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Luckily they were smart and had a plan about it, the twins used the qi pill when their qi was just over half, in a few hours they could use the pill again and so they could last a few days.

Saphielle who was killing more skeletons was calmer, after a few hours of fighting herself being usually the calmest took the lead and began commanding Lusserina and the twins.

Her first decision was to stop attacking the skeletons and just defend themselves, so they would receive more blows and destroy fewer enemies, but could save more qi, after all the four were wearing spirit rank armor and were all from the realm of the spiritual sea.

So even if they got a few blows they wouldn't be much injured and if they were lightly injured they could just take the wound recovery pills, another tactic that Saphielle decided was that she and Lusserina would attack their enemies the hardest.

After all, only Saphielle and Lusserina had spirit rank swords, so their attack power was far superior to the twins after these tactics were used they spent far less qi in the fight.

So with all the resources they had, they would take a few days before deciding the outcome of the fight, or they would run out of qi or die from the skeleton army blows, Zhang Yi who saw this was proud of Saphielle and got a little longer calm.

At least that way his qi would end before his wives who had pills to recover the qi, even though they were fighting Zhang Yi was using a divine technique against 100 realm tribulation skeletons, it was normal for him to spend more qi than them.

If his qi was gone and Zhang Yi couldn't use the immortal's anger technique he would die anyway, so his wives would die too, but Zhang Yi would have more time to save everyone.

So the hours passed quickly and Zhang Yi continued to pay attention to their wives' struggle, with this Saphielle tactic they were saving more qi, but at the same time after several hours of fighting the dresses and armor they wore were full of blood.

Even if the spirit-rank armor could stop a few blows and the wound recovery pills could keep them fighting, it was obvious that fighting like this would hurt a lot.

Seeing this Zhang Yi became increasingly angry at his current situation, even if he tried to concentrate on activating his divine immortal anger technique he couldn't stop himself from being mad at his injured wives and he could do nothing about it.

After more than a day of fighting the first 200,000 skeletons had been destroyed, but most of them were from the Xiantian realm and core creation realm, the core revolution realm skeletons that were the majority didn't attack much at first.

With Saphielle's fighting tactics they still had more than 50 percent of qi and it would soon be time to use the qi recovery pill, but they were full of superficial cuts in their bodies.

Even though the qi recovery pills could not fully remove the scars of this intense fighting day, Zhang Yi's situation was less bloody, but it wasn't that much better after all his qi was running out quickly and he could last another day at most.

Zhang Yi was angrier to see his wives as soon as he even forgot his own situation, his technique finally showed signs of activating and he hoped that would happen before his qi ended, but even if the technique activated he could not do anything.

The hours ticked by with Zhang Yi staring at their wives' struggles, sometimes several skeletal blows of the core revolution realm falling on Luna and Solar at the same time and they were more seriously injured and falling.

Soon they would get up and use the wound recovery pills, after more than two days of fighting their qi would reach 30% and they could not stand a whole third day, in this situation Zhang Yi was also running out of qi.

He was enraged by this situation and now only cared about his wives, he did not believe that before he thought he had such a talent and was much better than the other geniuses and because of his inability to understand technique and excess of confidence when entering the enemy's trap.

Zhang Yi had techniques for long-range attacks and only approached because he trusted that his clone had discovered all the tricks of the enemy and because he despised the skeletons and thought he was stronger than all.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

While watching his wives being wounded by hundreds of thousands of skeletons his qi was finally over, his divine technique had not yet activated and now it was no good at all, so I know his divine sacred domain technique was deactivated and all 100 skeletons could recover all the strength.

The skeletons not only recovered 100 percent of their total strength, with the effect of negative energy their strength was increased, with 100 skeletons together plus the strength of the main skeleton that had come to the advanced understanding of the laws of negative energy the full force of skeletons reached 200%.

With this force even Zhang Yi could not survive the combined attack of all of them even if he had all the qi to activate his defensive techniques, realizing that the main skeleton paid attention to Zhang Yi to see if he was even without qi.

But even in this near-death situation, Zhang Yi could only observe with his Divine sense the situation of his wives who were only 10% of their remaining qi and were all bruised.

Seeing this and knowing that his death was near Zhang Yi felt only anger, the greatest anger he had felt in his life for all that was happening, for his incompetence and the skeletons of this underworld.

Seeing that Zhang Yi was furious or had no qi at all the final skeleton deactivated his restriction of him and the skeletons, Zhang Yi was finally free, but without qi, he could do nothing against his enemies.

[I see you're angry, this is what I wanted to see, I wanted to see you feel humiliated after invading my underworld and destroying most of my army, in the end, nothing you did was anything but me irritate.]
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