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2637th Lunar Constellation, Phoenix Year 1298, September 27th

Divine Bird City

On the top of the building, one plain-clothed skinny youthful boy, whose age was about 14 years old, leaned against the iron rail to get some fresh air after finishing a very long exam period which lasted for several hours. With his eyes closed, his short black hair waved by the wind, his face appeared to be very relaxed. Although there is no one at the building top, he could hear some cheering voices from below with the sense of relief that they finally passed today's exam. He then slowly opened his eyes which color is pitch black at the center and fiery yellow at the edge like a hawk. He slightly smiled upon the cheering voices, and then took a long breath before turning back to go home.

Suddenly, a clear voice rang "I knew it that you would be here, Feng Yi."

After a slight pause, Feng Yi raised his head and saw a beautiful girl with long dark brown hair staring at him. Although her beauty couldn't be called earth-shattering goddess, she was the number one beauty in the current Holy Phoenix School, whose name was Mei Yue'er.

Feng Yi confusedly frowned a little, with a stern voice he asked: "Yue'er, why are you here? Shouldn't you be practicing with others in the archery club? The Archery Tournament is coming. You should put some efforts into practicing to win the tournament for our school. And because our school has been losing to Sky Feather School for three years in a row now, we can't afford to lose for another time. Otherwise …"

"You should be the one participating, not me!!" Mei Yue'er abruptly retorted and interrupted his long preaching. "With your skill in Archery, there is no one in our city who can contend against you. I'm here to convince you again to be the one to lead the club in this tournament. I'm sure everyone will be delighted and become more confident if their super ace is willing to participate."

Feng Yi sighed and shook his head: "You know why I cannot, or rather, I do not want to."

The Archery Tournament was held once every year as the most important festive activity in the Divine Bird City. There would be several schools in the city participating in the tournament.

Four years ago, when Feng Yi was participating in the Archery Tournament for the second time, he single-handedly eliminated his opponents all by himself, despite the fact that ... he was given a threat letter from an unknown individual before the beginning of the tournament, that his mother would be taken should he win the Archery Tournament.

At that time, he thought that it was some kind of a joke. Because there was no point for doing that at all. Winning the tournament would only gain him and his school glory and face. There was no other benefit to gain, or taken from the losing side at all. That was why Feng Yi still tried his best and won the tournament in the end.

After he won, his mother was abducted on the night of the very same day. And Feng Yi, who had always been living only with his mother, found out when he returned home after he was partying with his friends to celebrate on such a victorious occasion.

No matter how hard he tried to find his mother, he still failed in the end. He secretly consulted this matter to the city lord, Mei Wentian, who was Mei Yue'er's father and also his father's old friend, in fear that that unknown individual might do anything to his mother. At that time, Mei Yue'er was also present, so she knew about this matter as well. But even with Mei Wentian's connection and prestige, there is no news about Feng Yi's mother.

Feng Yi then thought to himself: "This Archery Tournament is not as normal as everyone thinks it is.", so he asked Mei Wentian about it. But in the end, the city lord refused to disclose the information about this matter and said that it was too dangerous to know such matter. This confirmed Feng Yi's thought regarding the tournament: "There is definitely ... definitely, something going on behind the tournament."

Feng Yi thought of all possibilities but still couldn't come out with any conclusion. Why should he and his mother the only ones to suffer by winning? The winners preceding his generation never once had to suffer like this. He greatly regretted his decision to ignore the threat and lamentably blamed himself ever since.

He then nominated Mei Yue'er, one of the best archery club members at the time, to be the leader to participate in the Archery Tournament since then. She was the city lord's daughter. There should not be anything going wrong if she should win the tournament. But at last, their school could not win even once without Feng Yi leading them.

Feng Yi recalled the past memory and murmured to himself: "… if I participate and win again. Something might happen to you, or everyone I hold dear."

After seeing his lamenting expression, Mei Yue'er playfully smiled and said with a cheerful voice yet apologetic face: "Never mind, never mind. Right now, I have become much stronger than before. There is no way I will lose to that Sky Feather School. Last time if not for that guy cheated, we wouldn't lose to them," then there was a faint of anger appeared on her face.

Even though Mei Yue'er's archery skill was not in the least bit on par with Feng Yi, her comforting words still made him feel better. After finishing the conversation, Feng Yi walked together with Mei Yue'er to send her off at the archery club, then returned home.

Along the way home, Feng Yi was pondering about the past. He really wanted to know all of the truth regarding that incident, just so maybe he could finally save his mother and live happily with her again.

After a while, he then regained his wits and found himself in the middle of the street which was the main road of Divine Bird City. The city was not very large in size, it could only hold the populations of several ten thousand. However, it was prosperous enough to be instituted as one of the major cities of Silver Crow Kingdom.

