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Divine Beast Adventures 61 Chapter 061 - Birthday

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Carrying his backpack, Zhang Che slowly walked into the mall in the military compound owned by Ding Feng Corporation. Just as he walked through the doors, a young woman with neat facial features came up to him. There really weren't any flaws in her attitude. "Hello, Mister, are you looking to purchase beast cards? No matter the type or quality, the beast cards our Ding Feng Corporation has for sale are the best in all of Qian Wei City. We assure you that it's well worth the money."

Seeing the confident smile on the female receptionist, Zhang Che couldn't help but ask, confused, "The best in Qian Wei City? What about the one managed by the government?"

The receptionist was at a loss for words immediately. Her spirited eyes looked at Zhang Che innocently, wishing to scold him out loud, -Are you one of those legendary awkward conversationalists?-

Fortunately, Zhang Che immediately smiled, saying, "I'm not here to buy beast cards. Rather, I have some beast cards for sale. Does the Ding Feng Corporation deal with purchases?"

The receptionist was stunned for a moment. Her signature smile appeared on her face once more, inviting Zhang Che to a reception room to the side, "Alright. Please come with me, Mister."

The receptionist naturally didn't have the authority to purchase beast cards off others. After she poured a cup of tea for Zhang Che warmly, she excused herself and went to inform her superior.

Before Zhang Che finished his cup of tea, steady footsteps rang out from beyond the door, followed by a slightly surprised voice, saying, "Aiya, Mr Sun has graced us with your presence, lighting up our humble shop!"

A familiar-looking middle-aged man came walking in with a face full of smiles, unable to hide his surprise.

"I wonder what good stuff Mr Sun has this time? I beg you to broaden this one surnamed Liang's horizons."

It was this manager, surnamed Liang, who brought the money over for the transaction between Zhang Che and Zhang Yujie previously. Thus he had a deep impression towards this unfathomable beastmaster, and immediately recognized him.

It was only now that Zhang Che remembered who this man was. He nodded with a smile, then opened the backpack at his side. He took out a stack of beast cards and spread them out on the table, as if shuffling a deck of cards.

In the beginning, when Zhang Che first took out the beast cards, a trace of joy flashed on Manager Liang's face. -As expected of an unfathomable expert; he actually took out this many beast cards in one go.-

However, once the beast cards were spread out on the table, Manager Liang's expression stiffened. -What the heck. Let alone the fact that the highest rank of these beast cards were only three-stars, there wasn't even a single silver-quality card in there; only black iron and bronze-quality.

-Are you sure you're not here to play with me?-

"Ugh, Mr Sun, is that all of it?"

Manager Liang's gaze shifted towards Zhang Che's backpack, hoping that there were better goods in there.

However, Zhang Che nodded as if it was to be expected as a matter of course, "Yeah, that's all. Why, is that too little?"

"No, hehe, that's not little…" Manager Liang replied with a constipated look.

This pile of cards was indeed not little; there were over twenty of them. But the problem was that their quality were a little too trashy!

Of course, if it were any other low or mid-tier beastmasters who took these beast cards out, naturally he would be impressed. But you're an expert who could kill a herd of elephorses by yourself!

-Don't you find it embarrassing to bring out these trash cards?-

Zhang Che didn't feel that this was something embarrassing, naturally. Let alone that it wasn't easy to get his hands on better beast cards, he wouldn't sell them even after obtaining them; he didn't even have enough for himself!

He had two identities now. Other than the weapon-type beast card, Mutated Puffersword, which wasn't exposed to anyone yet, the remaining beast cards were all tied to the Sun Che persona.

In other words, when Zhang Che returned to his original appearance, he couldn't take out the Original Combat Body-type cards he was currently using.

For this reason, Zhang Che purposely kept a few two-star beast cards as his original identity's subdued beasts.

Although those cards were all trash, Zhang Che had no intentions of having a powerful image.

If someone with a grass-roots background suddenly advanced into a Tier Three beastmaster mere weeks after becoming an official beastmaster and even had decent subdued beasts, it would be impossible not to draw any attention onto himself.

As for the Fiery Scorpion and Wind Shadow Wolf which Zhang Che used in his original appearance, that was no concern, either.

The Wind Shadow Wolf was a subdued beast commonly seen. On the other hand, although there weren't as many people using a Fiery Scorpion, it wasn't a unique beast, either. No one would link the two of them together.

Moreover, Zhang Yujie and the others who only knew of Sun Che's persona were treating him as an unfathomable expert. They were of the opinion that the subdued beasts he showed were to mask his identity. There was no way they'd realize that even that identity was fake.

Thus, as long as Zhang Che didn't show the Fiery Scorpion, Wind Shadow Wolf, and Psychedelic Ghost-Patterned Butterfly at the same time, there was no risk of exposing himself.

When Zhang Che walked out of Ding Feng Corporation's mall, his purple crystal card that had a balance of 17,400k was another two million dollars richer.

In that stack of beast cards he sold, there were over ten three-star Grassland Brown-Furred Wolf cards that he had fused.

Although they didn't seem very impressive, three-star bronze-quality cards could sell for over ten thousand dollars a piece.

Compared to the excited Zhang Che, Manager Liang's mood wasn't as great.

When he saw from the surveillance feed that it was Zhang Che who came to sell his beast cards, he thought that there would be some gains to be had from him, but it only turned out to be a bunch of low-tier beast cards with trash attributes. Let alone mentioning how disappointed he was, he only didn't dare to curse at Zhang Che right in front of him.

After making a small profit, Zhang Che returned to the beast world and found somewhere with no one around, changing back to his original appearance. Then, he left the safety zone and passed through the spatial gateway once more, hurrying back home.

He had been out for over a week; he didn't know how his mother was doing alone at home, or how much she was worrying about him.

When he finally returned to the poor neighborhood he lived in, Zhang Che ran up the stairs with short steps. Looking at the familiar security door, he felt warm in his heart. He knocked on the door, "I'm back, Mom. Are you home?"

"Ah, Xiaoche is back!" Sun Lan's surprised exclamation immediately rang out in the house. Zhang Che could even feel her anticipation and happiness from her hurried footstep sounds.

As the ancient saying went, a mother would always worry about her children going on a journey.

Zhang Che went into the beast world for over a week; that was many times more dangerous than just travelling. One could only imagine how badly worried she was.

The door was quickly pulled open. Sun Lan looked at her son with a face full of smiles, but her eyes quickly reddened, and two trails of tears rolled down her cheeks from happiness.

"You're finally back, XIaoche. Mommy thought you wouldn't make it back for your eighteenth birthday."


Zhang Che was stunned for a moment. Then he remembered that it was his eighteenth birthday in two days' time.
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