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Divine Beast Adventures 273 This is the Secret World?

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In the moment Zhang Che stepped into the ball of light, he even had the time to glance left and right.

There were quite a few other beastmasters who stepped into the ball of light at the same time as him. Those beastmasters were of various builds and skin colors, their gazes shining with caution, afraid that they would be ambushed by others after entering the secret world.

-Well, I'm not afraid of an ambush; if these mid-tier beastmasters can penetrate the purple crystal armor's defense, it's better for me to go home early and not explore the secret world.-

Zhang Che wasn't worried about his own safety, but naturally he wouldn't be careless, either.

Once he stepped into the ball of light, he held his Scarlet Meteorite Huge Sword tightly in his hands cautiously.

In the instant he entered the ball of light, Zhang Che felt like he had entered a strange area. The feeling couldn't be described with words. It felt a little similar to that time when he was sucked into that endless spatial tunnel, yet was extremely different.

After a seemingly very long time, which at the same time felt like an instant, Zhang Che realized he could move again. He suddenly struggled, and broke free from that strange area, landing on solid ground. A hint of the smell of decay spread through the air, leaving him scrunching his nose uncontrollably.

"What the heck is this place? Why is there such a strange smell?"

Zhang Che opened his eyes, and discovered that it was dark all around.

His heart tightened immediately. He instantly summoned his capable babies, including the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon, Scarlet Flame Drake, and Mutated Giant Ape. Not only that, he was also prepared to slash out at any moment with his Scarlet Meteorite Huge Sword.

However, no ambush came. Not even those who crossed the gateway at the same time as him were anywhere to be seen.

-Could it be that everyone randomly appears in different locations?- Zhang Che thought to himself. He finally understood why Huang Juyun let him come by himself, and didn't send anyone to assist him.

Perhaps this was one of the similarities between all secret worlds!

When his eyes were finally adjusted to the darkness, Zhang Che looked at his surroundings cautiously.

Over his head was what seemed to be an endless night sky, countless stars up there, each of them so dim that they seemed to be dying. The illumination they provided only allowed Zhang Che to see a few dozen meters around him. Any further than that was a blur.

The location he was at seemed to be a mountain top. It wasn't too narrow here, able to fit a few large cargo trucks.

Everything below the mountain was a blur; he couldn't tell the distance at all.

If it wasn't for the dancing scarlet flames around the Scarlet Flame Drake, Zhang Che wouldn't even be able to make out the surroundings of this plateau.

"Damn it, what kind of god-forsaken place is this? There's not a bit of sound at all!" Zhang Che creased his brows. He could tell that he was surrounded by mountains, and could make out the very faint outlines of dense forests, but why weren't there any sound?

This wasn't normal at all!

-It can't be that there's no living creature here at all, right?-

Zhang Che grew even more wary. He was in no hurry to explore, however. Instead, he was preparing to spend a night here first.

-Hmm, hopefully the nights here aren't too long, or it'd be really hard to endure the solitude.-

Suddenly, a breeze blew up from below the mountain.

Within that breeze, a dark shadow pounced towards Zhang Che, who was wielding his sword.

"What the heck is that!?" Zhang Che cried out in shock, subconsciously swinging his sword forward.

Chi! This slash felt as if it swept through a mass of cotton. It did not resist any of the force, nor was it cut open, merely making the dark shadow float backwards a little.

At this moment, with the help from the fiery light from the Scarlet Flame Drake's body, Zhang Che finally got a clear look at the dark shadow in front of him.

Well, it was just a dark shadow!

Zhang Che felt a chill in his heart. This was beyond anything he had seen before.

It was a dark shadow that resembled a large wolf. All its facial features were present, and even its fur could be seen clearly.

However, this thing was fully black, and floating in the air as if it weighed nothing. Only its eyes were a dark red in color, staring at the Scarlet Meteorite Huge Sword in Zhang Che's hand.

The deep wound he had caused on this black wolf-like strange creature's body could be seen rapidly closing up. The inside of the wound was similarly dark, with no blood flowing out of the wound. Only a black mist could be seen stirring there.

"Could this be a spirit or something?" Zhang Che's brow furrowed even deeper.

The black wolf suddenly opened its mouth and let out a long, silent howl. It then turned into a dark shadow and pounced at Zhang Che again, this time more than twice as fast as before!

Zhang Che couldn't handle this kind of speed at all. He could only quickly step backwards and swing his sword across, not hoping to injure the enemy, only for self-preservation.

When he swung his sword, he didn't hit anything. The lost sense of balance left Zhang Che's back leg moving weirdly, and he hurriedly exerted strength to stabilize himself.

Looking ahead, the black wolf was no longer in Zhang Che's sight.

-Shit!- Zhang Che cursed to himself. Just as he was about to rush forward, he heard a dog's bark behind him. A streak of fiery light shot directly behind him; the Scarlet Flame Drake made its move!

In the next moment, a sharp and miserable howl penetrated into Zhang Che's soul, ringing out silently, leaving him feeling a little uncomfortable.

He turned around to look, and saw that the black wolf was reduced to a black ball of light, rapidly dissipating in the flames shot out by the Scarlet Flame Drake.

"So this thing is weak to fire-attributed attacks!"

Zhang Che heaved a long sigh of relief after seeing the black ball of light thoroughly extinguished. It'd be fine as long as the Scarlet Flame Drake's flames could restrain those cursed entities. Otherwise, gods knew what other methods they had that might threaten his safety?

After the black ball of light was extinguished, a tiny trace of mysterious energy suddenly went through the purple crystal armor and entered Zhang Che's body, merging into his spiritual sea.

"What the heck is this?!"

Zhang Che was flustered by all these strange incidents. He hurriedly manipulated the rainbow energy in his spiritual sea, wanting to get rid of that trace of mysterious energy.

However, the rainbow crystal floating high up in his spiritual sea was unresponsive. The trace of mysterious energy didn't launch any attack onto Zhang Che, either. Instead, it quickly melted and thoroughly disappeared from his spiritual sea.

-Perhaps, this is the benefit gained from killing that black wolf?- Zhang Che thought to himself. Zhang Che suddenly felt that following the disappearance of the trace of mysterious energy... well, perhaps it should be said that as that mysterious energy was absorbed by his soul, his spiritual sense seemed to become a tiny bit clearer.

That feeling wasn't obvious; Zhang Che wasn't sure whether he was only imagining things.

To verify this, he could only kill more of the dark shadows.

However, Zhang Che didn't dare to treat his life so lightly in such a strange area. He had no intention of descending the mountain to explore, only wanting to pass this night safely before making any further plans.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

There were simply too many unknown variables in this secret world. Before he gained a sufficient understanding of his surroundings, Zhang Che's best choice was to stay put where he was.

As such, he found a relatively flat surface and sat down. Afterwards, he had his babies spread out to the sides, while the Scarlet Flame Drake, who could counter those strange creatures was stationed right at his side. With that, it could attack at any moment once anything went wrong.

"This mountaintop doesn't seem safe, either. I'd better get the Purple Crystal Tortoise to dig out a cave…"
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