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Divine Beast Adventures 271 I Don’t Feel Comfortable Unless I Set You Up

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About a kilometer away from the mountain foot Zhang Che was at was a long and narrow valley between two mountains.

At the entrance of the valley, a mixed group of five were standing in a row, directing a bunch of subdued beasts as they tangled with a large white snake.

Even though he was a kilometer away, Zhang Che could make out how thick and strong that white snake was. It was several dozen meters long, its white scales shining under the reflection of the light on the snow.

The group had a combined total of over thirty subdued beasts out, each of them powerful, but they were still suppressed by that white snake.

A faint layer of blue light covered a few hundred meter radius around the white snake. Within the faint layer of blue light, tiny ice crystals were rotating like tiny blades, slicing those subdued beasts, drawing countless little wounds.

Before their blood could seep out, they were directly frozen into dark red ice beads on the surface of the wounds.

It went without saying that the faint layer of blue light was that white snake's False Domain.

"Si… non epic-quality beasts have almost no chance of obtaining victory against that white snake fighting in that False Domain!" Zhang Che lamented. This was only the second time he had seen an epic-quality beast with a False Domain.

Judging from the might of their False Domain, that white snake was much stronger than that giant stone man he had encountered before. Despite the fact that none of the group of five's subdued beasts were weak, they were still in a disadvantageous position.

The reason why Zhang Che could determine that the white snake was at epic-quality and not divine-quality was also because their subdued beasts still seemed to be barely holding on.

A divine-quality exotic beast would be at least seven-star. Combining that, how could the subdued beasts of a group of mid-tier beastmasters withstand the attacks of such a powerful beast? They would probably be ripped apart after a few moves, wiping them out.

-Should I help them out?

-It doesn't seem like there's anything I can do. I'll just watch the battle from here.-

Zhang Che wouldn't feel guilty just because he wasn't able to help them. He wasn't such a saint.

He wouldn't mind helping out a little if it was within his ability to do so, just like how he saved Zhang Yujie yesterday when he wouldn't find himself in a dangerous situation.

This epic-quality exotic beast was different, however. If his guess was right, that fellow was a high-tier exotic beast. It was much stronger than that giant stone man he encountered before. How could he help them? Zhang Che wouldn't be so stupid as to put himself in danger to help others.

In the valley ahead, casualties started to appear among the mixed group of five's subdued beasts. The weaker ones of the bunch were finally unable to withstand the extreme cold and their bodies were cut open by a string of tiny ice blades, turning into a few streaks of light and dissipating.

Zhang Che was speechless at seeing that. Up until now, that huge snake had yet to make any direct attacks itself. Just by using the powers of its False Domain, it was able to slay a few of the subdued beasts. It was truly powerful!Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Following the beasts' deaths, the scale of the battle fully tipped in the white snake's favor. Originally, it was only swinging its long tail slowly, driving those subdued beasts that were trying to get close and attack it away. At this moment, it suddenly displayed its might. It moved like a wave of white flowing water, instantly moving a few dozen meters and biting down at the body of a subdued beast who couldn't dodge the attack in time.

With a snapping sound, the extreme cold quickly invaded the wound. The subdued beast was turned into a pile of ice, and afterwards turned into a streak of light and dissipated.

The woman of the group of five finally couldn't take it anymore. She screamed out in a fluster and recalled most of her powerful subdued beasts, leaving only a few to fend off the white snake. Afterwards, she mounted a flying subdued beast and flew towards the mountain Zhang Che was on.

"What the, this is…" Zhang Che's eyes suddenly widened. Moments earlier, he vaguely heard from the group's yelling that they weren't speaking any dialects from Hua Xia. Instead, it sounded like the language from the two little countries to the east.

However, Zhang Che didn't understand either of their languages, so he couldn't tell whether they were Korean or Japanese. At the very least, they weren't speaking in any of the Hua Xia dialects.

It was only now that Zhang Che remembered this journey to the secret plane was a global affair. Almost every region had sent large amounts of beastmasters here. How could the participants from Hua Xia monopolize it?

Without a doubt, this group of beastmasters was from the region to the east. They were surely either Koreans or Japanese.

"Tsk, tsk. If you ran in any other direction, I would have just keep one of my eyes closed. Why did you have to fly in my direction?!"

Zhang Che's brain spun quickly. His body moved without any hesitation, directly retrieving the Fallen Star bow from his bracelet spatial equipment and nocking a custom-made arrow onto it. He aimed at the white snake, who had already killed the few subdued beasts left behind to secure their escape, and shot at it.

After finishing this series of actions, Zhang Che didn't waste any time and ordered the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon under him to immediately change direction, flying towards the mountain range to the side.

He didn't care whether that arrow he shot had any effects. They were only about a kilometer apart. Heavens knew if that white snake had the ability to fly. If it chased them, Zhang Che didn't want to die alongside those foreigners.

The Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon was flying infinitely close to the speed of sound. As he flew hastily, they left this mountain range in the blink of an eye and disappeared into a forest.

Unbeknownst to Zhang Che, that arrow of his had yielded results beyond his imagination.

The white snake was in no hurry to pursue the group of five originally. Although it wasn't injured in the slightest, the white snake was enraged after being shot by an arrow all of a sudden.

A frosty white luster suddenly emerged under the white snake's thick body, lifting it up from the ground and shooting in pursuit of the group of five.

The white snake's speed was truly shocking. In just a breath or two's time, it actually went supersonic and was already close behind them.

"Damn it! Why is this snake so fast!?" the group of five cursed out loud when they heard the sonic boom behind them. They changed direction immediately, splitting up and escaping.

However, how could they possibly escape from the pursuit of an enraged peak epic-quality exotic beast?

The flying white snake behind them suddenly wound up its head, seemingly taking a deep breath, then shot out a stream of countless tiny icy blue shards, diverging into five blue streaks that shot towards each of the members.

In the next moment, a few miserable screams rang out in succession, and five dark red streaks of shaved ice spattered and fell to the ground.


At a camp several hundred kilometers east from here, a middle-aged man saw all this through the video feed from a satellite, and gnashed his teeth angrily, "Baka! This is a blatant set up! Call the person in charge of Hua Xia immediately; we'll request the punishment of that beastmaster. His actions are in violation of the rules!"

Soon, a subordinate came back and reported subserviently, "General, the people from Hua Xia said that the beastmaster didn't attack our men directly, so it is only considered a failed attempt to provide help-"

"Bakayaro!" the middle-aged man cut him off, his face red with anger. He suddenly pulled out a black straight knife at his waist and swung it ferociously. A shockwave extended out, directly drawing a dozen-meter-long deep mark on the frozen ground.
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