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After a while Zhang Yi had not yet gotten any information he wanted, he was not used to getting information without using his mental energy, Zhang Yi first bought a simple map of the region and found out which sect was the territory.

It was the territory of the Serenity Sect, one of the 10 strongest sects of the divine plane along with Sword Sect, this was the sect known for having more masters in mental energy along with another sect of the top 10 sects.

It was one of the strongest sects no one wanted to be an enemy of, and it was also very rich that elders were the best masters of pill refinement and weapon refinement, knowing the sect's name.

Even so, Zhang Yi just knew more about this sect and can't find out anything about his master, because even if he heard his master's name, Zhang Yi could not recognize because he had no record in the jades he received.

So after a few days, Zhang Yi had to give up on finding his master, even though as he found the token on the floor something told him that something very wrong had happened to his master.

He just got more nervous after finding out about it and hoped he could find out his other master to find out exactly what happened, he hoped his other master was fine and could help him figure out what happened here on Serenity Sect territory.

Zhang Yi went to his mental energy world before to tell what he had discovered to his wives, they were very surprised to hear about it, they hoped that Zhang Yi would arrive after several days happily telling how he was his master and even take them to meet his master.

Now Lusserina and the others just hoped that his master had just abandoned Zhang Yi and not that something worse had happened, because otherwise, Zhang Yi couldn't stand it, they knew how sensitive Zhang Yi was and if anything happened he could take drastic action.

After resting a few days with his wives Zhang Yi can calm down and go straight to where his other master was, if that had happened he would have known something very bad had happened.

He could first go back to Sword Sect as he had planned, but now without knowing what happened he couldn't go back to cultivating calmly, it still took Zhang Yi a few weeks to get to the place where his other master was.

This other master of his was the one who cultivated body refinement just like him and had a phoenix lineage, Zhang Yi left to find this last master because it was the most important to him.

In addition to giving him the dragon lineage and almost every cultivation and martial technique that helped him so much, Zhang Yi knew that this master was what he spent over 400 years with him on earth.

Even though he had never met this master or remembered exactly what happened in those 400 years, Zhang Yi had a very strong sense of gratitude and family with this master that he didn't even know the name.

Unlike the other token, he encountered this time the token was far from any sect territory when he reached the coordinates Zhang Yi's heart squeezed again and he became more anxious.

That's because just as before there was no one in this place where the token coordinate marked, Zhang Yi felt that the token was buried in a box and protected by some kind of mental energy.

If it wasn't because he had the token in his hand he could never find that token, it only served to make Zhang Yi more apprehensive, after calming down he took the box that was buried and saw some kind of key that was the token he had in his hands.

Using the token as a key he opened it and could take his master's token and saw that it also had a space storage ring in the box, inside the space storage ring there were hundreds of millions of high-level spiritual stones and many high spiritual herbs level.

Zhang Yi already had a bad feeling seeing what was inside that storage ring, because it was about as much as he had, he knew that even the emperor's realm masters couldn't have so many high-level spiritual stones.

Along with all this, he found several pieces of crystals that looked like a diamond, had almost 20 crystals like this one and almost all of them had nothing, only one with something inside that Zhang Yi felt was like a piece of soul and mental energy in that one crystal.

"Hi Zhang Yi, if you are seeing this memory in this crystal it means that you chose my token when you came to the divine plane, know that it makes me very happy and I really expected it to happen."

"My name is Feng Ran and I am an elder of Sacred Phoenix Sect who is one of the strongest sects of the divine plane, I really wanted to have you in my sect, but that probably won't be possible."

"Your other master for you to know is Wu Qinxin, I'm stronger than her in a fight, but her status in the divine realm is higher than mine, she and I were born on the divine plane and are very talented and whatever token you had chosen would guarantee an incredible future for you."

"Your other master's sect is the Serenity Sect, which like mine is one of the 10 strongest sects on this continent, yet I do not recommend that you join neither your other master's sect."

"I would recommend that you choose another sect that is among the 10 strongest on this continent, any of these will ensure that you enter the divine realm with your talent, I don't know if it took you hundreds of years or a few thousand years to reach the divine plane."

"Probably you must be in the realm of the spiritual sea or the realm of mortal tribulation, use those spiritual stones that I have left for you that should be enough to reach the emptiness realm or the emperor's realm perhaps."

"I don't know if you also cultivate mental energy if you cultivate you should choose a cult that cultivates mental energy minus the sect of your other master, these sects usually have higher status and more cultivation resources."

"With these herbs that I left to you should be enough for you to create some pills with your master's special cauldron, or sell to get more high-end spiritual stones."

"Now I said all I needed to say to you, if you want to forget your masters I'll understand, you can break this crystal now and forget my name and your other master's name and just go look for another sect with your talent you can do it."

"Now if you want to know what happened to me and your other master you can keep listening, but I guarantee it can only put you in more trouble and you can't do anything about it in your entire life."
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