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Reborn in SAO as Kazuto Kirigaya 1 Chapter 1 Reborn

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??? : Kevin wake up! Your going to be late to school! Don't make me kick this damn door down!

Kevin : I'm on my way out mom! Stop yelling damn.

Mom: Well, hurry up!

Kevin : Geez this woman is so loud in the morning.

Kevin was already out of bed and changing when all this was happening. He went downstairs and put a piece of bread in his mouth before running off to school. He ran desperately so he wouldn't be late. In his rush he ran in the middle of the street while it was a green light.

Honk Honk!!!!!!

Kevin : F*ck its truck-kun. Hahahahaha so this is how I die. This is hila.....

He died at that moment. He woke up in a peaceful place. He looked at his surroundings and saw a man staring at him.

??? : Sorry kid, I killed you on accident.

Kevin : What the hell you mean on accident! Explain! Who are you?

??? : I'm god and I had truck-kun kill you on accident.

Kevin : So your God huh. You call yourself god and you make a mistake. Don't you feel shame?! You are a superior existence and you made a mistake and it cost me my life. Pitiful!!

Kevin shook his head. He was so mad that he died by accident. Although he didn't like his life, he was still upset.

God : You dare talk to me like that!!

Kevin had a smug on his face and his eyes spoke for themselves saying ' I don't give a damn who you are. You freaking killed me.'

Kevin : Yes I dare. Now shut up and listen. I want 5 wishes. Also to be reborn in a world of my choosing. You do this and I'll forgive you.

Kevin had an evil smile on his face. God looked dumbfounded. He couldn't believe someone was actually telling him what to do.

God : Fine kid. Tell me your wishes.

Kevin started to think. He didn't think that God would agree so he was surprised.

Kevin : Ok, first of all, I want to be reborn in SAO as Kazuto, the MC of the anime. The timeline is 3 hours before the plot starts.

God just nodded.

Kevin : My first wish is to have an anime system. Second, unlimited money for system shop. Third, most handsome person in existence. Fourth, instant mastery. Lastly, I wish to have all knowledge in combat from all anime.

God looked at Kevin and nodded. He couldn't really say anything to the kid. He just stared at him for a moment then punched the kid.


God : Oops.

God sent Kevin to SAO while laughing so hard he almost destroyed the multi-verse.

Kevin then woke up in a bed. He put his hand in front of face and felt a massive headache.

??? : System starting. System scanning host body and mind. Please wait till the scan is complete.

Kevin : Ugh.... why does my head hurt so bad? Damn that God, he actually sent me here with a punch! If I ever see him again I'm going to murder him!!

??? : System needs a name. Host please name me.

Kevin nodded and started thinking of names. After a few minutes, he finally found a name.

Kevin : Well, I will name you Eve. You will have a female voice as well.

Eve : Thank you for the name. Eve is ready now.

Kevin couldn't help but shake his head at the way that sounded. He smiled and then looked at all the memories of the previous Kazuto. He took about 10 minutes before finally integrating all the memories.

Kevin : Well now that I have finished that I should have about 2 hours before the plot starts. Eve, if I dive into the game, will you follow me?

Kevin was very curious of this because it would be pointless to have an OP system and he can't use it for however long he stays in the game.

Eve : Yes. I will follow you wherever you go as long as you don't die.

Kevin nodded then got out of bed and stretched. He then decided to open his status.


Name : Kazuto Kirigaya

Race : Human

Level : 1 (0/100)

Strength : 3

Agility : 2

Dexterity : 3

Intelligence : 4

Luck : 1

Charm : MAX

Skills :

Instant Mastery(lvl MAX)

Kendo(lvl MAX)

SHP( Shop Points) : ~

SP( Stat Points) : 0

Kevin wasn't really surprised. Kazuto has always been smart plus he had a good foundation since he did Kendo when he was little.

Kevin : Now then let me check the shop. Eve open the shop please.

Eve : Gladly.








(A/N : tell me more anime put in story.)




Kevin saw this and was thinking of what to get.

Kevin : Eve open the bloodlines please. Also do I have a starter pack.

