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After searching for some time, Zhang Che decided on a buffet restaurant in the end.

Naturally, it wasn't because it was comparatively cheaper, but the variety of selection. No matter what Tienan liked to eat, there should be something there that suited her taste, right?

There was another shameful reason. That was, Zhang Che's appetite now was a little frightening. If he went to those high-class restaurants, he wouldn't be satisfied at all, despite the fact that he had already eaten a mid-sized exotic beast before he returned, and he wasn't really feeling hungry.

However, if he started eating, he wouldn't be able to stop at all!

Moreover, those to went for buffets were usually people with bigger appetites, right? In that case, he wouldn't be much of an oddity when he ate.

After picking the place, Zhang Che immediately notified Huang Tielan and flagged down a taxi, heading straight for his destination.


In the car, Zhang Che thought of another matter and hurriedly called his mother. He told her that he would be having his lunch outside, and wouldn't be back so soon, and so she didn't have to cook for him.

"Xiaoche, are you eating with Xiaohuang?" Sun Lan immediately guessed the truth. She chuckled, reminding him, "You mustn't try to save money when you're eating out with a girl. Eat whatever you want. Also, you mustn't let the girl pay when the bill comes…"

"Alright, mom. I know that. I'm hanging up now." Zhang Che hurriedly ended the call, cold sweat pouring from his forehead.


When he arrived at his destination, he saw Miss Tienan standing outside the buffet restaurant, smiling as she watched him leave the taxi.

-Miss, did you get your father to send you here with an airplane?-

It wasn't the first time Zhang Che witnessed Miss Tienan's speed. Just as he was about to go say hello after alighting, he suddenly froze on the spot.

-Miss Tienan seems to be a little slimmer now?-

Upon taking a closer look, that truly was the case. Although it wasn't very obvious, Zhang Che had met with her quite a few times recently, and noticed her change immediately.

Huang Tielan almost stamped her feet habitually when she saw Zhang Che standing there blankly. She suddenly thought of something and quickly stopped herself, saying with a beautiful smile, "What are you standing there for? Let's go, quickly."

"Ugh, oh, okay. Let's go." Zhang Che came back to himself and hurriedly strode forward, nodding. They walked up the stairs, side by side.

"Hm? Zhang Xiaoche, I noticed you're a bit taller now, and you also seem to be more muscular?"

Just as the two took their first steps together, Huang TIelan noticed the changes in Zhang Che. She turned her head, looking at him in surprise. She even raised her hand and made some comparison to confirm her discovery.

Zhang Che was speechless.

At this moment, a well-built man, over one hundred and ninety centimeters tall, was also about to take the stairs up to the restaurant with an enchanting, petite lady whose height did not even reach one hundred and sixty centimeters.

The lady saw Huang Tielan's movements and immediately broke into a chuckle.

It didn't matter if she was just chuckling to herself. The key thing was, her eyes actually revealed a hint of disdain towards Zhang Che and Huang Tielan.

In her eyes, she probably thought that this guy was a gigolo who lived off a woman. Otherwise, why would such a pretty boy find himself such a tall and fat woman?

Huang Tielan immediately felt displeased. "What are you laughing at? Don't you have any manners?"

The petite lady glared back at her, unwilling to show any weakness, "I'm not laughing at anything, though I wonder if your stools at home are tall enough. This guy probably can't match you even with a step, can he?"

The underlying intent behind her words were a little vicious. Although Huang Tielan didn't understand it, she knew it wasn't anything nice, either. Her cheeks immediately puffed up in anger, her eyes swept across that lady's chest. A flash of inspiration suddenly struck her as she stuck out her chest proudly and said disdainfully, "I'm still better than you; you're squashed into a flat board."

Cold sweat poured from Zhang Che's head. It truly didn't matter how old they were, when women started exchanging vicious words!

The sexy lady was like a cat whose tail got stepped on, immediately exploding in anger!

However, before she could spit out any more venomous words, the muscular man at her side quickly covered her mouth and picked her up like he was carrying a chick, running away in the other direction.

A golden beast card with three hexagrams was held up between Zhang Che's fingers since God-knew-when.

"Huff, how infuriating! If she dared to say anymore, I'll surely give her a good bea…"

Although she didn't know why the man pulled his companion away so quickly, Miss Tienan had yet to vent out her frustrations and was like an angry little lioness right now.

Just as she turned around and wanted to console Zhang Che, her eyes fell onto the beast card on Zhang Che's hand, staring at it blankly. Her expression quickly changed and exclaimed in excitement, "Woah, Zhang Xiaoche, since when did you become a Tier Three beastmaster? You even have such a good beast card! Hahaha, I knew you were the best!"

This was a huge surprise to Miss Tienan!

Zhang Che originally only intended to intimidate the couple. He didn't expect her to turn around so quickly.

However, Miss Tienan would find out about him becoming a "Tier Three beastmaster" sooner or later, anyway. It was no big deal letting her know about this a few days in advance.

"Let's talk upstairs. There's too many people walking around here."

"Mmm mmm! Let's head up first!" Miss Tienan held Zhang Che's arm, walking up the stairs excitedly.

Zhang Che felt awkward when he sensed the unfamiliar sensation on his arm, but was too embarrassed to withdraw his arm from her and could only let her hold onto it as the two ascended the stairs side by side.

-Wasn't Miss Tienan trying to lose weight?-

-Would some area lose weight, too?-

Zhang Che suddenly realized his thoughts were really evil...

He hurriedly shook his head and chanted the mind-clearing incantation in his mind, calming himself.


After they went upstairs and found a seat, the two went off to get food of their liking. They returned to their seats and started helping themselves while talking about Zhang Che's rapid advancement.

As Zhang Che poured a plate of mutton into the pot of soup, spread out his free hand, and a golden beast card appeared on it. However, there were only two hexagrams on the card. It was obviously not the same one from before.

After Zhang Che showed the beast card, he didn't explain himself. Instead, he looked at Huang Tielan and asked, "Do you remember the Fiery Scorpion you gave me?"

"I remember. What about it?" Huang Tielan nodded, not fully understanding what he meant.

Zhang Che pointed at the beast card with his lips. "There, this is the one."

"Ah..!" Huang Tielan almost stood up from shock. She quickly covered her mouth after she yelped out. After that, she asked Zhang Che in disbelief, "How is that possible? Wasn't it one-star silver-quality when I gave it to you? Could it be that you…"

Huang Tielan wanted to ask if Zhang Che had also become a beast card cultivator, but she immediately realized how ridiculous that was. How could someone with no prior knowledge in this area cultivate a one-star silver-quality card to two-star gold-quality in just one month?

As such, there must be some other reason to it!

Seeing the shocked and curious look on Huang Tielan's face, Zhang Che smiled and slowly explained, "You might not believe me if I said this-"

Before he could finish his sentence, Huang Tielan nodded profusely, "I believe, I do!"

Zhang Che: ...

Seeing Zhang Che suddenly stopped talking, Huang Tielan stared at him and urged, "Hurry, tell me! I'm listening!"
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