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The Martian administration looked on with shock as the chaotic battle unfolded on the public square before them. There had been too many surprises this day. First was the sturdy, muscular builds of the Dao Mountain Mist Academy students and their overflowing vitality, then came the simultaneous breakthrough in the cultivation of more than fifty students as they stepped into the Physical Seal stage.

After that was the sudden madness that had taken over the Dao Mountain Mist Academy students after Wang Baole's single command when they were faced with the Fire Spirit Academy's array formation; when they charged towards the Fire Spirit Academy students, it was with a hint of murderous intent!

It was a mere faint whiff, but it immediately caught the attention of the spectating crowd. Nearly all of them had experienced battle and deaths on the battlefield. They were extremely attuned towards such intentions of murder.

These students were all children in their eyes, but after Wang Baole's intensive cultivation, they seemed to have shed their original skins in a short time. They might still retain some childlike qualities, but their eruption of murderous intent and their fearsome aura were qualities that made them fit more in this era!

This was what had stirred the crowd. It was what had troubled them in the past, something that they had exasperated over. The better the family background, and the safer the environment, the more their children would differ from them. They would lack the harsh cultivation and the experience of war. They would become like flowers in a greenhouse, safe and fragile.

They wouldn't be able to compare with the disciples of the four Dao Colleges. The disciples from the colleges had to fight for everything they earned. They couldn't even compare with the disciples from the minor sects and minor political forces.

They might win a friendly match, but when it came to a battle to the death, they would be the ones who were eventually killed.

This was what was happening with the Dao Mountain Mist Academy and the Fire Spirit Academy. It was the strongest case being made. The Fire Spirit Academy students were weeping on the public square, every one of them screaming. They had lost all fight in them and were shuddering with fear, their array formation was in shambles, and they fought to escape from their opponents. Every one of them couldn't run faster.

The students from the Dao Mountain Mist Academy, on the other hand, stood mighty and tall and were ferocious. All hundred of them charged forward and tore into the Fire Spirit Academy students. They sent the latter scattering in chaos. There were even cases of one person charging after a dozen fleeing opponents.

At this juncture, the friendly match had progressed to a point where the spectators were looking at one team overwhelmingly overpowering the other, aggressively and without mercy. The difference separating wolves and sheep stared them in the face!

The startling difference was being exposed before the upper management of the Martian administration. Everyone fell silent. It mattered not if their children were the ones beating others up, or if their children were the ones being beaten up, or if their children weren't even participating in the friendly match—no one spoke.

The comparison was too stark.

The real-life battle scenario showed at one glance who was the weaker party and who the stronger. It didn't matter if the Dao Mountain Mist Academy students were bending fingers and wrists and kicking their opponents in the crotch.

These might seem like underhanded attacks that were unpresentable, but to the Martian administration, no one would care about such things during an actual battle to the death. During such battles, a moment could decide one's survival or death, and a single mistake could result in the destruction of both their spirit and flesh.

The more battle-worn a person was, the more he or she would approve of such tactics. The parents of the Dao Mountain Mist Academy students felt the same. They had seen the changes in their children's appearance, as well as the changes in their fighting spirit, their confidence level, the aura they exuded as well as the level of their cultivation.

That was why they approved of Wang Baole's cultivation and the growth their children had shown. They approved of how they had turned out and believed they would become the future pillars of society. The parents were roused with excitement, and they started looking at Wang Baole in a different light.

"Mei'er's doing very well!" Seated amongst the spectators, Zhou Mei's mother smiled, a flicker of comfort flashing across her eyes. In her opinion, physical appearance might be important, but it could be remedied with time. One's mental resilience and spirit though weren't something that could be cultivated within a day.

She knew the fearsome appearance and fighting spirit the Dao Mountain Mist Academy students had put up before the match had all been a pretense. It had been a weak and false front, but after Wang Baole had thundered at them, they had bit the bullet and unleashed their fighting prowess. That had been what had overwhelmed the Fire Spirit Academy, and that had been when they had truly established their fighting spirit.

"Everything that happened before, be it the overpowering vitality or the sudden breakthrough in cultivation, had all been a building up to the final moment. It was all so that they could erupt with such a ferocious battle spirit!"

"This Wang Baole… not only possesses impressive personal qualities, but he is also talented in the grooming of others!"

