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Zhang Yi did not take so long and realized that just like the other great sects all the elders of this sect were gathered, it was a great sight to see so many women gathered in one place.

Most of the women in the Rose sect were very beautiful, and it was difficult to find an uglier woman in the sect, so because cultivators always worked with spiritual energy it was possible to use some of that spiritual energy to preserve beauty.

Even though this amount of spiritual energy spent did not hinder much in the struggles, men did not want to waste so much just to maintain their appearance, even without it over time cultivating women naturally became more beautiful.

Another thing that Zhang Yi was impressed was that it was rare to see so many women in the realm of mortal tribulation and the realm of the spiritual sea together, even in the Yin and Yang sects and the Fire sect had not so many women, so perhaps the Yin and Yang sect wanted to get rid of the Rose sect.

"Sect master, do you really believe that the great sects may be thinking of attacking our sect after they leave isolation?"

"Yes, I actually thought that after this loss of the three sects in the ruins they would immediately attack our sect for fear of an attack from us, but they decided to isolate themselves, so it's possible that after a few years when the 3 sects split recover, they can attack us."

"So isn't it better for our sect to do more missions instead of sending all the disciples back? So we can have new disciples in the coming years and strengthen ourselves as well."

"I don't think it's a good idea after all our sect recruits only women, and we are not going to isolate our sect from the rest of the continent like the other sects, so women who want to join our sect may even have no advertising."

"Besides, I'm worried that the Fire sect and the Yin and Yang sect had to decide to isolate themselves, with the alliance of the three great sects they should have nothing to worry about."

Listening to what the cult elders and the cult master saying Zhang Yi understood why they also decided to gather the disciples and elders into the cult, it seemed that the cult master also expected the Yin and Yang sect to attack.

"So isn't it better for our sect to attack the Leaf sect while the Fire and Yin and Yang sects are isolated? This way we can prevent the three sects from joining in a few years to attack our sect."

"I don't think it's a good idea, if we attack the Leaf sect we will also lose many elders and disciples, and the Leaf sect also has many supporters among organizations and free warriors."

"I think our sect is in this situation because you are very cautious sect master, if we had allied with the Iron sect a few years ago the other three great sects would have lost a lot and we would have a valuable ally forever."

"Now again we are missing a great chance to attack, this way we will never be the strongest sect and maybe we might even be destroyed in the next few years."

Zhang Yi realized that the sect master looked like a woman who was very afraid, so he thought it was the best opportunity to get an important ally for his sect, he sent a message of mental energy to the sect master.

The sect master was startled when he received a mental energy message, but no one in the meeting room noticed anything strange, Zhang Yi then warned that he was in the room and did not want to hurt anyone and just wanted to negotiate with the sect master alone.

Soon the sect's master made a quick judgment and realized that for someone to enter this room with all the elders together and not be noticed and yet have the courage to communicate with her, he must be so powerful to destroy everyone in that room.

So the sect master asked everyone to temporarily stop the meeting to rest and think about what was said before, as the meeting had been going on for four days straight everyone thought the sect master was right and left the room.

As soon as everyone left and stayed away from that room where the sect master was alone Zhang Yi showed himself only a few feet away from the sect master, the sect master was impressed again.

She didn't expect Zhang Yi to get that close to her without her realizing it and didn't expect Zhang Yi to be that young, he might be hiding his identity, but she didn't believe Zhang Yi would do something like that.

"I didn't expect anyone so young to be that strong, I'm Jia Wuying and I'm the Rose sect master, who would you be?"

"My name is Zhang Yi, I'm a disciple of the Iron sect."

"Disciple? With your strength, you could be a revered elder at the very least or even the sect master."

"When I left the sect I had no strength even to be a deacon, many years later when I returned I found to my sadness that my sect had been destroyed."

"So you could have come looking for my sect for an alliance? I know you're very strong, but my sect will lose a lot if it attacks the other big sects."

"It seems that you are really a very cowardly Jia sect master, this may be what has kept your sect lossless so far, but it may also be the reason for your sect's destruction as now if you piss me off a lot."Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

After speaking Zhang Yi created a barrier with his mental energy and unleashed all his qi by putting incredible pressure on Jia Wuying, with only Zhang Yi's pressure the chair and table she was on were destroyed and the sect's master ended on the floor with a pale face and blood dripping on her mouth and nose.

"I don't need an alliance with your weak sect to avenge, I've already destroyed the other three sects alone, so they seem to have decided to isolate themselves from the world."

"Your sect could end up being next if I'm not satisfied with your response at the end of this meeting, don't doubt my strength, I could have destroyed all the Rose sect elders just minutes ago if you wanted to, you should be grateful for me decide to talk to you."

After speaking Zhang Yi took the pressure from Jia Wuying who was about to pass out, that pressure came from Zhang Yi's qi and the power of the phoenix flame essence that was at the peak of the soul birth realm.

Jia Wuying recovered quickly after Zhang Yi took her pressure, she felt that her life had been forgiven and that she narrowly escaped death this time.
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