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Bleach System Within Bleach 88 Chapter 88 : Heart Attack!!!

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There were kissing deeply each other lips, as they got hooked on each other and was about to move a tiny bit ahead, they heard sounds and could hear a few people speaking...

???? : "Damn i can't see..."

??? : "Let me see...."

?? : "I wanna see as well..."

Sora got his eyes with full killing intent and if many otakus were there right now they would have join forces to kill them... they were Wein - Garo and Nia they came out of where they were staying to scout... only to hear bits and bits of lips connecting with each other and wanted to see..

But how should they know that they pissed half the population of otakus in MC mind.... Sora hide his killing intent as he had a better idea to deal with them than killing them and shouted at them....

Sora: "Come out!!!!!!!"

Wein - Garo and Nia came out from where they were and they saw a blushing Nelliel trying to hide her face and Sora who was smiling, but in their mind, that smile wasn't friendly it was deadly.....

Sora: "What are you guys doing out here???"


Sora: "Heh really anything weird so far???"

Garo: "Yeah you two kissing..."

AAAAAAhhhhhhhh Nia and Wein screamed inside them and started backing off and when Wein realized what he had said he saw 2 people pissed off with charged up attacks in their fingers....

Nelliel: "<Bara>"

Sora: "<Hado Arts 4 : Byakurai> (Pale Lightning)"

Garo started running for his life as he got bombarded by their fingers, the other 2 were scared shitless paying no attention to him as if they didn't know him...

After a few minutes, all they could see was a mummy laying down and two paled people watching far far away when they heard Sora speaking to them again...

Sora: "So anything interesting???"

BOTH: "Nope all clear....."

Sora: "Good take him inside and let him heal....."

BOTH: "Yes!!!!"

After that, they took him and vanished from there leaving the two behind in an awkward atmosphere, Sora decided to aks her again so that he can break this mood....

Sora: "So what are you going to do now??"

When she heard that before it didn't have much meaning but now it was everything for her... she didn't know how to respond... Sora was waiting for her reply but sighed as she could guess what was going on in her mind and so he spoke again....

Sora: "In my opinion don't return there.... they didn't even care for you when you disappear much less Aizen wasn't the least sad as he replaced you..... all Espada's Former and Nin to him you are just numbers..... should i say Toys if you guys win he plays with you if you lose he discards you...."

Nelliel: "I really don't know what i should do and if i decided to leave where should i go???"

Sora: "Heh go to the human world where we will meet again..."

As he said that Nelliel's eyes flashed a bit but she was still hesitant.... Sora saw this and spoke again....

Sora: "If you decide to stay here stay away from the Tears or in the Hollows reference Cracks and eventually we will meet again..."

As he said that he patted her in her head as he looked at her childish face, and Nelliel remembered she hasn't said thanks to him yet.... therefore he hugged him and said to him....

Nelliel: "Thank you for saving my life i will be sure to repay you....."

On the other hand MC didn't hear a thing cause as Nelliel was hugging him he was having a heart attack in his mind (-10 HP)(-10 HP)(-10 HP)(-10 HP)(-10 HP)(-10 HP)(-10 HP)(-10 HP)(-10 HP)(-10 HP)(-10 HP)(-10 HP)(-10 HP) He forgot that when Nelliel hugs someone she squeezed them hard with her strength and eventually he passed out.... When Nelliel saw that he wasn't responding she freaked out....

Nelliel: "AAAAaaaaaahhh SORA you're okay????"

And squeezed harder this time the heart attack was double (-20 HP)(-20 HP)(-20 HP)(-20 HP)(-20 HP)(-20 HP)(-20 HP)(-20 HP) making him cry inwardly as their bodies were connected and her boobs were almost in his face...
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