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What the heck? Wang Baole paused and swept his gaze at the youth with suspicion. He also instantly retreated and dodged the youth's handkerchief. He feared that the handkerchief was actually a powerful Dharmic Artifact that would cause huge damage to him if he were to be caught off guard.

Truly, the youth's entrance method was way too weird. At the same time, the light sphere with the five planets within it that disappeared had previously made Wang Baole feel an intense danger. So at this moment, he was completely focused and cautious. He instinctively judged that this person was different from Zhuo Yixian. Although Zhuo Yixian was also teleported out from here, the feeling this youth gave him was even weirder.

After all… although Wang Baole had never tried paralyzing an opponent by throwing a handkerchief and then suddenly unleashing his killing blow, he wasn't unfamiliar with similar tactics. Putting himself in the youth's shoes, he strongly felt that this youth was dangerous. So as he retreated, the Thearch Armor instantly covered his body with a "crack" sound, and he looked completely different.

His large and imposing body, terrifying appearance, the blood-red cape that floated behind him without wind, and the tangle of meridians that were like numerous wriggling red snakes on his body caused Wang Baole to exude a heaven-shaking killing aura. Like a demon descending upon the world, he bellowed, "Who are you?"

As he was cautious, his gaze was incredibly sharp and brought with it an intense suppressive force. This caused the heartbeat of the youth in front of him to speed up uncontrollably. He sensed danger and instinctively retreated a few steps. Seemingly because he was extremely nervous, he even swallowed a mouthful of saliva. Waving his hand, he spoke quickly.

"Don't worry mortal, I won't hurt you." As he said this, his tone obviously weakened, and nervousness appeared in his eyes.

"A likely story!" Wang Baole's eyes flashed, and he humphed. It was one thing that his background was unknown, but he even acted like a weakling. If he really was a Core Formation cultivator, he wouldn't be so foolish as to speak to him in that manner just now.

He was, after all, at the Soul Conduit realm!

So after a brief deliberation, Wang Baole's intuition told him that the youth was definitely not at the Core Formation realm.

Wang Baole had known of this kind of trick since he was three years old, so he didn't let down his guard. Instead, he became more cautious, and his voice exposed a killing intent.

"Not saying anything? Alright then…" A cold glint flashed between Wang Baole's eyes. He raised his right hand to weave a hand seal and pointed at the youth. As he pointed, a blinding light immediately exploded forth from his fingertip, forming a wave of light that tried to cover and engulf the youth.

Meanwhile, Wang Baole's body retreated as he tried to pull away from the youth just in case. As he retreated, the youth also wailed. His body struggled and retreated as he tried to dodge, but it was too late. The wave of light neared instantly and came into contact with his body.

As rumbles spread, the youth let out a shrill screech. His body was blown back dozens of steps, and he fell. The expression on his face warped as he growled at Wang Baole.

"Curse you, mortal. How dare you!"

"You actually dare to attack me? You… you piece of trash! Ridiculous! Do you know how big of an honor it is to be able to wipe my shoes!"

Seeing how the youth only retreated and fell, with his body remaining undamaged after resisting a hit from him, Wang Baole's eyes narrowed. But in the next moment, after hearing the youth's growl, his face twitched a few times uncontrollably.

Truly… the youth's words were really asking for it. Wang Baole felt that this guy either had some true abilities or was a half-witted idiot. Regardless of whether it was the former or the latter, Wang Baole could barely stand it any longer. With a flick of his body, he instantly appeared in front of the growling youth and kicked his stomach with his right foot.

With a bang, the youth wailed again, and his body flew backward, crashing into a wall at the side. After falling from the wall, his wails became more shrill, and he almost cried. But it was obvious that he didn't sustain any injuries and that he was wailing not because he was injured but because the crash hurt.

"In my empire, even those at the Planet realm line up to wipe my shoes for me. It's one thing that you, a mere Soul Conduit cultivator, refuses to wipe my shoes for me, but you even dared to hit me!" Tears fell from his eyes. The youth was both sad and angry as he growled frantically at Wang Baole.

