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Outside the new city, no one in Wang Baole's company spoke. There was only the sound of the cruiser speeding through the air, whooshing. It entered the new city's array formation and headed straight for Chen Mu's autonomous zone.

During the journey, the expression on Wang Baole's face wasn't that of sternness and simmering anger. Instead, he looked calm and composed, and there was an unfathomable light in his eyes. He seemed different than he usually was. Jin Duoming and company stared at Wang Baole and narrowed their eyes. They had a considering look in their eyes.

They had been working with Wang Baole on Mars, and it was clear that their understanding of Wang Baole's character surpassed that of many others. They knew clearly that the happy-go-lucky fatty was a harsh and brutal character. He showed little mercy towards others, and even less towards himself. He didn't lack cunning and decisiveness. This was clear from the episode with Li Yi.

After the Li Yi incident, Jin Duoming and Kong Dao both had their guesses… that Wang Baole had set a trap for Li Yi right from the start. He had been waiting all along for Li Yi to walk right into his trap.

Such vicious tactics earned great approval and admiration from Jin Duoming. As for Kong Dao, he didn't think they were right, but he knew very well that Li Yi had brought it upon herself. Besides, Wang Baole was his savior. Even though he spoke nothing of it, he never forgot that fact. Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

Wang Baole's methods were extremely brilliant and tactical. He had thought of something that would benefit everyone tremendously. The most important thing was that he had actually succeeded. Everything ensured that Jin Duoming and Kong Dao recognized Wang Baole's authority as the City Lord.

At present, they weren't in much of a mood to stand on the sidelines and spectate. However, they had no idea how Wang Baole was going to deal with Chen Mu and his gang.

What is Wang Baole going to do? Jin Duoming narrowed his eyes. He thought about how he would handle the matter if he were in Wang Baole's shoes. Finally, he came to the conclusion that he would make use of his family clan's influence and power to resolve the issue.

Kong Dao and Li Tianhao also wondered how they would address the problem. Even Li Wan'er was considering what Wang Baole was going to do. It was then that Li Wan'er realized that she didn't really understand Wang Baole as a person. At present, she only felt that Wang Baole was inviting trouble onto himself. However, she knew that Wang Baole had climbed his way up steadily, advancing from the status of an ordinary nobody to his current Primary Rank Three Noble. He was definitely not a fool.

The same thoughts surfaced in the people behind Wang Baole. The cultivators from the four Dao Colleges, especially, thought so. If the journey had been longer, someone amongst them might have come up with something, but the distance between the catacombs and Chen Mu's autonomous zone was simply too short. Everyone was still stuck with no ideas when they arrived outside the new zone.

The new zone under Chen Mu's charge was located in the southeastern region of the new city. Its size rivaled the size of the city zone that Wang Baole had constructed when he had been mayor. It was a significant land area, and Chen Mu had clearly spent some thought on the construction. The Five Generation Sky Clan had also given him their full support. Despite his recent arrival, the prototype of a city zone had already been set up.

From afar, what had previously been wilderness had been replaced by leveled roads and even grounds. Towering buildings rose to the skies, and an aesthetic that identified strongly with the Five Generation Sky Clan's style could be seen clearly in the zone—picturesque, quaint, and filled with countless pavilions. In fact, it almost didn't look and feel like a city zone and looked more like the villa of a vast family clan.

The entire zone was divided into ten rings. The layers interconnected with one another but could be isolated instantly and could exist independently as well. The zone was guarded by members of the Five Generation Sky Clan, and the intersections with the new city were especially heavily guarded.

Everything hinted at its autonomy. They were setting themselves apart and declaring self-governance. This was Wang Baole's first time visiting the zone, but he had heard about what was going on and wasn't a stranger to the place. However, he still raised his eyebrow after seeing the situation with his own eyes.

Even though the zone was built to resemble a family clan's home, the set up of the array formation was in order. The Five Generation Sky Clan wouldn't commit such a mistake.

Chen Mu had been notified of Wang Baole's arrival, and he didn't give Wang Baole the chance to criticize him on his etiquette. Prior to Wang Baole's arrival, he, alongside Wen Huai and Fang Jing, had brought with them numerous guards from their respective zones and walked out. They cupped their fists and saluted Wang Baole from a distance. When they lifted their heads, they had friendly smiles on their faces. Their voices were mild and gentle, ringing out into the air.

"Our greetings to the City Lord, Deputy City Lord, as well as our comrades. Welcome to the new zone."

As soon as his voice rang out, Chen Mu's gaze fell on Wang Baole. He stared at the rotund figure with a gentle expression on his face, but inside, he laughed scornfully. He had always believed that a person who couldn't even maintain a good figure would undoubtedly possess many flaws in other areas.

Despite secretly mocking Wang Baole, his attitude towards Wang Baole wasn't what he had told Wen Huai and Fang Jing. He had done a great deal of research and investigation into Wang Baole and knew what kind of character he was. Despite that, he didn't really pay much heed to what he had found out. It simply meant that this opponent of his was going to pose a slight challenge.

