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This restriction was that he could not use his mental energy, he first thought that he could not only use his mental energy to seek the way but soon he saw that mental energy was even restricted for him to use in fights.

And what was worse was that this way he wouldn't have a place to protect Lusserina and Saphielle in case of danger, after all his mental energy world was also sealed, so he couldn't even use his tamed beast inside.

So he was panicked, so his two women were really in danger, fortunately, that was the only restriction he could feel too, otherwise, it was impossible that he could destroy this place.

Lusserina and Saphielle, as well as the twin sisters, did not understand why they had no mental energy, so they did not realize the restrictions of this place, so it would be no use for him to explain anything to them.

He also felt that with his divine technique he could still use his mental energy for sacred mastery, just as he saw that he had a restriction on the laws of space, but his spatial distortion technique could still be used as usual.

That must be why the warriors of the divine plan could easily destroy these worlds, because all their techniques could be used normally, of course, Zhang Yi was annoyed by this, now he would have to be more careful.

Even though his divine sense technique could be used and almost nothing changed for him, so he was shocked again, this was a small world that seemed to be constantly growing, besides he could feel that in the path of this cave had only the path of the front.

But on this road, there were hundreds of millions of low-level, low-level skeletons for him, but they all had from the accumulating realm of qi to the Houtian realm, but hundreds of thousands of never-tired skeletons could in a few months kill a warrior of the realm of mortal tribulation.

Especially because in this place qi does not recover easily, and from what Zhang Yi has seen even the people of the realm of mortal tribulation do not have high-level spiritual stones to recover like him.

If it were two warriors like the expert who bought the first two lots from the auction they could last years or more here until they scoured or died to find enemies too strong, but he understood that these warriors in this village could not even reach the end of this world.

Zhang Yi told everyone what he saw and so they all prepared for the fight, Zhang Yi wouldn't have a problem, but for the others, it wouldn't be easy, so Zhang Yi gave some low-level spiritual stones for them to use to fight. to recover.

It was not because he was being stingy that he did it, but because a high-grade stone would be wasted by anyone who could not use it if it was used only to regain qi consumption.

Lusserina and Saphielle bored it well and the twins were just grateful that he gave them valuable spiritual stones, after a while walking the skeletons finally arrived, everyone was using low-level weapons so they weren't dangerous to Zhang Yi who had the armor and body refinement.

But the twins had only silver rank armor and with many attacks could be unprotected so they needed to rest, Zhang Yi did not even need to use his qi to fight and destroyed his enemies with brute force.

Then he would use only a little of the phoenix flame essence to destroy the enemies' souls so that they would be permanently destroyed and could not recover.

Thus the twin sisters realized that Zhang Yi must be more powerful than the two realm tribulation realm masters at least in fighting resistance after a while of fighting Zhang Yi had eliminated thousands of skeletons just by swinging his spear.
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The spear that contained the lightning bolt of tribulation seemed to disgust these skeletons and used its power without needing Zhang Yi's qi, it seemed that even the lightning bolt of tribulation thought that destroying these skeletons was a just cause and helped.

But meanwhile Zhang Yi realized that the twins were starting to get tired after killing only a hundred enemies, that was because they had to focus and spend qi on all blows and still dodge enemy attacks.

Lusserina and Saphielle were better because they only had to use little qi so that their gold rank swords would destroy the skeletons and allow the blows of enemies that didn't even scratch the spirit rank armor.

Seeing this Zhang Yi suggested that they just defend themselves and leave the attack on him, without choice the twins had to abandon their pride and accept it, Lusserina and Saphielle were better off accepting because they were his women and thought they could get stronger soon.

Even though the fight still lasted a full day even with Zhang Yi killing almost 10 enemies per second with the help of his spear and phoenix flame essence, the other group would probably take 10 or more days to eliminate the enemies and could have many losses.

But with Lusserina, Saphielle and the twins just defending themselves their qi consumption was very low, so with the spiritual stones and natural endurance of a core creation realm warrior at least they could hold on for a day.

Of course, because Zhang Yi was doing all the work, the twins thought Zhang Yi was not elegant and did not use beautiful techniques or qi for someone from the realm of mortal tribulation, but they soon realized that only by using the brute force that he could stand fighting at this rate for a whole day.

Even though his qi was full, Zhang Yi was still exhausted by the end of the day, even having the sixth realm of body refinement was still hard to fight for a whole day without stopping for a moment.

If he used his divine techniques he could end such a fight in a few hours or even a few minutes, but Zhang Yi had to prepare for an ambush of a powerful enemy.

Also, with his divine sense technique, he realized that he faced less than 1 million skeletons this time, and these skeletons were far from the next group of nearly 1 million skeletons as well, and these skeletons seemed unable to warn that they had enemies.

But if he used a very powerful divine technique he feared that the skeletons would gather here and the fight would get even harder, he might even assume that this was how the realm warriors of the mortal tribulation died quickly.

It was hard to know what they would find because all the underlings were different from each other, even their masters did not know that Zhang Yi would be unlucky enough to meet one in this world and said nothing about it when they gave him the information in the jade.

But that could be very good for Lusserina and Saphielle just as the twin sisters cultivate here, a difficult environment where a warrior can die at any time is the best environment for building fighting skills and cultivation itself.

That is why even the great sects suggest that their disciples leave the sect to do missions and have challenges in their ways, only cultivating in a safe place cannot create a good warrior.

Even though Zhang Yi, despite having a lot of fighting experience, has to go through something like this to get strong, he's very strong now because of his incredible talent and treasures, because he doesn't have much fighting experience himself.

So everyone took the opportunity to recover and then cultivate after such a difficult fight, Zhang Yi suggested that they rest a full day after each fight and everyone agreed to it.

After all, Zhang Yi had nothing to do in a hurry, Lusserina and Saphielle was fine while they were with Zhang Yi and the twin sisters thought they just had to buy time for the village people to live longer, they didn't think they could get out of here easily.

Zhang Yi gave only one day of rest because he felt that the next large group of skeletons was slowly approaching and they would arrive in this place in two days, they began to move after the fight with the first group was over.

So Zhang Yi understood that the underworld didn't want people to have time to rest after the fights, even if the skeletons weren't infinite and there shouldn't be more than 1 billion of them. Zhang Yi didn't want to be passive and just wait.

This was a system to cause despair to anyone who was not powerful enough, but they did not have a monster like Zhang Yi coming to this place, in another 4 months he could advance to the realm of the mortal tribulation with qi and would be very more confident in destroying this place.

If he were two more years old then this place would surely be clean, but he couldn't feel that nothing in this world acted on its own, at least not yet, so nothing could stop him now.

After another day they moved again and could find the next group of skeletons, again Zhang Yi did not use know qi and only used the force of his body refinement to destroy the enemies, as from the beginning were only defending the 4 women they got a lot less tired in today's fight.

After another day the fight was over again and everyone stopped to rest for another day, the women didn't complain because it was clear that Zhang Yi was the one who got tired of these fights, Zhang Yi didn't have to worry about food because he had prepared 30 years for emergencies when hope went to the world.

Since in the hope world had food he used only a few years of his reserve to eat better, but he had replaced a portion of the Golden River company, Zhang Yi thought it was important because in his space storage his master gave the food no spoil.

It would be very bad to have hundreds of thousands of high-end spiritual stones and to starve to his carelessness, and it was really useful for him.
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