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Chapter 488


In a corridor of an inn, two women can be seen standing in front of a door. It was already the afternoon and most of the guests inside the inn either left or is eating lunch downstairs. Those people who saw these two were attracted but were then felt dejection upon discovering that they have a cold personality.

Knock! Knock!

Shin Jiao has been busy inside the room as he felt excited about making anew suit for himself. This time, he has fully integrated the fish's camouflage ability and its scales in his new armor. He knows that this new camouflage armor of his would be more powerful than his old ones when it comes to protection and stealth.

Shin Jiao has already set up a protective array in the room and is confident that no matter what happens, the room will be safe from any attack even from a nascent realm expert; thought the protection would only be able to take 1 hit from that huge force.

When he heard the knocking sound, his attention was suddenly interrupted. And by reflex, he immediately scanned the corridor and found two women.

Shin Jiao slowly walks towards the door and opened it with an annoyed expression on his face.

"Can I help you?" he asked in a cold tone.

When the two women saw a handsome man opening the door and disregarded them like it was nothing, they felt a bit confused and a little bit annoyed. This is because the two had always been regarded by many as goddesses of beauty. And all of the men they have met would grovel to their feet just to please them.

Hence it is the first time that the two experience such treatment and they are not happy.

"Hey, I haven't got all day… If you have something to say please…" Shin Jiao said as he heaves a heavy sigh.

He knew that the women seem to have been treated like princesses by others that's why they showed discontent in his attitude a while ago. So he changed his tone halfway.

"Ahem… Mister, I'm Song Xie an alchemist from Floating lotus alchemy school. And this is Master Mai, my teacher, and master." The young woman introduced.

Shin Jiao looks at the two and nods his head. He didn't know why the two are introducing themselves, but right now, he truly wanted to finish his new armor and his heart can't wait to continue working.

"We… we are here because we found that you are able to make an ancient poison recipe that was lost for ages. We would like to talk to you about it."

When Shin Jiao heard this, his forehead knitted in confusion and suspicion. He didn't know what the two are talking about. Although he knows how to manipulate poison, it is not by concocting but by using poison essence.

In fact, ever since he has been using his poison essence Shin Jiao has been feeling it grows and slowly matures. He has an inkling that once he is able to make it grow, it would be able to control all the poison within a certain area around him.

And this also goes to all of the other essences inside his dantian. From what he can get from his memories, he has four essences in his dantian, plant essence, world or earth essence, poison essence, and the soul essence.

However, out of these four, he has not used the soul essence yet. This is because he knew that to advance the soul essence he should absorb enough soul memory. And in doing that it would because the other souls to not be able to progress and start from scratch once again. And the extraction of the memory would cause unimaginable pain and suffering to a soul. Hence he didn't dare use it casually.

He may be able to kill others, but he is not a demon to cause such eternal pain and torture to another.

Except for the plant essence which he would always use in nurturing the medicinal herbs and plants in his ring, the poison essence is the second essence that he plans to improve. For the last essence, he is not that familiar with it yet.

So Shin Jiao right now is really confused about what the two are talking about, though he has an inkling that it was about the poisoning in his room. He has already recognized the two women to be the ones in the adjacent room in the last inn he was staying.

Seeing Shin Jiao's confused reaction, Song Xie suddenly understands the situation.

"Umm… Mister, we don't want to trouble you with something. But I… I just want your help… When I sense the poison you've used, I have sensed that you are a poison expert and can make poison really well… And I also think that you can also remove any poison in a person's body."

When Shin Jiao heard her words, he seems to have understood her purpose. But Shin Jiao has no business with the two. Plus he is not a doctor or obliged to help them in any way. Hence he shook his head.

"I'm sorry, I'm not the guy you are looking for." He cold said as he began closing the door.

When the young woman saw this, she immediately panicked.

She has searched all over the empire for an alchemist to be able to cure the poison in his parent's body. She has met many genius doctors and powerful cultivators but they are all unable to remove the poison that was inflicted on her parents.

She knew that the poison was not made by humans, and most experts said that the poison inside their body is a living entity. Hence she has already felt disheartened. She could not just stand by and watch her parents die like this. It has already been ten years and they can't still find any solution.

So in her desperation, she is willing to grab and do anything just for them to be able to become healthy again.

When her disciple showed panic and indignation, the beauty which the young woman introduced as Master Mai, extended her hand to block the door. But she soon found out that she seems to have touched a strong barrier in thin air.

This made her look in shock as the barrier is actually very strong.

"Mister, please… please… I'm pleading you… I'm willing to give you anything you wanted. Just… just help me. Help my parents… please…" Song Xie cried.

Shin Jiao was suddenly shocked at this scene. Although he didn't want to help these two people he also could not take seeing a woman crying. From their conversation, he can already tell that the woman is not lying, but he truly didn't care and just wanted to be left alone to finish what he wanted to do.

"Wait… mister, if you wanted money or resources, our home is in the capital. We can go there and I can get you whatever you wanted from there." She blurted out.

When Song Xie's master heard this, she almost hit her forehead and rolls her eyes.

"Why would this disciple of mine be too naïve? She might be a genius when it comes to alchemy but in other things… sigh…" Yao Mai thought, but she didn't want to interfere.

She wanted her disciple to learn from this experience, she is just there to protect her and make sure she didn't fall into any harm.

When Shin Jiao heard about the capital city, his eyes perked up. He then turned towards the young woman and showed an expression of interest.

"You are from the capital?" he asked as he takes a step forward.

"Yes…" Song Xie answered immediately.

"You can take me there, right?" Shin Jiao took another step forward.

"Yes, mister… I can… as… as long as you…"

"Haha… What are we waiting for? Let's go!" Shin Jiao suddenly felt excited.

This time he didn't have to waste too much time in the city trying to figure out a way to the capital city. How can he miss this chance? If he can get to the capital city of Er without worry, he would gladly take it.

But suddenly he paused.

"Wait… Umm… I still need to finish something. Can you come back after an hour?" he suddenly asked then turn around and completely closes the door.

The two women stood on their spot at the change of situation. They didn't know what is happening, but Song Xie is too happy to think otherwise. She is now filled with hope that this simple looking man can cure both of her parents' problems.

"Darling, are you sure about this?" Yao Mei could not help but ask her naïve disciple.

This is because she is a bit suspicious of Shin Jiao's reaction about going to the capital city. She didn't want her disciple to be used by someone again.

It was just a month ago when a person who acted as a great doctor almost made Song Xie lost everything even her life. Luckily she was there to help her and stop the scheming scoundrel in time. The man is someone who is used to scheming his way towards women.

At that time he acted like a doctor just to fool Song Xie who is clueless. However, the man didn't expect that she Yao Mai is an alchemist and also someone who is proficient in medicine, though she is not that good enough to be able to cure the sickness of his beloved disciple's parents.

Hearing her master's words, Song Xie nodded her head and smiled. She knew what her master is thinking. She is not that naïve anymore and she has learned from her lesson in the past. Judging from the smell she can get from the man's body. She can smell many different scents on him.

And those scents can only mean that the person is dealing not only with medicine but also with other materials.

"I wonder what kind of person is he? Oh, I forgot to ask his name." Song Xie thought while shaking her head.

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