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Feng Yi recalled the event for a bit and worriedly asked an old man next to him: "Where is Uncle Hua? Is he still in the flower shop?"

"I'm fine. I just got here when the whole thing has been settled. I didn't know that the corridor has been to the state of collapsing. I must apologize to you and the Mu family as well." Suddenly, a hoarse voice was heard from behind Feng Yi. It was Uncle Hua whose name was mentioned by Feng Yi. He was a very old man also a flower shop owner. He looked around 80 something years old and seemed like the only things he could do are watering flowers and waiting for his time to come.

Feng Yi nodded to Uncle Hua and said: "Don't worry, Uncle Hua. But you must be more careful, otherwise, you could get into a really serious injury."

"Don't worry about me. It's not that I'm gonna live any longer than this." Uncle Hua chuckled a little.

Feng Yi lightly smiled: "Please don't joke like that. Everyone here still needs you, Uncle Hua."

After everyone finished helping Uncle Hua clean up all the mess, they dispersed and returned to do their normal routine. Xiao Lan woke up after a long while and found out what happened. Then she immediately rushed back to her house with a pink face filled with embarrassment, and shouted out a shy voice: "Thank you, Big Brother Yi."

As for Feng Yi, after seeing a girl rushing into her house and shouting, he helplessly shook his head and then headed towards his home as well. However, before he could get home, there were two people waiting for him at the last intersection on the way home.

They each wore a dark blue cloth. On the back, there was a white feather mark. These two were Sky Feather Hall's disciples. Their faces and body figures looked very alike to each other indicating they are actually twins.

"Yo, Champion!! No, it should be Coward Champion. How has it been? Hahaha" One of the two disciples said mockingly and laughed.

Feng Yi would not want to bother with this duo in the slightest. So, he only shot one glance at them, then continued his pace and completely ignored the two Sky Feather School disciples.

"Hmph, as expected from the Coward Champion. Not even dare to retort our mock for a single word." Another disciple snorted at Feng Yi's reaction to their taunt, then stretched out an arm to block Feng Yi's path.

"Even if you're a coward, you shouldn't ignore other people like this. With such a rude manner, I think we should just teach him a lesson for a little bit, right, Cai Hu?"

"That's exactly what I was thinking, Cai Mang!!" Cai Hu responded smilingly. Finishing their sentence, two of them immediately charged towards Feng Yi with fierce speed.

Punch and kick coming from both sides at the same time, Feng Yi sighed in his heart: "Conflict does come anyway, even if we do not tie ourselves with the world."

He then activated his Momentum Eyes and perfectly dodged all incoming attacks. His body flashed and reappeared behind the Cai duo, then continued walking towards home without care, which made the Cai duo become even more enraged.

The Cai duo regained their composure to attack Feng Yi from behind only to be dodged by Feng Yi again and again.

This trend continued on for quite some time until the Cai duo heavily panting with tiredness, without even one of their attacks hit the target, they then angrily scowled with irreconcilable expression.

With an angry expression, Cai Hu formed a hand seal and channeled his power. Green gaseous flame began to flow out of Cai Hu's body. Feng Yi felt something, so he turned back to check out what was happening. Right before his eyes were still the same Cai Hu, but the pressure felt from Cai Hu was several times stronger than before. Before Feng Yi could think about anything, Cai Hu charged forward with the speed that was a dozen times faster than before.

Feng Yi frowned his brows and focused to dodge the incoming attack. Even with his Momentum Eyes, the previous snail speed became the normal attack speed when seeing with naked eyes. However, with the calculative ability of Momentum Eyes, Feng Yi could predict and clearly see Cai Hu's punch coming. Feng Yi moved his head to the right, he thought he could easily dodge the punch.

Suddenly, Cai Mang who also released his power flashed behind Feng Yi and lashed the kick targeting his neck. The impact hit Feng Yi sent him flying several yards. There was blood flowing from the corner of his mouth as he tried to stand up.

Seeing Feng Yi still capable of standing up, Cai Hu confusedly asked his twin brother: "How can he still stand up after that combination, when he has not even awakened yet?" He expected Feng Yi to lie on the ground unconscious.

Feng Yi immediately paused and looked towards the Cai duo with a serious gaze, and sternly asked: "What do you mean by 'not awaken yet'?"

"See? He didn't even understand what I said, then why the hell is he so tough?" Cai Hu kept complaining to his brother.

Cai Mang slowly deducted the situation and came up with a reason: "Maybe he's adept at dodging due to those strange eyes of his. And at the last moment, he used his arm to block my kick, so the attack didn't hit the neck. If the impact really hit the neck, he should be bed-ridden for months."

With Cai Mang's explanation, Cai Hu finally noticed that the cloth on Feng Yi's arm was torn, and there was a bruise with blood seeping out on Feng Yi's arm. Cai Hu smirked: "I see."

After listening to their conversations yet still not getting any answers, Feng Yi seriously asked again: "What do you mean by 'not awaken yet'?"