The spectators had a short-lived discussion after their prolonged silence. The giant tree, who was sitting on the main viewing platform, frowned slightly and gave Wang Baole a meaningful look. He didn't wish for Wang Baole to attract too much attention on Mars, as it would affect his plans. However, he couldn't openly make life difficult for Wang Baole and had only done so secretly.

He hadn't expected Wang Baole to use the friendly match to his advantage and turn the tides!

At that thought, the giant tree sneaked a look at the Governor beside him. The Governor, dressed in red robes, had a blank expression on her face. No one knew what she was thinking. As long as she remained silent, the rest only dared to conduct their discussions in hushed tones.

Chaos persisted on the public square. The Fire Spirit Academy students continued to be pursued relentlessly by the Dao Mountain Mist Academy students. Jin Duozhi and Zhou Mei, especially, had become the leaders leading the chase. Explosions, cries, and howls continued to resound in the air.

"There's still one last step…" the Martian Governor in red who was witnessing everything murmured.

As soon as she said that, Wang Baole, who was standing on the public square, frowned. He glared and yelled at Jin Duozhi, who was chasing after the Fire Spirit Academy students excitedly.

"Jin Duozhi, are you done fooling around?"

Wang Baole's voice was like a sudden boom of thunder. Jin Duozhi, who had been fearless his entire life and hadn't even feared his own father, shuddered. He hastily shoved aside the excitement rising in his heart and remembered what Wang Baole had instructed them before the match. He stopped in his tracks and yelled at the sobbing Fire Spirit Academy students.

"Fire Spirit Academy, do you admit defeat!?"

All the Dao Mountain Mist Academy students started shouting as well.

"Do you admit defeat!?"

The thundering roars of a hundred people were an impressive sight indeed. It became an unreckonable force, and the students from the Fire Spirit Academy cried out in terror and shouted their defeat.

Their admission of defeat was like oil splattered across a raging fire, causing the student contestants from the Dao Mountain Mist Academy started cheering loudly.

They were excited and overwhelmed with emotions. They had won!

Victory didn't belong to any single person; it belonged to all of them. At that moment, their pride at their teamwork and their self-confidence erupted. They were bursting at the seams with pride and joy.

Something that had barely formed within them blossomed from their excitement and happiness. Inside each of them was a young sapling that had spread its roots deep in their hearts, and its presence would stay with them their entire lives!

They might encounter obstacles in the future, but as long as the young sapling remained in their hearts, they would hold their heads high regardless of the challenges they met. They wouldn't yield to destiny so easily. Their bond, forged in battle, would run deeper than their friendships with other classmates. Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

The spectating Martian administration witnessed the scene and were comforted by it. The parents of the victorious students were overwhelmed with excitement, and intense gratitude towards Wang Baole surged in their hearts.

Wang Baole was equally pleased as he watched the excited looks on his students' faces. He felt as if something was still missing though if they simply ended it that way. He remembered what he had read from the high officials' autobiographies, and his eyes flashed. He inhaled a deep breath, took a few steps forward, and shouted.


As soon as he shouted the command, the Dao Mountain Mist Academy students, who had been cheering excitedly a moment earlier, immediately raced towards Wang Baole and lined up in neat rows behind him.

Wang Baole didn't look at the students behind him but raised his head and looked directly at the Martian Governor, who was seated on the elevated viewing platform in the distance. He cupped his fists in a salute and said loudly.

"Esteemed Governor, your humble servant wishes to groom a platoon of cultivators for Mars, who will fight and go to war, who will never yield to the forces of evil and who will remain fearless in the face of adversity. They have won their first victory today, but they remain without a name. If you will forgive my insolence, I hereby request the Governor to confer our platoon of Dao Mountain Mist Academy students with a platoon name!"

His words immediately shocked the Martian administration watching from the viewing platforms. Many had a strange glimmer in their eyes and looked at Wang Baole with shock. The eyes of the grateful parents also flashed. They not only found the proposal a fantastic idea, but they also began to realize Wang Baole's importance.

"To be able to think of such an idea… this kid… is really something!"

"He's not only a strong warrior, but he also has an extensive social network and is extremely quick on his feet. He's also adept at seizing opportunities when they present themselves. Wang Baole's future in the Federation… will undoubtedly be bright! He will do great things!"
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