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Divine Talent Born Mortal 104 The End of the Underworld Journey 7

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This made Zhang Yi wonder if this was really a weaker underworld as he thought at first, as the enemies were weaker he did not think that this was a strong underworld, but if that were the case he did not want to even think about how an underworld would have destroyed a Continent before.

The more worlds the underworlds destroyed, the stronger the skeletons in these underworlds were, of course, Zhang Yi did not know that this was an underworld that had already destroyed several worlds before and always fled from the Warriors of the Divine plan.

In fact, to destroy these subworlds that had destroyed several worlds before, the Divine plan had to send hundreds of warriors from the realm of mortal tribulation or a few dozen enemies from the realm of the birth of the soul to destroy these subworlds.

So, he was facing a really difficult situation that would surely destroy the world where he was only if Zhang Yi joined all the Realm warriors of mortal tribulation, they could destroy this world.

After preparing well Zhang Yi advanced again and the twins were at a distance closer to him to help in the event of an emergency arise, in fact after seeing Zhang Yi fight with armies of this size of skeletons and Manage to eliminate more than 20 skeletons in a fight they began to wonder if there really would be a time when they could help him with his special power.

After all, until the present moment only to stay a few kilometers away from the fight they could not even move properly, even then after all that has happened in recent years, they began to believe more in prophecy that once thought impossible to happen.

The same way he did in the last fights, Zhang Yi used his sacred dominion as soon as his technique entered the reach of all enemies, so the army of skeletons that was strengthened by the negative qi of the 25 skeletons of the realm of tribulation Mortal was weakened by Zhang Yi's technique.

Soon after he jumped above the army of skeletons and used his flying technique when he was above all his enemies, he can use his technique descent from the Phoenix and his next blow would have 3 times the maximum power.

Soon after he used the technique of sacred hell to eliminate all enemies who could not defend himself from this technique, naturally even being so strengthened the skeletons of the realm of the spiritual sea and the realm of the nucleus revolution were all burnt.

Thus, only the 25 skeletons of the realm of mortal tribulation survived this attack, unlike the second fight against the 5 skeletons, these skeletons of the realm of mortal tribulation that were in a group of 25 could unite and defend themselves completely from the Zhang Yi attack.

Zhang Yi was already accustomed to this from his struggles against the groups of skeletons before this, so he walked away quickly and began to think what he could do in this fight, these skeletons of the realm of tribulation were estranged I groups of three to Fight Zhang Yi.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

Even though when separated into groups of three skeletons became easier targets for Zhang Yi to fight instead of a group of 25, Zhang Yi could not rejoice with it, the skeletons could unite and cause danger even with all the defense of Zhang Yi.

That would become a fight of attrition, some groups of 3 skeletons were sacrificed and killed by Zhang Yi while the other groups of skeletons used their techniques to cause damage to both Zhang Yi and the other skeletons.

Zhang Yi must use his speed to divert from the attacks and often loses the opportunity to destroy the skeletons of the enemy group, so before this fight, he thought of how he could fight his enemies without risking much more.

Zhang Yi stepped away and began his fighting plan he had developed before facing this group of skeletons, he decided to use a technique he never thought of using since he won the three natural treasures and learned other techniques from his masters.

This was the divine skill – the dignity of the Phoenix: For a time doubling the strength and qi of the body for 1 hour, it is an excellent skill that his masters left for him, but it is a technique that before he reached the realm of the spiritual sea was a completely useless skill for Zhang Yi.

This was because he had several techniques and his treasures beyond his mental energy that made this technique without much use to Zhang Yi who did not rely entirely on his own cultivation to confront his enemies.

But after reaching the realm of the spiritual sea his qi was much stronger and his general strength of cultivation was equated now, not to mention that the treasure of the essence of the flame of the Phoenix was part of his strength now.

So this technique had come back to be useful to Zhang Yi and would be more useful the stronger he became and the more his cultivation increased, the only defect of this ability was that he would have to strive to end this fight in up to 1 hours.

After all, after 1 hour his qi that had been duplicated is totally depleted and he gets pain as a consequence of using this technique, so after this fight, he gave to affirm that Zhang Yi was having to use all his abilities and maximum power to defeat the Enemy skeletons.

Soon Zhang Yi activated the technique and felt his qi appear to burn and bend in quantity, and the essence of the flame of the Phoenix also seemed to animate within his body, fortunately, he felt no pain as his body was much stronger after arriving at the seventh realm of the body refinement.

But he could feel that his qi would burn fully in 1 hour and he could no longer continue fighting even if he wanted, so he soon decided to start the exhausting fighting faster against the skeletons.
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