The corner of Cai Mang's mouth rose up. Then he tauntingly replied: "You are still too young to know something like that. Cuz, the matter will scare you to piss your pants due to being a coward for so long. But since you want to know so much, let's do this. Receive one of my punches without dodging. If you can still stand up after that, I will tell you what he meant."

Cai Hu also grinned with contempt once he finally understood his brother's scheme.

However, Feng Yi also understood what they wanted to do. Seeing them underestimating him this hardly made him chuckle a little. Then he softly said: "Fine. I accept."

Cai Mang was slightly taken aback by Feng Yi's straightforwardness "A very unexpected of you, a Coward Champion, to be this easily accepting my challenge. However, you won't live past today with this punch."

A green flame unknown to Feng Yi once again seeped out of every pore on Cai Mang's skin. Suddenly, Feng Yi could feel that Cai Mang's strength became incomparably stronger, which made him seriously frown while focusing intensely at his opponent with his Momentum Eyes and tried to figure out what happened.

At that moment, the green flame formed a shape of a sparrow behind Cai Mang. The suppressing pressure felt from Cai Mang became even stronger than before. The surrounding wind started to revolve around Cai Mang's fist.

"Die!!" Cai Mang jumped forward towards Feng Yi and threw a heavy punch targeting at the latter's chest. "Emerald Sparrow Technique - Zephyr Armored Fist!!"

With Momentum Eyes, Feng Yi clearly knew how much power was behind the punch heading his way. The force power has been abruptly increased to the point of capably calling the strength from before as an ant's strength. Although he was still confused with how a person could increase their strength to this extent, he understood that all his questions would be related to the word "Awaken" mentioned by the Cai duo. Having thought like this, he just had to win the bet to know all the answers he wished to know.

Feng Yi stepped back his right foot, firmly pressed it against the ground, then allowed the reaction force from the earth to transverse through his body until reaching his hand and becoming a punch with terrifying force. Then he shouted: "Momentum Reinforcement Technique First Level - Grabbing the Earth, Facing the Heaven!!"


The punches strongly collided with each other, causing both of them to fly backward. However, the result was not as Cai Mang expected in the least. Although he was uninjured, Feng Yi was also still standing fine without any injuries at all.

This Momentum Reinforcement Technique was taught to him by his mother when he was nine. It was the technique which allowed the user to become capable of borrowing the weight of environment and converse that weight to tremendous force for the user to use.

The technique consisted of three levels. At the first level, it was called "Grabbing the Earth, Facing the Heaven." It was the technique created to borrow the weight of the land under the user's feet, and transverse all that weight to power.

At the second level, the user could borrow the weight of the air surrounding them, named "Seizing the Sky, Suppressing the Hell." At the third level, it was to borrow the weight of the universe as all things in this world ready for the user to use. And it was named "Conquer the Universe, Dominating the World."

It could be said that at the grand completion of the third level, one could bounce back the falling meteorite with a flick of one's finger. However, one must train one's body to be able to carry all the taxes resulted by the transversal of force power, that was why the users at the third level's grand completion since the start of time could be counted by one's fingers.

Each technique has three stages: minor completion, half completion, and grand completion. The power of the technique would depend on these stages. At the minor completion, one could only use one-tenth of the power the technique could be. But at the grand completion, the whole essence of the technique would be released upon using it.

Feng Yi had been strictly training the Momentum Reinforcement Technique for five years, but still had yet not reached the minor completion of the first level, indicating how difficult it was to train this technique. Normally, one would use two or three years to train one's technique to the minor completion, the period of training would depend on many factors, such as one's talent and aptitude or the difficulty of the technique itself. According to his mother's teaching, the Momentum Reinforcement Technique was one of the most difficult techniques to train. One with average talent would normally use twenty years or so to reach a minor completion of the Momentum Reinforcement Technique. Therefore, Feng Yi did not rush the training to reach the breakthrough, because it might be causing him an energy deviation that would result in injuries or even death.

The perfectly fine Feng Yi caused Cai Mang to have a very ugly expression, while Cai Hu's mouth was opened wide in shock. They thought that the former's punch would completely obliterate Feng Yi, but it was something opposite to what they imagined. Neither of them could speak for a single word making the atmosphere to be in a total silent.

"Okay. Answer my question!!" Feng Yi broke the silence by asking them to oblige by their words.

Cai Mang angrily scowled: "Hmph!! Only a meager coward trying to be someone great!! Only this bit of ability and already acted as if you were above me!! I will kill you!!" Cai Mang charged towards Feng Yi again with full force.


Suddenly, a suppressing pressure descended upon all of them, both Feng Yi and the Cai duo. One's power could be recognized by this suppressing pressure as the weak would not be able to tolerate this pressure from the strong. But what was strange was that only the Cai duo fell to their knees unable to move at all. As for Feng Yi, he only felt the pressure but did not feel any suppression.
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