plotted and schemed in the shadows, but in truth he was simply playing atop the palm of this young county magistrate.

He suddenly understood that the reason this young county magistrate had hidden away in the County Administrative Hall was not because he was afraid of being hunted down or scared of seeing people, but actually because he looked down upon them all with disdain and simply didn’t place them in his eyes.

It was too late to regret.

He had received the news when the Bloodmoon Gang first failed to kill Li Mu, but he hadn’t taken this too seriously. This was because he had erred in his judgment of Li Mu’s strength.

With one wrong step, every step after began to fall apart.

Now, how should he deal with this?

A lazy and languid tiger that had no intention of bothering anyone had been enraged and turned into a vicious man-eating beast, completely unable to be controlled.

And all of this was created by him.

“This is bad. I have to hurry over.” After Zheng Longxing was dazed for a long time he suddenly regained his composure. He leapt up, saying, “Someone, send out the orders. Have the soldiers prepare the horses and quickly go to support the lord county magistrate with me.”

Li Mu was angry.

Very, very angry.

He felt as if there was a raging fire in his chest, one that would soon erupt from him.

The hellish scenes from the depths of the Divine Orchard Gang headquarters continued to flash through his mind.

Zhang Li and her daughter Kin’er had been stripped naked and died miserable deaths.

This mother and daughter had been waiting for justice to be upheld on their behalf, but they had been tortured and killed by the Divine Orchard Gang in the most brutal way possible.

Besides the mother and daughter, Li Mu also saw a number of unknown corpses that had been chopped up like cattle and thrown in an empty area of the stone forest. As for the disciples of the Divine Orchard Gang, they were cooking this human meat to feed and raise snakes, bugs and other vicious beasts. Their expressions had been unchanged, as if they had long since become used to this…

There were also some people that were kept in cages just like farm animals. It was unknown how long they had been locked up but their faces were numb and their bodies were thin and covered with scars; they were basically crippled. Their vacant eyes lacked any life, and they were like lambs waiting to be slaughtered.

The Divine Orchard Gang headquarters was no different from an Asura slaughterhouse.

Li Mu was outraged to the point of craziness by all of this.

His eyes turned blood red and a single thought kept ringing in his mind –


Kill all of these beasts in human skin!

The county guard service saber had already been destroyed. As he rushed into the throngs of Divine Orchard Gang disciples, a casual fist was able to blow them apart with his great strength. A kick sent a stone column flying away, crashing into numerous Divine Orchard Gang disciples and killing them. Screams of pain and horror and cries of mercy filled the air, but Li Mu spared them no quarter.

The terrifying strength of his mortal body erupted. There was no one able to contend with him within the Divine Orchard Gang.

Even if Strength Unity and Energy Unity masters joined together, they still couldn’t withstand the raging anger and passion behind Li Mu’s casual fists.

He rushed ahead, hurtling deeper and deeper into the Divine Orchard Gang headquarters. Like a tiger flying into a flock of sheep, he was completely unstoppable.

In a rock cave deep within the headquarters.

The atmosphere was incomparably heavy.

Gang Master Sikong Jin’s complexion had darkened. He had changed his robes for a pitch black flexible armor, and there were dozens of fully armed high level members of the Divine Orchard Gang surrounding him. These were the strongest elite disciples of the enforcement team as well as the deathsworn that he had cultivated with painstaking effort over these past years. They had the combat strength of an army.

This was the Divine Orchard Gang’s true hidden card.

“It’s over, the Divine Orchard Gang is over, it’s all destroyed…”

Sikong Jin could feel his heart dripping blood.

All the hard work he had spent over 20 years on was disappearing before his eyes like running water. This was no different from cutting meat off his body.

Sikong Jin was well aware that once everything that occurred within headquarters was exposed to the light, his status would change from that of a gang leader to that of a wanted criminal. The county commander Zheng Longxing would be unable to conceal this. From this point on, he could only set onto the road of a fugitive. The glory and prosperity he had enjoyed for more than 20 years would disappear like mist before his eyes.

And all of this was because of the young county magistrate.

“Since I’m going to be chased down by officials anyways, we might as well settle this here and now. I will kill this little county magistrate to take revenge for the enmity of destroying my foundation. Only one of us can live beneath the heavens!”

The darkness in Sikong Jin’s heart grew.

“Brothers, join me and avenge our fellow gang brothers. No matter who it is, since they have offended our Divine Orchard Gang they must die.”

He shouted out loud and raised morale, about to lead the people out of the cave.

But before his voice fell –


The doors to the cave emitted a thunderous rumble.

Someone was pounding the gate from outside, causing the entire cave to shiver. Rocks began to fall down from the ceiling.

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