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Martial Star Ocean Chapter 11 The Terrifying Pig Killing Saber

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Chapter 11 – The Terrifying Pig Killing Saber

After Li Mu repeatedly tempered this saber technique, he had become incomparably skilled and proficient with it. No matter how fat or wild a pig, a single strike of this saber would allow it to die without pain.

Heaven Severing Saber Xu Zhi opened his mouth to roar out loud, but what came from his throat was actually the unwilling and terrified screams of a wild beast on the verge of death.

Chi chi chi!

A line of blood appeared on his neck. Then, a spray of blood followed, becoming increasingly clear and thick. Blood dyed Xu Zhi’s hands red. Finally, he fell to the ground, blood pooling all around him.

Like this, the notorious Heaven Severing Saber of Alabaster County City’s Divine Orchard Gang, one of the Four Heavenly Guardians, died. His head rolled away, decapitated.

This was a brutal and bloody image.

Li Mu turned his head.

In a way, this was the first time Li Mu had truly killed someone. On that rainy night when he first arrived he had killed two of the Bloodmoon Gang’s disciples, but in his heart he never felt any sense of guilt or sorrow.

Looking at Xu Zhi’s corpse with its severed head that dripped blood, he didn’t feel any disgust or discomfort. He didn’t even feel as if he had to vomit.

In that moment, Li Mu immediately understood why the old conman had forced him to go work at the slaughterhouse and kill pigs.

It really was to cultivate his killing intent!

It was to allow him to see and get used to bloody situations like this where there were severed body parts.

That old conman had already expected today’s matters to occur.

He had sent Li Mu to another planet where they followed the law of the jungle, where the strong ate the weak. This was to force Li Mu to not only protect himself but to also force him to plow his way forwards on the road of martial arts and temper his body and firm his mind, finally being able to break free from the shackles of a planet. Becoming a true powerhouse was impossible without wielding a sword or killing others.

And at the same time, the anger in Li Mu’s heart had yet to abate.

“The Divine Orchard Gang must pay. All of the Four Heavenly Guardians must die.”

He was filled with an incomparable determination.

At this time, the dust and rocks that filled the air began to gradually settle down.

A great number of footsteps rang out.

Hundreds of Divine Orchard Gang disciples, led by the high level members, rushed forwards and surrounded Li Mu.

Crossbows with poisoned arrows were aimed at Li Mu. All sorts of poison insects were released and different types of miasma were brought over…many members of the Divine Orchard Gang were outlaws and fugitives skilled in manipulating poison and poison insects; this was their greatest capital in being able to remain so rampant in Alabaster County City.

“Take him down no matter the cost. All you have to do is make sure he has a single breath remaining; it doesn’t matter if he’s crippled.”

A ruthless and cruel voice sounded out from the rear of the crowd.


Deep within the Divine Orchard Gang headquarters.

The green-robed gang master Sikong Jin reclined quietly in a giant cave.

The noon sunlight shined down from the ceiling, illuminating a circular pool around three meters in radius that was located in the center of the cave. The water was deep green like jade and emitted heavy and bizarre emanations that filled the entire cave. Colorless and tasteless, these emanations created a terrifying atmosphere in the cave.

“Divine Orchard Gang Leader Sikong Jin, roll out of your nest and see me!”

A deep roar sounded out form the distance like rolling thunder. It passed through the ceiling and reverberated through the entire cave.

Sikong Jin looked to be a middle-aged man in his thirties. He was a handsome man, with large ears and sharp eyebrows and a temperament like a scholar. A faint smile always hung on his face. At first glance, it was easy to develop a favorable impression of him.

But, if one looked carefully, they would notice that his skin was too pale, as if white powder had been spread on it.

In a brighter light, one could see the thin blue blood vessels beneath that pale skin.

After leading the Divine Orchard Gang for 15 years, Sikong Jin’s status in the gang could be called that of an unshakeable ruler.

With his great strength and ruthless methods, he had planted fear and awe into the hearts of every gang member.

“Haha, this young county magistrate actually came. This young fellow has a bit of courage.” Sikong Jin reclined on his chair. Stood behind him were two beautiful young women clothed in the thinnest and barest of fabrics, gently waving feather fans towards him. A vague happy expression hung on his lips.

To be honest, he simply didn’t place this young county magistrate in his heart.

The previous county magistrate wasn’t too bad, but in the end wasn’t he also forced to resign and go deep into the woods?

Currently, the Qin Empire’s political administration was in turmoil. Alabaster County was located at the eastern edges of the empire. The mountains were high and the emperor was far – it was hard for any justice to come to this land. Good and evil were jumbled up and the officials could no longer control the situation. Currently, the power of different factions was what determined the dominant power. This young county magistrate with a shallow foundation had just arrived and hadn’t even managed to steady himself, and yet he wanted to take action against the Divine Orchard Gang?

Sikong Jin smiled.

Within the cave, there were also other high level members of the Divine Orchard Gang. All of them laughed at these words.

The entire cave was filled with a cheerful atmosphere of those who believed they stood above all others.

If they could leave the county magistrate helpless, just how great an honor would that be once this news passed out?


Suddenly, a loud explosion rang out and the ground shook.

The entire cave trembled, just like an earthquake.

Within the placid jade-green surface of the circular pool of the cave, faint ripples started to spread out.

The laughter immediately died now.

