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After reaching the realm of soul birth Zhang Yi greatly increased his strength, because the essence of the phoenix flame he had reached the realm of peak soul refinement so that Zhang Yi could face someone from the realm of emptiness and still survive.

After this year Zhang Yi found it strange that his masters still didn't appear on this island if they really wanted to meet Zhang Yi a year should be enough for them to appear.

Also, the tokens had a spatial marking of his masters who appeared only on the Divine plane, so from a distance, they could teleport to that place if they wanted to.

Zhang Yi had agreed with his wives that he would wait on this island until he reached the next cultivation realm and could defend himself, he had already reached that level, and the laws he understood were all almost at the supreme level.

It seemed that the supreme level was difficult to reach even for someone talented like Zhang Yi since many years ago he reached that level with the laws of space and could not reach the supreme level.

This was to be expected because someone with supreme understanding in any law could control that law and dominate other warriors who had an advanced understanding of that law, Zhang Yi did not even know if there was anyone with peak level knowledge of the laws.

But Zhang Yi might feel that it was not long before he came to the supreme understanding of the laws of space, because he had special eyes to help him if he could do that he could easily go to the continent of the blue moon.

Moreover, Zhang Yi was already one of the best geniuses in Divine plane to be in the realm of soul birth at age 37, if he came to the supreme understanding of the laws of space at this age he would become an overlord in this world.

So Zhang Yi decided that after a while he would explore the Divine plane and get to know things more while waiting for his masters, after all, he didn't even know the names of his masters and which sects they belonged to, so he could only hope that they would come to find him.

Meanwhile, Zhang Yi could try to find a cultivation technique for his wives, it was easier because with the talents of Lusserina and Saphielle they could easily enter some sects and get those techniques.

Of course, though this was the easy way out Zhang Yi didn't want to do that because if he did that his wives would be linked to a sect and Zhang Yi knew how complicated this could be through what he went through with the Iron sect.

So what Zhang Yi could try to do was steal from some cultivator groups that could bring them even more trouble, as Zhang Yi knew well their group was the weakest of the normal cultivator groups.

As they thought about it a large group of warriors came to this island in a strange flying boat, Zhang Yi sent his wives into his mental energy world and he quickly became invisible and erased all the tracks they had been on that island.

Zhang Yi could sense from his mental energy that this flying boat was held with many matrices and many high-end spiritual stones, it was impressive to see something so big flying so fast.

Zhang Yi could sense that inside this boat there were two groups of warriors belonging to different factions or sects, Zhang Yi moved further away from where he was hidden invisibly and further strengthened the mental energy not to be perceived.

The two groups soon got out of that big flying boat and the third group with only 3 people were also in that group, Zhang Yi soon felt that this group of three people were in the realm of the void that Zhang Yi had just heard.

Three warriors from each group were also in the void realm and so in this boat there were 9 people in the void realm in total, Zhang Yi felt lucky that he had decided to hide and also strengthened himself for the soul birth realm, if not it was certain that he would be discovered by these warriors.

Zhang Yi might feel that in addition to a warrior he could protect himself from 8 other realms of emptiness in a one on one fight, that was incredible thinking about Zhang Yi's age, but that was him using his divine techniques and the laws of the Space to escape.

One of these 9 warriors seemed to be at the peak of the void realm, and Zhang Yi felt he could not escape from that warrior at all, and warriors in the void realm were not even the strongest in Divine plane, that was what worried Zhang Yi the most.

Zhang Yi could sense that two groups had some kind of war between them and one of the three groups that had only 3 emptiness realm warriors seemed to be mediating this dispute by helping both sides to resolve.

Zhang Yi saw that one side had most of the warriors being women with only 2 men and could not feel anything different about their cultivation, which led Zhang Yi to think that this could be a good technique for his wives.

"We are all gathered here on this island to try once again to make an attempt to end the war between these two sects and thus achieve some more peace for our continent."

"Our Justice Sect was called here today because we swore to heaven that we will always follow justice above all and so we have been called here to judge justice over this fight."

"The two sects that came here today made requests that we found irrational to be accepted, but as the two sects accepted those requests if they lost this fight today in the name of peace we came here today."

"Golden Wolf Sect and Cherry Sect sects will fight here on this island, will fight 20 warriors from each sect in the realm of mortal tribulation and 5 warriors on either side in the soul birth realm, will have no fighting between soul refinement realm warriors nor the realm of emptiness to prevent this island from being destroyed."

"The two sects, as well as our Justice Sect, have brought 3 realm warriors out of the void to protect the disciples of the two sects as well as to prevent interference from anyone."

The Justice Sect elders were not ignorant and naturally sent three deacons from the emptiness realm to protect themselves as they saw this island so far from the mainland, Zhang Yi who was seeing it all realized how weak his strength was.

These soul-birth realm people were considered only disciples here on the Divine plane, even the warriors in the emptiness realm who could kill him were only deacons in this place.

Fortunately, Zhang Yi had the laws of time that he understood, otherwise it could take tens of years to be able to protect himself on this Divine plane.
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