The road where Feng Yi was standing, was filled with various stores on both sides of the road, selling everything you could ever imagine. From martial art books, medicines, weapons, equipment, to something normal such as food, cloth, flowers, etc.

Feng Yi speculated his surroundings for a bit and found that a lot of people were looking at him with somewhat sympathetic eyes.

Although the incident regarding the cause of his mother's disappearance was a secret, everyone knew that she is gone.

Feng Yi, who was once the champion of the tournament and adored by city's people, had lost his mother since only the age of ten. With that, he had changed. No more cheerful jokes, no more playful tricks. People rarely talked to him anymore, only someone relatively close to him would comfort him and cheer him up.

Seeing this he sighed in his heart and restarted his pace towards home. He understood that they wanted to talk to him but chose not to because of his own change in attitudes.

"Big brother Yi!!"

A cheerful voice along with a bright smile coming from the front, Feng Yi lifted his head and saw a cute little girl with ponytails, whose age is around nine years old, running towards him.

This little girl was called Xiao Lan. She was the only daughter of the Mu family, which family had been opening a loom shop for a very long time in this city. Mu Xiao Lan was a very big fan of Feng Yi since his debut in the Archery Tournament.

Even though everyone has been avoiding Feng Yi, she would always be bright and cheerful towards Feng Yi regardless of the latter's change in attitudes.

*Crack* suddenly, a cracking sound was heard from above, towards where Xiao Lan was running. Feng Yi quickly searched for the origin of that sound.

The corridor on the second floor of the flower shop, loaded with excessive kinds of stuff, such as broken tools, flower pots, unused beds, etc., was filled with cracks and soon to be collapsing.

*Crack, Crack* More cracks appeared on the base of the corridor as the broken debris of the corridor along with all the excessive kinds of stuff started to fall upon Xiao Lan.

"Lan'er, be careful!!" Xiao Lan's mother screamed in shock after noticing. She was about to wave her hand to save Xiao Lan but seeing Feng Yi was about to take action, she then lowered her hand, and focused on the situation if anything should go wrong.

Feng Yi immediately activated his hidden ability. Suddenly his hawk-like eyes' black pupils contracted and became silver color. At the same time, the eyes' black iris area widened and became light blue along with the eyes' yellow edge dissipated.

Once this ability was activated, Feng Yi could see the momentum of all physical things. He could calculate the speeds, weights, and the paths of projectiles and the force of all moving objects to every detail.

This ability had been passed onto him by his mother since he was a young age. She once said that she too once possessed this ability and this ability can only be passed through bloodlines. Once passed, the former owner of the ability would not be able to use it ever again. This ability was called "Momentum Eyes."

This was one of the reasons why Feng Yi could easily win the Archery Tournament. No matter how fast his opponent might be, the target would seem to be as slow as a snail to his Momentum Eyes.

After Feng Yi activated his Momentum Eyes, time turned slowly before his gaze. He quickly calculated the outcome of the situation, and swiftly thought about the solutions to this accident.

Once he finished his entire plan in his mind, he swiftly yet cautiously carried out the plan. Feng Yi grabbed three unused planks, which were normally used for setting flower pots in front of the shop, and spin-threw each plank with different forces towards the area just below the collapsing corridor. His body flashed and appeared right next to Xiao Lan. He then sharply turned to the latter, tightly hugged her body.

Three planks arrived under the corridor at the same time to delay the fall of the debris and other stuff. Just about all the collapse was going to fall upon both of them; Feng Yi jumped outwardly with all his strength and landed on the grass field at the other side of the road.

The surrounding people didn't see it clear what had happened just now. Still, they were worried and hurriedly came to support Feng Yi and Xiao Lan.

As for Xiao Lan's mother, after she regained her wits, she quickly rushed towards them. Pushing aside other people and arriving next to the location the Feng Yi duo landed, she then thoroughly looked at her daughter if there were any injuries or anything wrong.

"Don't worry Aunt Mu. I completely blocked her from all the debris. She should be fine." Seeing Xiao Lan still not waking up, Feng Yi stood up next to Xiao Lan's mother and comforted her.

Actually, although Xiao Lan did not awake, her expression was quite strange. Her face was red, her mouth was completely grinning, indicating that she was happy to the extreme at the moment.

"It seems like she's too happy to be hugged by her idol, so happy that she passed out. Hahaha" One old man commented at the scene and laughed. Then all of the people there also let out some smiles along with some big laughs.

Xiao Lan's mother chuckled a little with an embarrassed expression. She sighed of huge relief that her daughter was alright, and said to Feng Yi: "Thank you so much for saving her", and bowed her head.

"Aunt Mu doesn't have to be too courteous. I am only doing my things. And as a fellow citizen, it's my duty to save her when I am capable to."
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