The high level figures of the Divine Orchard Gang stared at each other in blank dismay. Their faces were filled with surprise, just like dozens of ducks that were being shocked. None of them were able to make a sound.

Sikong Jin was also stunned.

In a moment, a breathless gang member rushed in. “Reporting…the county magistrate has broken in. He kicked down the door, he’s unstoppable...”

“What?” Some people cried out in alarm.

“He kicked down the gates of our headquarters? With his foot? Are you joking? Those two doors are at least 10,000 jins heavy!”

“You are sure it is the young county magistrate?”

“Isn’t he a scholar that passed the imperial examinations?”

Like a rattled rat’s nest, the high level figures of the Divine Orchard Gang were left shaken.

Sikong Jin’s face darkened.

He coughed.

All noise in the cave immediately vanished.

“Perhaps it is because the gates have been left in disrepair for so many years…” Sikong Jin lightly smiled. “Those two doors have been standing guard there for at least a dozen years already. I guess that the doorframe has likely loosened during this time, haha. It will be fine to have people gather and repair them.” This was his reasoning, and he also sounded supremely confident. “Xu Zhi is on duty today guarding the headquarters’ gates. Yes, with his specially forged saber and his 36 wind saber techniques, even I look highly upon his skills. His cultivation is at the peak of the Strength Unity realm, so I place my full faith in him. Everyone, I only fear that during our short talk, Elder Xu Zhi has already captured that young county magistrate…”

But before his voice fell –

More footsteps sounded out.

Another disciple of the Divine Orchard Gang rushed in, his face pale and his voice trembling. He fell down to his knees, stumbling over his words as he said, “G-g-gang master…fellow Elders, things are bad. Elder Xu Zhi has been cut down…”

The atmosphere fell deadly silent once more.

Sikong Jin’s faint smile disappeared and the corners of his lips twitched.

His face burned red, like someone whose ears had been slapped around.

“How dare he. This young county magistrate has gone too far. Everyone, move out and seize that young county magistrate for me. I want him to taste just how skilled my methods are…” Sikong Jin finally lost his temper. He stood up, his eyes shining with a fierce fire. “Pass down my orders. The gang members do not need to hold back. They only need to make sure he doesn’t die where he is!”

“You…you…just what kind of saber technique is this?”

Invincible Spear Strike Song Tong, the last ranked of the Divine Orchard Gang’s Four Heavenly Guardians, had eyes filled with fear and unwillingness. His iron spear that he relied on to become famous had broken in half and had fallen to the ground. A cool feeling transmitted from his neck along with traces of despair. His mind echoed with images of the saber that had flashed towards him just now. It had clearly been nothing but an ordinary saber chop, so how come he couldn’t even block it when he revolved his inner energy to the limit?

“This is a pig killing saber skill.”

Li Mu honestly said.

In his hand, all that was left over was a bare saber hilt.

After all, the standard service saber of a county guard was just ordinary. It had been hard for it to withstand Li Mu’s terrifying strength, and finally it had shattered during the last strike.


A fog of blood rushed out.

Invincible Spear Strike Song Tong’s head fell to the ground and a geyser of blood erupted from his neck before his body also slumped down.

And near his corpse were also the cold bodies of the Four Heavenly Guardians’ Poison Snowflake Sword Zhao Yong and Poison Hands Du Heng. They had both been beheaded by a saber.

When adding in the previous Heaven Severing Saber Xu Zhi that had died, they were the Four Heavenly Guardians. Each of them was an infamous character that had trampled their way over piles of dead bodies, and each one of them possessed ruthless and vicious methods. They had rampantly trampled throughout Alabaster County for the last ten years, but today, in less time than it took to finish a cup of tea, in a situation where they had joined forces, they had their heads cut off one after another by someone else. This was simply unbelievable.

And the one who chopped off the heads of these Four Heavenly Guardians was actually the young county magistrate who everyone thought was weak and insignificant.

In the distance.

Ma Junmo’s mind was completely blank.

He staggered where he was, unable to stand steady. Illusions seemed to pass in front of his eyes, and he still recalled that saber light that was as horrifying as white lightning.


Too terrifying!

Just what sort of demonic saber technique was that? The infamous Four Heavenly Guardians had been chopped up as if they were melons and vegetables. All of them had perished.

In Alabaster County City, Ma Junmo could still be considered a master at the upper echelons.

But if he were to consider his own strength and abilities, it would be incredibly difficult for him to win against any of the Four Heavenly Guardians within 300-400 moves. And if they were to join forces against him, he would surely die. It was impossible for him to kill them with such relaxed ease as the lord county magistrate had just done.

The entire scene and process hadn’t seemed as if the fierce and infamous Four Heavenly Guardians were besieging Li Mu at all. Rather, it looked as if Li Mu was wielding a saber and cutting down four fat pigs.

And behind Ma Junmo, all the various observers from the different influences had also fallen into states of fear and shock.

They were nearly unable to believe their own eyes and they couldn’t understand how all of this happened. In particular, some people that came here to gloat over the misfortunes of others were shaken as if they had been struck by lightning. Different expressions froze on their faces, and because of the tremendous shock and panic that flooded them, all of them had complexions as pale as paper.

“How could this be?”

“Li Mu is a master!”

“He’s too powerful.”

“This is bad. We must hurry back and report, otherwise a great mess will occur.”

“Quick, quickly go and report to the sect master…we must immediately adjust our attitude towards this young county magistrate.”

For a moment, countless thoughts erupted in the minds of these people.

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