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Divine Beast Adventures 78 Chapter 078 - Dangerous Lands

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Shua shua shua...

Green sword lights intertwined, forming a net. A tiny beetle happened to fly by, and was turned into powder silently.

Some time later, the sword light faded, revealing Huang Tielan's tall figure. The chubby girl stood silently, with a hint of the air of a swordsmanship expert.

However, the trace of a sweet smile of her face ruined the atmosphere, revealing the innocence of a young girl in love.

Looking at the peculiarly-shaped green sword in her hands, it was like Huang Tielan was seeing Zhang Che right in front of her, mumbling, "Zhang Xiaoche, this is the best birthday present I have ever received in my eighteen years of life. I really love it!"

"Lanlan, you're practicing the sword again?"

Huang Tielan turned around after hearing the voice. She saw her mother, Zhong Yuqing, strolling into the garden. She stamped her feet coyly, causing the turf to depress slightly and form a small pit.

"Mom, you're like a cat when you walk; why aren't there any sounds of footsteps?"

"Aiyo, when did my girl become so hardworking?" Zhong Yuqing teased her daughter as she walked closer. "Aren't you uninterested in developing as a beastmaster, and said that you wanted to be a researcher? Why did you start practicing the sword again recently?

"Let me guess; is it because of that kid called Zhang Che?"

Huang Tielan stamped her feet again, "Mom, why did you go investigating my friend without my consent?"

Zhong Yuqing curled her lips, "Che, do I have to go check on him intentionally? We already knew about it when you got Adjutant Song to give your Fiery Scorpion to that kid behind our backs. What's more, where did you get that weapon-type beast card in your hand from? Don't tell me it was a gift from some ordinary classmate."

Huang Tielan's face flushed red. She lowered her head, mumbling indistinctly, "Ah, s-so it turned out that you and daddy already knew."

Zhong Yuqing came up to Huang Tielan and tousled her head. "Silly girl, you're my flesh and blood. Did you think your little schemes would go unnoticed by me?"

Seeing her daughter was looking rather nervous, Zhong Yuqing broke out into a smile and said, "Don't worry. We won't interfere in your matters. That kid is probably true to you, to give such a good weapon-type beast card to you, not to mention his capabilities."

-Not! Zhang Xiaoche that scoundrel still hasn't said anything about liking me even now!- Huang Tielan retorted inwardly. Her head drooped even lower, as a red glow appeared on her face unnoticed.

"Right, the thing about you asking your dad to look out for any information regarding a healing-type beast is also for that kid's sake, isn't it? Now I really want to meet this Zhang Che to see what kind of a guy he is, to actually make our Lanlan love him so wholeheartedly. Why don't you bring him back sometime, and let us have a look at him?"

Hearing her mother talk about this, Huang Tielan showed a hint of worry on her face, saying, "He entered the beast world again. I don't know how he is right now, or when he will be back."


Zhang Che was feeling very good right now. He felt that he could possibly become a fisherman.

The Purple Jade Condor's burst on its last breath had truly surprised him. He immediately stopped in place, deciding not to leave.

Facing the Azure Snake's incoming mouth, the Purple Jade Condor's neck suddenly stretched out from the snake's coiling. Its sharp beak landed the first hit on the Azure Snake, despite being the second to launch its attack, and pecked on the area of the Azure Snake's heart.

This peck of the Purple Jade Condor actually penetrated the Azure Snake's sturdy scales and opened a hole directly into its heart. Crimson red blood flowed out of the wound like spring water.

The Azure Snake shook its head violently from the pain, its mouth losing aim on its target.

After succeeding in its attack, the dark gold light burst forth once more on the Purple Jade Condor's body. Its sharp beak pecked at the Azure Snake's heart region once more. The previous attack had already torn apart the Azure Snake's defenses. If its attack struck once more, it would surely penetrate the Azure Snake's heart!

However, despite the excruciating pain, the Azure Snake constricted its body with all its strength, and a wave of cracking sounds broke out from the Purple Jade Condor's body. The tremendous damage caused its beak's aim to deviate slightly. Although it opened up another hole on the Azure Snake's body, it failed to damage its target's heart.

Zhang Che's eyes were shining brightly watching this. -Right, that's the way! What's there to watch if it's a one-sided fight? It's best if both of them are near-dead; I'll be able to go pick up scraps then!-

Since the two beasts were without skills, he only had to wait until they lost their fighting strength and he could go ahead and cut them up easily.

With two of them there, at least one would drop a beast card, right?

Just as the two exotic beasts were fighting to their deaths, and Zhang Che was waiting for the time to ripen with a smile, the real fisherman suddenly showed up.

A horrifying spider about the size of a compact car, its entire body black, silently crawled forward from the adjacent mountain top at flying speed, targeting the tangled Azure Snake and Purple Jade Condor. It suddenly spat out a long string of sticky spider silk, binding them in place.

"God dammit, there's actually another one waiting by the side!" Zhang Che's scalp went numb. Although they were quite a distance away from one another, and he was unable to see the huge spider's attributes, his instincts told him that this spider's level and quality were surely not low.

When the seemingly thin spider silk stuck onto the two fighting exotic beasts, they were actually unable to free themselves.

After using its silk to bind its prey in place, the horrifying spider quickly crawled forward, using its long and sharp hook-shaped chelicerae to stab into the Azure Snake's body.

Zhang Che watched wide-eyed as the Azure Snake instantly stopped its violent struggles once it was bitten by those poisonous teeth, and directly let go of the wrapped-up Purple Jade Condor.

"What the heck, the toxicity of that is so freaking horrifying!" Zhang Che's scalp went numb again after seeing this. He waved his hand and recalled his subdued beasts and pet without a second thought. With his body bent, he used the shrubbery as cover and quickly turned tail to run.

Only the gods knew what quality this spider was, with such horrifying poison. If he was discovered by it, he wouldn't survive even with nine lives.

It was only now that Zhang Che had deeply realized how dangerous this mountain range was, and he had only barely entered it. If he continued further in, what kind of powerful beasts would he come across?

"This can't do. I have to quickly leave this mountain range. This place isn't somewhere I can come casually."

Zhang Che's head was finally clear. He felt that he was truly too fascinated by that Five-Colored Spiritual Flower, and had entered this mountain range without caring about the dangers.

Powerful beasts could be seen nearly everywhere around here. He could lose his life if he was slightly careless, and yet he actually dared to chase the Purple Jade Condor all the way here. His luck was already very good, considering that he had yet to be eaten by some random exotic beasts.

Thinking of that, not getting his hands on the Five-Colored Spiritual Flowers didn't seem so regrettable now...
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