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Li Wuchen was stunned at the sight of the group of fatties as well. Confusion fell over him. He had seen how Wang Baole looked when they had both been in college. He stared at the fatties before him and suddenly thought he might be hallucinating. He thought he saw a hundred Wang Baoles charging at him.

His breathing grew uneven, but he quickly recovered from his initial shock. His face darkened, and he clenched his teeth in anxiety. He saw how some of his students had retreated, alarmed by the opponent's forceful presence. Some of them even gasped in terror, causing the expression on his face to grow darker. He glared at them immediately, which finally stopped the terrified students from stepping back. They stopped their exclamations of shock and fear.

They couldn't control the uncertainty in their hearts, though. They stared at Jin Duozhi and the other Dao Mountain Mist Academy students, at their strong, muscular builds, and started trembling inside…

The two commentators were confounded by the sudden group of fatties that had charged out towards them. It was as if they had over-compensated on their diet of vitamins and herbal supplements. They were sturdy like farm horses. Never in their wildest imagination could the two commentators have expected the Dao Mountain Mist Academy to appear in such a manner.

Every one of those fatties held their chins high arrogantly and with great pride, exuding an air of superiority and invincibility. The two commentators were completely lost for words. Finally, the female commentator took a deep breath and struggled to say a few words.

"The students from the Dao Mountain Mist Academy have a strong, forceful presence. Their sturdy and robust physiques are astonishing. They look confident. They seem assured of their victory today…" As she spoke, she saw Wang Baole walking out from the corridors from the Dao Mountain Mist Academy's side. His appearance was like a savior descending from the heavens, something else to talk about. She hurriedly spoke again.

"The team leader of the Dao Mountain Mist Academy is also their vice dean. I believe his name is familiar to everyone. He is… Wang Baole!"

Wang Baole puffed his chest out and strolled out calmly. As he appeared, Jin Duozhi and the other students started cheering loudly.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

"All hail our mighty dean!"

"Our dean is invincible! Li Wuchen will lose!"

The cheers drowned out the commentator's voice once more. Both commentators looked embarrassed as they tried to continue talking, but they didn't expect Wang Baole to pull out a large megaphone suddenly. He stood there and started speaking into the megaphone. His voice, augmented by the instrument, was many times louder than the commentators' voices, and it rang out across the entire stadium.

"Let's stop with the useless talk and begin the fight. Dao Mountain Mist Academy, show me what you've got. For this battle, we will stop at nothing but…"

"Victory!" The hundred students, including Jin Duozhi, roared at the top of their lungs. Their veins bulged on their foreheads, and the energy within their bodies suddenly erupted at the same moment.

Only five student contestants from the Dao Mountain Mist Academy had reached the Pulse Enrichment stag, those that reached the Physical Seal stage numbered thirty-one, and the remaining students were at the Blood Qi stage. At that moment, when they let out a thunderous roar, the remaining students' cultivation suddenly received a boost from their loud cheer. Their cultivation broke through in that instant and advanced straight into the Physical Seal stage!

It sent the entire stadium into an uproar.

"A breakthrough at the same time!"

"More than fifty people at one go… all these students are already very impressive. Their peak Blood Qi stage cultivation had clearly surpassed that of a typical cultivator. Now that they have had a breakthrough in cultivation… they will be even more powerful!"

"This Wang Baole's really something!"

The spectators were all gasping in shock and wonder. The student contestants' parents, especially, having witnessed their children attain a breakthrough in cultivation in public before a hundred thousand people, were feeling extremely good about it.

In reality, under Wang Baole's intensive cultivation, this group of people had already been on the verge of a breakthrough a few days ago. They had been held back by Wang Baole. He had wanted to give the Fire Spirit Academy, as well as the Martian administration, a surprise!

A battle between Ancient Martial realm cultivators might seem like child's play to them. Even if they had arrived with the intention of watching the match, their interest wouldn't be held for long. It would be difficult to make this a memorable event for them.

However… if more than half of the team achieved a breakthrough in cultivation simultaneously before a crowd of a hundred thousand, that would create a publicity stunt and draw enough attention. It would be like bestowing despair upon the Fire Spirit Academy right before the battle started. It would crush their opponents' spirits and secure their own chances of victory!

This was also a great opportunity for the students themselves. They had, after all, achieved a breakthrough in cultivation before the Governor herself. The event carried a different weight and meaning as compared to them achieving a breakthrough in private and alone. To achieve victory in the friendly match immediately after that would help tremendously in building their self-confidence. That was why the simultaneous, mass breakthrough in cultivation had been staged.

The effect was indeed spectacular. Following the sudden spike in energy, the eruption, the thunderous roars, and the simultaneous advances in cultivation, the vitality and energy on the public square intensified more than tenfold. It sent everyone reeling back in shock, and the contestants from the Fire Spirit Academy were terrified out of their skins.

