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"I'm going be honest, elder Wang, I was really very angry when I first heard about it, the sect is pretty much counting on me without asking for my opinion to do something like this that is very risky."

"Even if it were for the peace of the continent I don't like the others making decisions for me, besides, as you may already know, it's impossible for me to say who the organization's infiltrators are without the divine realm elders of the other sects not know it's me."

"But for you and for elder Lu I have decided to accept helping the sect even though I know it could end my life in the future, but for that to happen I have a condition that has to be accepted by the sect no matter how."

"What condition?"

"I want Sword Sect to use its authority and make sure Sacred Phoenix Sect elder Su Lian comes to this tournament and that I can meet her even if I can't talk to her."

Elder Wang did not know who this Su Su Lian was, but for Zhang Yi to use this as a condition should not be easy for Sword Sect to do, but Elder Wang thought that would not be a problem because Sword Sect had the authority to call anyone from any sect for this tournament.

"I only have this condition to ask the sect and I won't accept to help any other way, because I have this condition is a personal matter of mine and I won't tell anyone why."

"Very well, I'll tell this to the cult elders in the stronger territories, then I'll tell you if they accepted your condition."

"I called you here to have something to say, the four elders who suddenly appeared in the sect and came with us to this tournament are from the strongest territories of the sect, the 4 are in the emperor's realm at level 9, it's the peak of the emperor's realm, two of them have mental energy on the twelfth level as well."

"They are the most important elders of the strongest territories of our sect after the divine realm elders, so I wanted to warn you not to be disrespectful to them so you wouldn't get killed."

Zhang Yi was surprised to learn that these elders were at level 9 of the emperor's realm, which meant that they were the strongest of the divine plane among the normal sects in the sects, it should be difficult to find one of these even in the strongest territories and Zhang Yi saw 4 of them right away.

He was glad not to try to see their strength or to use his mental energy, otherwise, the two elders who cultivated mental energy would surely discover that Zhang Yi had the mental energy.

In the coming days, Zhang Yi was very discreet and only secretly observed the disciples and elders who were infiltrating the organization, had much less than the last time and Zhang Yi realized that the other sects did not bring any disciples who came last time.

It seemed that the sects were also determined to find out who was infiltrating their sect, the rewards for the tournament this time were the same as last time, and the biggest dispute would be between the disciples of the soul refinement realm.

Because everyone knew that Zhang Yi would surely win the tournament between disciples of the soul birth realm, all sects had realized that Zhang Yi was now at level 5 of the soul birth realm.

It was amazing to see how easily he had gotten fast and so maybe in the next tournament he was in the realm of soul refinement and not the realm of soul birth, normally this was impossible because the disciples and elders usually got stuck for several years between level 9 of one realm and level 1 of the next realm.

But with Zhang Yi's talent no one doubted that was possible, the question was whether Zhang Yi could fight anyone in the emptiness realm when he reached the realm of soul refinement.

What was certain was that many sects planned to find an opportunity to kill Zhang Yi in the coming years and not let him get much stronger, some of the sects in this tournament sent elders to try to kill Zhang Yi in recent years or hired killer organizations to do this job.

But all they could do was see the death of the sent elders and complaints from the organizations, many elders had died at the hands of elder Lu and no one had the courage to send more killers after that for fear of Sword Sect retaliation.

The sects could not say that they tried to kill Zhang Yi and elder Lu for the other sects and so many elders died in those years in the combination of Zhang Yi and elder Lu, elder Wang had already talked with the sect about sending someone stronger to protect Zhang Yi.

But Zhang Yi didn't want that and neither would Elder Lu accept, Zhang Yi couldn't ask anyone else to take an oath to keep his secrets, and Elder Lu wanted to stay with Zhang Yi longer to learn from him about the laws of space and the laws of water.

Zhang Yi was not afraid of actually dying in these attacks because he had a supreme understanding of the laws of space and so was still going on missions, so without Zhang Yi knowing elder Wang who had already taken an oath intended to leave another elder of the territories for a few years.

strongest of the sect as leader of that territory and go on missions with Zhang Yi and elder Lu to protect both.

This time Sword Sect would not complain about this because, in the coming years before the next Zhang Yi tournament was very important to Sword Sect, the elders who came to this tournament were very surprised to hear Zhang Yi's condition to help the sect.

They naturally knew the Sacred Phoenix Sect elder Su Lian and knew how important she was to the Sacred Phoenix Sect sect and probably would not really come to this tournament, it was very difficult to invite her who was related to a divine realm elder.

After all the Sacred Phoenix Sect was also one of the strongest sects of the divine plane, but if they used their authority it was certainly possible even if they were almost enemies with the Sacred Phoenix Sect.

They were really curious and willing to ask Zhang Yi why he wanted to meet someone with Elder Su Lian and how he knew about her before that, but Zhang Yi had already warned that he wouldn't talk about it.

With such an important issue not even these 4 level 9 emperor realm elders could agree to this request before meeting with the other elders, knowing that Elder Wang understood how difficult Zhang Yi's request should be to agree.

But it was certain that Sword Sect would eventually accept this request from Zhang Yi because he said it was his condition and this tournament was very important to Sword Sect's reputation and how Zhang Yi had said it could end his life after that.
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