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Divine Beast Adventures 115 Chapter 115 - Frogs Croaking Everywhere

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"Innate Attribute: Sturdy. Provides an Incomparably Heavy Sense of Defense, Guards Extremely Well Against Charge Attacks."

The gold-quality Swamp Crocodile King's armor seemed to have a really good innate attribute. Zhang Che wanted to try it out for himself.

After studying his subdued beasts and pets, only the Purple Jade Condor and Hanxue were the most suitable choices for charging attacks.

The Purple Jade Condor was obviously out of the question. This fellow was too strong; it was extremely powerful, even if it held back. Zhang Che wouldn't dare take this risk.

The Golden Elephorse King, Hanxue, however, was different. It was much smaller than the Purple Jade Condor, and their strengths were at a completely different level. There wouldn't be any problem if he didn't come charging too fast… probably?

Zhang Che readied himself. Hanxue stared at Zhang Che from a few dozen meters away with his eyes wide, as if asking, "Are we really doing this?"

Zhang Che took a deep breath, beckoning Hanxue with his hand, "Come on!"

Hanxue raised his head, neighing softly, and charged right at Zhang Che with short steps. He took nearly ten seconds to close the few dozen meters between them. Hanxue tilted his head, slamming into Zhang Che's chest with his right shoulder.

Zhang Che's body wavered for a moment, not feeling anything.

"Can't you go harder a little!?" Zhang Che didn't know whether to laugh or cry when he saw Hanxue, looking like he was afraid to hurt him. He could only order Hanxue to charge at him again.

The truth was, although Hanxue's charge from earlier didn't seem heavy, there was a considerable amount of force behind it. If there wasn't such a heavy armor absorbing most of the force, Zhang Che would surely be lying on the ground.

This light bump was more than enough to show the extraordinariness of this armor.

Seeing his charge not affecting his owner in the least, Hanxue immediately felt assured and doubled his speed for his second charge.


Hanxue rammed his shoulder into the armor once more. Zhang Che felt a huge force, causing him to lose balance. He staggered a few steps backward, and fell into the bushes.

"Alright, not bad! One more time, Hanxue. Go twice as hard!" Zhang Che ordered with an amused tone as he struggled to crawl back up on his feet.

Although Hanxue used much more strength than before on his second charge, Zhang Che only felt as if he was pushed by someone. Despite falling to the ground, he didn't feel any impact at all.

The Innate Attribute of this armor was truly wonderful!

Bam! Bam! Bam!...

Hanxue kept increasing the speed of his charge. The final charge directly threw Zhang Che flying into the air, landing several meters back, and the tests finally came to an end.

Zhang Che crawled back up on his feet for the last time, complaining inside, -This armor really hinders my movement. It doesn't pose much of a problem usually, but once I fall to the ground, it's really hard to get back up.-

However, this little flaw didn't affect Zhang Che's fondness for this armor's defensive strength.

Hanxue's final charge contained as much power behind it as a car driving at high speed. If Zhang Che wasn't protected by the armor, his bones would surely have broken, and he would have died on the spot.

However, with the Swamp Crocodile King armor protecting him, all he felt was a little dull pain at the point of impact.

This was simply amazing!

Ordinary beast card armors might provide decent defense against sharp objects, but were barely effective against such blunt trauma, especially high-speed attacks over a large area.

Against this kind of attack, ordinary beast card armors wouldn't suffer much damage, but the beastmaster would surely break their bones. In more serious cases, their organs would suffer damage and they would die from the injury.

"I really picked up a treasure. If I obtain a long spear in the future, I'd immediately turn into an invincible heavy cavalryman!"

Despite his excitement, Zhang Che wasn't left without regrets.

This gold-quality beast card actually didn't come with a skill!

A decisive poor grade!

"Still, why is the potential of the ordinary Swamp Crocodiles merely E rank, while the Swamp Crocodile King card has a C Rank potential? How strange..."

Logically speaking, even if the Swamp Crocodile King's potential was a little higher than the ordinary ones, there shouldn't be that much of a difference.

However, this was obviously a question with no answer. Zhang Che only wondered about this for a brief moment before abandoning the thought. No matter what the reason was, it was still an advantageous attribute for him.

A beast card with C Rank potential could be upgraded three times. This meant that the Swamp Crocodile King armor had boundless potential, and Zhang Che pretty much didn't have to worry about armor-related problems from now on, he could just keep using it for the foreseeable future.

The Swamp Crocodiles in this area were cleaned up thoroughly. Zhang Che set his gaze further into the swamps, anticipating what kind of powerful exotic beasts Wang Dong had discovered.

The terrain ahead was even muddier. Zhang Che didn't ride on Hanxue, instead recalling the elephorse back into his spiritual sea. His hooves would sink deep into the mud with every step he took. He was obviously not suited to travel in such an environment.

After making his way around the body of water which the two Swamp Crocodile Kings had been active in, Zhang Che got the Fiery Scorpion to scout the way ahead. They walked through an area of wild grass about half as tall as humans, carefully advancing forward.

Small bushes were everywhere, obstructing Zhang Che's vision and leaving him unable to see the situation even slightly further ahead. Left without a choice, he could only go at an even slower pace.

The Purple Jade Condor up in the sky was helpless about this situation as well. It was only sensitive towards moving objects; it was very hard for it to detect any exotic beasts that might be hiding within these small bushes, and was unable to provide much help to Zhang Che.

Of course, if any exotic beasts nearby were to suddenly ambush Zhang Che, the Purple Jade Condor was still able to inform him immediately!

After they finally made the whole way around the Swamp Crocodile Kings' habitat, the vegetation ahead grew thicker. Every step Zhang Che took felt like he was stepping into a puddle. His legs sank into muddy water, letting out regular sucking and sloshing sounds.

Before he knew it, his surroundings were filled with lotus-like plants. Their huge leaves were spread wide, emerald green in color, giving off a delightful atmosphere.

"Is this the beast world's lotus? I'm not giving it a like if they're not blooming!"

Zhang Che looked around. He didn't notice any signs of flowers on the stems or leaves of these plants. Perhaps it wasn't the season for them to bloom.

Gugu, gua!…

After walking further in, Zhang Che suddenly heard croaking sounds a short distance ahead. He quickly came to a stop, observing the area around himself.


That croak seemed to have flipped a switch. Countless croaks suddenly rang out in all directions.

Zhang Che's face immediately turned grave.
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