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Both of them got engulfed in the light resulted by their attacks and everything quite down as no sounds could be heard in the room with the light still active...

It took 10 minutes for the light to pipe down revealing first Ichigo who now had only a 1/10 of his mask remained on his face as the other sections had been shattered in the blast and on the walls on the other side Cirucci was nailed there unconsciously...

Ichigo: "Fuck... This was hard...."

Ichigo: "I don't remember her being an Espada previously..."

Ichigo: "How so as she was quite strong..."

As he was pondering over this he started moving towards her while reverting back to his default state...

When he reached close enough to be said that he was face to face with her, he saw her in a deep comatose state and decided to let her down as he proceeded and helped her out...

At that moment, however, a door opened and Sora came out as he had a deadpan expression on his face seeing the scene in front of him...

C. Sora: "Moshi Moshi Keisatsu Des ka?? A pervert is assaulting a sleeping beauty!!!"

Ichigo: "FUCK OFF!!!!"

C. Sora: "Eeehhh?? I'm not gay!!! And not fan of trio especially with another guy getting involved..."

Ichigo: "M#[email protected]#%$#@#%^$er!!!!!"

Ichigo: "Help me get her down!!!"

C. Sora: "Eeeehhhh, fine jokes aside i came to notify you of something..."

As C. Sora helped Ichigo out with softly laying down Cirucci they also talked about the changes in the ranks of the Espada...

Ichigo: "That makes sense then why someone strong enough to make me use our mask wasn't known before..."

C. Sora: "Well technically speaking all the Espadas were separated by numbers based on their powers and abilities..."

C. Sora: "In her first form even Ishida could defeat her as he excels in stealing the opponents reiatsu powering up his arrows..."

Ichigo: "Is there anything else we need to be worried about??"

C. Sora: "Well i fought with two Espada's in their second form and won on one battle and came to a draw in the second as i was at my limit before i vanished..."

Ichigo: "Ugh, then it's safe to assume all the others that everyone has a second form... Including the Ex Espada..."

C. Sora: "They were once Espadas.... Became Privaron and so far only three members were known as she was one of them but due to her second form being more useful she re-entered the ranks..."

Ichigo: "Fuck!!!! Then the others!!!"

C. Sora: "Yes it's possible that the one Sado fought and the one you fought have entered again in the Ranks and have a second form..."

Ichigo: "Which means Tatsuki is in danger!!!!"

C. Sora: "I have sent Nelliel in her position, helping her only when it's needed as she also needs to grow..."

C. Sora: "However as for Sado and Ishida i can't say if they will be fine..."

C. Sora: "I plan to go on Ishida's direction, therefore, you go on Sado..."

Ichigo: "Then i will do just that!!!"

Ichigo: "BTW, since we can talk telepathy why the hell did you come here??"

C. Sora: "Oh, about that, i tried doing so but failed..."

C. Sora: "And as i was heading to the others you were closer so i thought since i couldn't communicate with you telepathy to inform you face to face..."

Ichigo: "Why did that happen??"

C. Sora: "Don't know... Probably because you were so focused on her legs and boobs during your fight you rejected every other thought??"

Ichigo: "M#[email protected]#%$#@#%^$er!!!!!"

C. Sora: "Ok, jokes aside i really have no idea... It might be a countermeasure Aizen spread out in the entirely of Las Noches that seems the most logical for now..."
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