Eve : Gladly. No you don't since God thought it wasn't necessary.

Kevin gave a disappointed sigh.





Nine tail Fox


(A/N : I need more ideas lol)


Kevin then thought of something and asked

Kevin : Eve, if I get a bloodline, will it come with me to the game like if I get anything from the shop, will it also come with me?

Eve : Good question master. Yes, anything you buy from the shop will come with you and will stay with you till you die. When you buy anything from the shop that is for example a sword, it will automatically be stored in your system inventory or inside me Master.

Kevin flinched at hearing Eve call him master.

Kevin : Eve, please choose your words better.

Eve didn't respond. Kevin shook his head and since he had unlimited SHP, he decided to buy all the bloodlines, Byakuyas' Zanpaktou, Narutos' shadow clone jutsu, itachis' sharingan, All of zoros' knowledge and techniques (since Zoro is super badass), Goku's fighting style and techniques, all Haki, and Natsu's dragon slayer magic.

He then heard Eve say, " All bloodlines integrating into Master, please know that this will hurt nyaa~."

He heard that and a huge pain came over him. He fell to the floor, and it looked like he was having a seizure.

He wanted to scream but he knew that he had to hold back since he didn't want to alarm his sister.

After what seemed like hours of hell, the pain slowly faded and Kevin was looking at the roof of his room.

'Open Status'

Name : Kazuto Kirigaya

Race : Sayian, Dragon, Shikigami, Hollow, Nine tail Fox

Level 1 (0/100)

Strength : 60

Agility : 80

Dexterity : 100

Intelligence : 40

Luck : 10

Charm : MAX


Instant Mastery(lvl MAX)

Kendo(lvl MAX)

Santorou(lvl MAX)

Shadow clone(lvl MAX)

Hollow powers(lvl MAX)

Fire Dragon Slayer Magic(lvl MAX)

Hand to Hand combat(lvl MAX)

Sharingan(lvl MAX)

Haki(lvl MAX)

SHP : ~

SP : 0

Kevin was surprised. He thought that having those bloodlines would have made him more OP. He was still happy since he was now strong enough to protect himself in the real world.

Kevin : Eve how strong is a regular man?

Eve : Master, a regular human has stats like this:

Str- 4, Agi- 3, Dex- 3, Intel- 3, Luck- 2

Kevin smiled. He turned around and looked at the clock, it was 7am. He had one hour before it all started.

He went to the kitchen, made a sandwich and then went back to his room. After ten minutes he decided to look see his sister go off to school. He saw her in the living room watching TV in her uniform.

Kevin : Hey Sugu, how's it going?

Sugu : Hey Big Bro, nothing much just waiting for when its time to go to school.

As she said that, Kevin saw her face and body and nearly lost it. She had nice long legs, a pretty face, black hair, black eyes, and 2 nice looking bunnies. He turned his whole body around because he didn't know if he could hold back is boner. Sugu saw Kevin and she blushed because he was so handsome.

Kevin, finally after taking a deep breath, looked at Sugu and saw her coming his way. he backed away but she grabbed his hand. He didn't use any strength because he didn't have full control of his abilities.

Kevin : What's up Sugu?

She just stared at him. After a minute passed, she grabbed his face and kissed him. Kevin nearly fainted. He never had a girlfriend and never kissed a girl before so he didn't know how to react.

Her lips were soft and her aroma was that of cherries. She pulled back and saw his face and chuckled. She was beat red and was about to walk away but before she could Kevin grabbed her waist and pulled her into another kiss. She was surprised but didn't fight it.

Kevin didn't expect a kiss to feel sooo good. His body moved out of lust and grabbed her. He pushed his tongue into her mouth and they had a tongue war. After a while they pulled away to get some air. He blushed and Sugu was doing no better than him.

Kevin wanted Asuna as his first so he pulled away. He then turned to go to his room and left Sugu just standing there. When he got to his room he closed the door and fell on the ground.

After he calmed down he saw the time and knew it was time to full dive into SAO.

He got on the bed and put the nervegear on.

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