The two commentators were shocked speechless. Their eyes popped out of their heads, and their jaws dropped. The expression on Li Wuchen's face was so dark that it couldn't get any blacker. He looked at the student contestants from Fire Spirit Academy. They were all pale in the face, and their breathing had become uneven. They had lost all hope of winning even before the match began.

A hundred fatties was nothing to be afraid of, but if every one of those fatties was at the Physical Seal stage, with vitality and energy that clearly surpassed that of an ordinary Physical Seal stage cultivator, then that was truly something to be terrified of. They were overwhelmed by terror and alarm.

There was no time for them to react. The rules of the match didn't allow them to leave before they admitted defeat. Most importantly… the hundred students from the Dao Mountain Mist Academy had experienced three months of painful and tedious cultivation and suffered three months of madness. They could barely control themselves and wanted desperately to unleash themselves and to release their pent-up emotions. As soon as Wang Baole gave the command, as soon as they broke through their current cultivation level and advanced to the next stage, they immediately charged at the Fire Spirit Academy students.

The commentators hadn't even left the arena… A chaotic battle erupted in the middle of the public square. Battle cries, shouts of rage, screams of pain, howls of agony—a cacophony of noises resonated in the air.

The students from the Dao Mountain Mist Academy were like apex predators charging into the fray. They lunged madly like starving tigers at their prey. Their ferocious attacks rendered the Fire Spirit Academy students powerless as they struggled to stand their ground and kept retreating. The spectators looked on, barely blinking. Every perspective and angle showed the Fire Spirit Academy was the weaker of the two teams.

Standing behind, Li Wuchen started panicking. He shouted suddenly, "Execute Plan C! Form an array formation!"

As Li Wuchen's voice rang out, the students from the Fire Spirit Academy scrambled amidst their terror to form an array formation. They had practiced this during their cultivation. The people from the various political forces started nodding their heads approvingly when they saw that. They approved of Li Wuchen's strategy. Using array formations to suppress the overpowering attacks of the Dao Mountain Mist Academy was the right thing to do.

It did have an effect. Part of it was because of the array formations; another part of it was because the Dao Mountain Mist Academy students lacked experience in such forms of battle. They were clearly inexperienced in coordinating their attacks for optimal impact.

Wang Baole frowned at the sudden turn of events. He was clearly not happy as he raised his megaphone and shouted angrily into it.

"Did you guys miss lunch? I give you one minute. After one minute, if there's still a single person standing on the other side, I'll no longer recognize you as one of my disciples. The time starts now!"

The hundred contestants from the Dao Mountain Mist Academy started breathing heavily when they heard what Wang Baole had said. Their eyes reddened instantly, Jin Duozhi, especially. He panicked as soon as he imagined being expelled as Wang Baole's disciple. He howled and then charged ahead, a mountain of hard muscle, and started bending fingers!

The rest did the same. They panicked and went mad. It was as if the god of war had suddenly possessed their bodies. They relied on their large, sturdy builds and higher cultivation level, and propelled themselves like missiles straight into their opponents' array formation. They were wild and ferocious and without reason. They moved blindly like a hurricane through clouds and swiftly like winds stirring fallen leaves. They bent fingers and wrists. They were like wolves set loose in a flock of sheep.

Screams of pain, shouts, and crying resounded in the air across the entire stadium. The spectators watched, wide-eyed and with shock, at the scene unfolding before their eyes. They heard a loud buzzing in their heads… the Fire Spirit Academy students were all going mad. Many of them had started crying.

"Shameless! All of you have no shame!"

"Let go of my finger… it hurts!"

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm not fighting anymore…"

"Save me, Daddy…"

All manners of screams and cries for help rose and rang in the air. Jin Duozhi swiftly caught the finger of his arch-enemy. The latter had beat him up then, outside the Battle-axe Hotel. He bent the finger up sharply and shouted.

"Calling daddy won't help you now!"

The Martian administration, including both the Governor as well as the giant tree, watched the chaotic battle on the public square with an odd expression on their faces. An even more shocking scene soon appeared that made their eyes pop out from their heads.

Zhou Mei led the horde of muscular female students charging ferociously into the fray. Besides bending fingers and wrists, they were armed with another tactic…

Kicking the crotch!

Zhou Mei's target was a student who had bullied her countless times. He had even blackmailed her. His father was a member of the Colony Disciplinary Order. Zhou Mei had been soft-spoken and a little meek in the past, which was why she hadn't dared to speak to anyone about these encounters. She was now a changed person, and she dashed out and saw her chance, flinging her leg out in a kick that landed a perfect hit.

"Let's see if you dare bully me again!"

The face of the student who had just been kicked in the crotch by Zhou Mei immediately turned pale as he clutched at his crotch and fell to the ground. A shrill scream many times louder than all the screams that had been heard in the arena pierced the air and rang out across the entire public square.

Many from the Martian administration were utterly lost when they witnessed that scene. Zhou Mei's mother sat at the viewing platform. Seated next to her was a cultivator who was a good friend of hers, and he couldn't help but ask, "Is that… Mei'er?"
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