This was also Wang Baole's first time meeting Chen Mu. He stared at that friendly smile plastered on a handsome face, the tall, striking figure, and the air of casual nobility that had obviously been cultivated through growing up in an elite family clan. Everything displeased him further.

Anyone of us from the Adonis Association is better looking than he is! Wang Baole snorted inwardly. He took a huge step forward, his gaze sliding past Chen Mu and towards Wen Huai and Fang Jing, who were standing behind Chen Mu. This was his first time seeing Fang Jing. As for Wen Huai, he had robbed him blind on the moon. He even knew what the young man looked like under his clothes.

Fang Jing seemed fine with Wang Baole's gaze on her, there was even a hint of provocation in her eyes. On the other hand, Wen Huai trembled. Their encounter on the moon surfaced in his head, and he instinctively avoided Wang Baole's eyes instead of meeting them. If not for Chen Mu stressing it repeatedly and the arrangements that had been made by his sect, he really didn't wish to ever see Wang Baole again.

Chen Mu's eyes flashed when he noticed Wen Huai's lowered head. He stepped forward and into Wang Baole's line of vision. Then, he smiled gently and said, "City Lord, is there a reason that you have gathered such a big group and come to my autonomous zone?" Chen Mu placed stress on the word "autonomous" when he spoke. He had made up his mind as well. Since Wang Baole was inviting trouble, he wasn't going to waste this opportunity to challenge and weaken his authority!

With his line of sight obstructed, Wang Baole returned his gaze to Chen Mu. Their eyes met and silence descended around them. All eyes fell on the both of them.

"Chen…" Wang Baole started to speak. Chen Mu interrupted him before he could finish saying what he wanted to say.

"If this is about the appearance of the new catacombs, I made arrangements for my people to head over and assist. Did they shirk their duties in any way?" Chen Mu smiled and looked at Wang Baole. He was inwardly disdainful.

The cold light in Wang Baole's eyes intensified when he had been interrupted. He was about to speak again when Chen Mu smiled before he even said anything.

"I don't believe the City Lord is here because of that. Is it because I didn't obey the second order? I seek the City Lord's understanding. I am sincerely apologetic. As you can see, the new zone is still in the midst of construction. Be it me or the others, we are all busy with the construction and have no time to attend to other matters…"

"After all, we're an autonomous zone. The construction of the zone is the top priority. We seek the City Lord's understanding." Chen Mu cupped his fists and extended a bow towards Wang Baole after he was done speaking. Throughout the entire speech and his following actions, he had a smile on his face. His words weren't harsh, and his attitude was cordial, but he had interrupted Wang Baole twice forcefully. His intentions were revealed clearly through his actions.

A myriad of reactions flashed across the faces of everyone around them. Jin Duoming and Kong Dao frowned while dark anger flickered in Li Tianhao's eyes. As for Li Wan'er, she sighed inwardly. Everything was as she had guessed.

Amidst the various reactions of the people around them, Wang Baole suddenly laughed. A smile blossomed on his face, like a flower in full bloom. There was approval and admiration in his eyes.

"I understand. Your City Lord understands, naturally. An autonomous zone doesn't report to the new city. They are separate entities. I know… in fact, if I take a few more steps, I'll be stepping into your territory." Wang Baole laughed out loud. Chen Mu was stunned, as he found Wang Baole's sudden change in attitude unexpected.

Before he could consider it further, Wang Baole stopped smiling. He said coolly, "Lin Tianhao!"

"Your humble servant is at your service!" Lin Tianhao immediately stepped forward and lowered his head in a bow.

"Make the arrangements. I want a wall built around the autonomous zones governed by Mayor Chen, Mayor Wen, and Mayor Fang. Take note. The wall must be built on the land belonging to the city and not in their new zones." As soon as Wang Baole's words rang out, Lin Tianhao immediately understood what was going on. He answered loudly in the affirmative. The expression on Chen Mu's face took a drastic change instantly. Everyone around them was stunned, and their eyes widened.

This was merely the beginning. An expressionless Wang Baole spoke again.

"Kong Dao!"

"Your humble servant is at your service!" Kong Dao immediately raised his head and looked at Wang Baole.

"Gather your people. I want the newly built wall surrounded and locked down. No one will enter or leave the zones!"

As Wang Baole's words echoed in the air, everyone around him gasped. Chen Mu finally reacted to what Wang Baole had just said. A myriad of emotions flashed across his face as he tried to say something. This time, before he could say anything, Wang Baole interrupted him. Wang Baole couldn't even bother to put on an insincere smile. He said coldly, "Mayor Chen, aren't you governing autonomous zones? Sure, no problem. I, Wang Baole, will not interfere with anything inside your autonomous zones. But outside your zone, that's my territory, my new city. In my new city, I will help you with your self-governance, help you build city walls, help you imprison yourselves within those walls. Let me tell you clearly and plainly, don't expect to take a single step outside your zone. We have array formations in the air space. Without my orders, no one enters. I'll discard my own surname if I allow a single one of you to step outside!"
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