Seeing the prince growl, Wang Baole's eyes became as wide as saucers. Based on his two attacks and observations, he noticed that the youth's cultivation was truly at the Core Formation realm. That being said, his body was extremely weird. It seemed to have an extremely strong immunity towards his Soul Conduit spells. However, he also seemed to respond more strongly to pain.

This contrast made Wang Baole narrow his eyes. Just as he was about to test the youth and confirm his theory, the youth's anger seemed to reach a maximum due to the pain he felt, turning his growls into roars.

"Mere Soul Conduit, in my eyes, you're just an old servant. Old servant, do you know who I am? Do you know who my father king is!"

Hearing that he, the Federation's president-in-waiting, was being called an old servant, Wang Baole got angry too. With a flick of his body, he went forward once more. This time, he unleashed a kicking technique that he hadn't used for a long time, aiming directly at the youth's groin.

"Today, Daddy will show you who your father king is!" As Wang Baole spoke, a rumble sounded, and the youth's wail raised in pitch by several octaves, becoming truly heaven-shaking. Covering the area where the pain was coming from with both hands, he jumped.

But Wang Baole's test wasn't over. As the youth jumped, Wang Baole raised his right foot and kicked towards the youth's groin again. In fact, he kicked seven to eight times in quick succession!

"Asking your daddy to clean your shoes for you?

"You dare raise your voice at your daddy?

"A brat who doesn't know his place, who dares to order his daddy around?"

"You rebellious son, you still dare to call Daddy an old servant?" Wang Baole got angrier as he spoke, kicking once with every sentence. The youth's wails had reached a maximum. They would make whoever listened feel as though they were the ones being kicked and even make them shiver uncontrollably.

But this was all an act by Wang Baole. In reality, he was still secretly cautious. He also narrowed his eyes, carefully observing the youth's reaction. Finally, after confirming his suspicions, the youth's expression warped under the pain, and he screamed until his voice went hoarse. He raised his hand and pointed at Wang Baole.

"Old servant, I'm the prince of the Black Earth Empire! The only prince! I'm going to succeed the throne and lead tens of thousands of star systems in the future! You dare to humiliate me like this? I'm going to kill you, obliterate your civilization, and exterminate your entire bloodline!"

Wang Baole stared, not really believing what the youth said. If the youth was really so powerful, how could he possibly only be at the Core Formation realm? Then again, his body was truly very weird.

But since he had already beaten him up… especially because the youth's mouth was so cheap that he made people really want to beat him up, it made Wang Baole very happy. What made him even happier was that this person resisted the blows but not the pain. To someone who liked beating people up, like Wang Baole, he was of the highest quality.

So Wang Baole stared as he raised his right hand and grabbed the youth's finger. He bent the finger upwards against the joint skilfully and humphed.

"You can shove it. If you're a prince, I'm the emperor of the Divine Eye civilization. Anyone can brag. Call me Daddy, now!"

Immediately, the youth's expression turned green, and he almost kneeled down as his body seemed to lose all of its strength. He wailed unstoppably, but his arrogance didn't decrease at all. He continued growling as he wailed.

"Let go ah ahhhhhhhh… You wretched old servant, my father king will definitely search the entire star domain for me, ahhhhhhh… Let's talk nicely, ow ow ow….. It's not too late for you to kneel down and beg for mercy. I'll disregard your past misgivings and still give you a chance to wipe my shoes…

"Show some gratitude, old servant!"

Hearing the youth's words, Wang Baole was shocked, but not because of what he was saying. After all, he didn't know whether it was the truth or just the youth bragging. No, he was shocked that the youth could still be so foolishly arrogant at this point.

It looks like I've gotten rusty after not using this technique for so long… Wang Baole pondered, rapidly raising his right foot and kicking the youth's groin again. Because it was quick and he was grabbing onto the youth's hand, preventing him from leaving, he could kick again and again…

Finally, the youth's face turned completely green. He realized that wailing and threatening arrogantly still had no effect. Meanwhile, the extreme pain in his groin started showing signs of penetration. This made his heart tremble, so he clenched his teeth and unleashed his trump card!

"Stop hitting me, Daddy. I was wrong, Daddy. I admit my mistakes, Daddy!"

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