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This Sword Sect elder was quick to organize this meeting as the most important elders were in this tournament and everyone was doing nothing important, he said it was an urgent matter and that was enough to get everyone together.

Only the elders who normally did not attend these meetings and the divine realm elders who could not attend the meeting in order not to alert the other sects, even if everyone in this meeting approved the things that Zhang Yi said could be done quickly.

"What is the important issue that made you organize this urgent meeting elder Yi?"

"I spoke to Zhang Yi a short time ago and he wanted to tell me the list about the soul-eater infiltrators in this tournament alone and that shocked me, there were over 1 billion warrior names from all realms."

"There were even several emperor realm warriors among these infiltrators."

This impressed all the cult elders as well, first because they didn't expect Zhang Yi to make such a list in such a short time and if the cult's help, they hoped that this tournament would take months before Sword Sect had the full list.

This made some elders even more curious about how Zhang Yi might know about the soul-eater infiltrators, but that was good because it would take almost any suspicion out of Zhang Yi and the territory he came from and the sects would think they were the strongest elders who had some way of discovering this information.

"As a matter of fact, as I have already discussed, I will stick with this list and only say to the rest of you after the tournament, after the tournament between the emptiness realm disciples is over we can start with the soul search in the disciples and then the elders."

All the elders agreed with this because they were all trusted by the sect, but agreed that it was better that fewer possible people knew about it to avoid a possible leak of information.

"But I decided to call all of you to this meeting to talk about an even more important issue, Zhang Yi said that during the qualifiers of the soul-refinement realm disciple tournament he attended he found some infiltrators in the great sects as well."

"And some of these sects were from the 10 big sects, he's smart and knows he shouldn't talk about it and asked if what we want to do about it."

Knowing this all the elders were silent not knowing what to say, they understood how urgent and important this matter was for the sect, as a sect that defends justice is the duty of Sword Sect to punish all infiltrators of the soul-eater organization.

And because of relying on Sword Sect's impartiality and fairness, the other 9 major sects accepted that Sword Sect would hold this tournament to clean up the disciples and elders infiltrated by the organization of almost all sects of this divine plane.

But everyone was aware that if they captured and searched for souls in disciples and elders of the largest sects, these sects would become enemies of the Sword Sect forever and that could even become a great war.

After all the 10 great sects were the most respected of the divine plane if it turned out that the soul-eater organization managed to infiltrate two of these sects it would be no good for those sects that would have their reputation destroyed.

Even if they only captured the disciples of these sects so as not to have any further consequences the other sects would realize that Sword Sect was afraid to challenge these sects.

"I think we have no choice but to do nothing against these sects, this could be the end of our sect being the enemy of two major sects and the soul-eater organization."

"But our sect is known for respecting justice, we should do this for the good of the divine plane if anyone in the future finds out we were afraid of these sects our reputation will also disappear."

"We are rather a sect that defends justice, but to do justice our sect has to continue to exist, we cannot become enemies of all sects of the divine plane."

"Can't we just do a soul search without killing these disciples just to prove them infiltrated and only then to kill them?"

"The problem is not to confirm who the infiltrators are but the reputation of these sects, we cannot do that."

After many hours of discussion, all the elders agreed that temporarily they would have to leave the infiltrators in these sects, only by doing so could they avoid a war, but none of the elders was happy with that decision and everyone was embarrassed.

"Even so we will have to know who these infiltrators are by the organization if in the future our sect has the ability to fight against these sects, besides we can take care of these infiltrators."

"Yes, we have to have at least the information about it, elder Yi, tell us the infiltrated list of these biggest sects for us so we will all know who it is."

"I don't have this list myself yet, Zhang Yi was afraid to approach these big sects to investigate and so only knew about the infiltrators in the final tournament when these sects came to watch."

"So what's the point we discussed earlier about whether or not we would punish these infiltrators if we can't even know who they are?"

"This vote is very important as we have time to vote without distrusting other sects after the tournament, Zhang Yi has a way to get into these sects to find out the information but needs our help."

"And what's his idea?"

"He could go with some of the most prominent elders in our sect to visit all of these larger sects and get to know them all in person, with his status as a genius and winner of the soul-refinement realm disciples tournament I think no one will suspect."

Just as Elder Yi and the other elders also thought this was a great idea, no one suspected that anyone from the soul-refinement realm like Zhang Yi could discover the infiltrators in the sects.

And right now all the sects were interested in meeting Zhang Yi because he seemed to be one of the greatest geniuses in recent years and was very young, this tournament could be the last opportunity for these sects to talk to Zhang Yi and build a good relationship with him.

"It's really a great idea he had, let's do this and send some elders with him to show our respect and also to defend Jake if it's necessary even one of the sect's divine realm elders can help, I'll let the realm elders know divine to make sure nothing happens."

On the same day, elder Yi went to tell Zhang Yi that in the coming days they would visit the sects quickly with the elders, it was better than they were quick visits and that all of the other sects would appear so that Zhang Yi could visit all easily and safely.

Zhang Yi naturally accepted this and would just want to spend more time at Sacred Phoenix Sect to meet elder Su Lian and try to talk to her if possible.
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