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Divine Beast Adventures 76 Chapter 076 - Never Falling In The Same Hole Twice

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Falling from a height of dozens of meter, one could imagine the state the Gluttony Monkey was in right now.

Blood had splattered everywhere, and its flesh was mangled. Zhang Che couldn't bear to look at it.

However, once he remembered about what this frisky monkey did to him, the shred of guilt in Zhang Che disappeared without a trace and he walked towards it.

After getting closer, Zhang Che realized that the Gluttony Monkey was still breathing despite crashing into the ground, its appearance beyond recognition. Its limbs were still twitching uncontrollably. "Hmm? This fellow is actually still alive! What a strong vitality!"

The Gluttony Monkey's entire head was deformed, with an eye popped from its socket and hanging out, while the other eye was red and swollen. It even rolled a little when it saw Zhang Che approaching.

"I wonder how good will my luck be this time; will a beast card drop after killing this monkey? This is an excellent stock with a potential of B rank! Even if its current attributes are trash, if it can keep growing, it isn't something to be underestimated in the future, either."

Waving the green sword in his hand, Zhang Che looked at the near-dead Gluttony Monkey at the ground with his eyes narrowed, ready to end its life with a swing of his sword.

Suddenly, the remaining eye of the Gluttony Monkey revealed a strong desire for survival, as well as a hint of plea. "Hmm? Isn't it a little too late for you to be begging for mercy now?"

Zhang Che's heart was slightly swayed. He squat down at looked at the Gluttony Monkey's good eye and sighed, saying, "Really, why do this in the first place if you knew it would turn out this way? Such a mischievous fellow like you would die by the hands of other people or exotic beasts even if I spared your life today. Moreover, do you reckon you will still live on even if I spared you?"

The Gluttony Monkey's eye rolled with difficulty. A trail of tears mixed with blood flowed out of the corner of its ruptured face.

Zhang Che's scalp went numb, as something deep in his heart was moved.

After staring at the Gluttony Monkey's good eye for a while, he said, "No matter if you can understand me or not, perhaps I have a way to save you. However, you must become my pet from now on. Are you willing to?"

The Gluttony Monkey actually seemed to understand Zhang Che's words. A hint of joy flashed in its bloody eye, and it rolled a few times.

A trace of shock flashed across Zhang Che's face. -This monkey's intelligence is so high!-

"Alright then. I have a way to deal with you even if you don't submit to me from the bottom of your heart." Zhang Che nodded, focusing on his inner world and began to ask the gods… no, the rainbow crystal in his spiritual sea, to spare a little bit of its energy to cure the Gluttony Monkey.

Although the Gluttony Monkey was at the verge of death, with the rainbow crystal's miraculous powers, it should be extremely simple to save its life.

The rainbow crystal trembled slightly, suddenly opening a mysterious tunnel and linking it to the Gluttony Monkey. After which, a rainbow-hued mysterious talismanic rune shot out and entered the Gluttony Monkey's head.

Zhang Che was shocked by the sight. -There is actually such a function! What exactly is this rainbow crystal?

-Why didn't such a scene play out when I tamed the Golden Elephorse King previously?-

Just as Zhang Che was staring in disbelief with his mouth agape, he clearly sensed that the Gluttony Monkey's subconsciousness resisted for a little bit, before its will to survive triumphed and allowed the rainbow talismanic rune to brand itself on its soul.

In the next moment, the mangled-up Gluttony Monkey suddenly turned into a streak of bronze light and entered Zhang Che's glabella, floating peacefully above his spiritual sea as a ball of light, right next to Hanxue's golden ball, devouring the rainbow energy.

"I did it!" Zhang Che pumped his fist, feeling unusually excited.

This was a pet with freaking B rank potential! It might be trash currently, but it would surely shine in time to come.

However, he wondered why there weren't any strange occurrences when he tamed Hanxue, yet a rainbow talismanic rune suddenly appeared out of the rainbow crystal when he was subduing the Gluttony Monkey now?

Could it be that the problem lay within Hanxue himself?

After thinking for some time, Zhang Che could only conclude that Hanxue was already tamed by him at that point in time, therefore the rainbow crystal didn't do anything to it.

That truly seemed to be the case. It was said that a fierce steed would remain loyal for life once it was tamed. Naturally it wouldn't require any additional methods to control it, right?

Zhang Che no longer dwelled on this problem. He continued heading in the direction he decided on previously. After wasting so much time, who knew if the Five-Colored Spiritual Flower was eaten by that Purple Jade Condor already?

Although he did waste some time here, Zhang Che didn't feel any frustration.

He had not only obtained a pet with high potential, he had even discovered a way to tame exotic beasts as pet. This was already more than he had hoped for.

-Mmm. If I encounter any more exotic beasts with good potential in the future that I can easily overpower, I can just beat it half to death and use the rainbow crystal to forcefully subdue it.

-Though, I wonder if the rainbow talismanic rune would have any effect if the target strongly rejects it…-

Thinking of that, Zhang Che hoped an ignorant exotic beast would jump out of nowhere for him to experiment on.

Alas, despite walking for a long time and crossing a few mountains, he didn't come across any exotic beasts. It truly left him depressed.


Suddenly a sharp bird's cry rang out from in front to the left, causing Zhang Che to stop in place. -It's the Purple Jade Condor's cry!-

Zhang Che's spirits lifted. He quickly changed his direction and continued on with quick strides.

He had originally thought that there was no chance of finding the Purple Jade Condor. Unexpectedly, the flying beast actually let out such a resounding cry, pointing him in the right direction.

The Purple Jade Condor's cry was obviously filled with energy, yet bore a shred of anger and impatience. He had no idea what had happened to it.

"Could it be that the feathery beast has eaten the spiritual medicine?"

Zhang Che's heart sank. He couldn't help but hasten his steps.


On the way, the Purple Jade Condor let out a few more angered cries in succession. It seemed to be fighting against a powerful enemy. Perhaps this fellow's luck was really bad and it was discovered by other exotic beasts after bringing the medicine back?

Hurrying on his way, after crossing another two slopes, Zhang Che finally saw the Purple Jade Condor clearly a short distance ahead, tangling with a brightly colored huge snake over ten meters long, about as thick as a water pail.

"God damn, that fellow ate the spiritual medicine as I expected! This snake is so powerful! It probably discovered the Purple Jade Condor as it flew back here with the spiritual medicine and started a fight in the hopes of snatching the treasure."

Zhang Che didn't dare to advance forward any more. He carefully hid behind a shrubbery, revealing only half his head, staring at the battle between the two exotic beasts.

He decided not to make any reckless moves before the victor was decided; he mustn't fall into the same hole twice!

In the stone forest earlier, it was exactly because he had made a move thoughtlessly that the Purple Jade Condor grabbed the opportunity and snatched the Five-Colored Spiritual Flower away. If the flower had fallen into the hands of the Tian Yin Squad, perhaps he still had a chance of stealing it, and not ending up with nothing.

"Just kill each other all you want. It's best if you're both critically injured and I can come out to clean up the mess!"
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