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Bleach System Within Bleach 383 Chapter 383 : Hitsugaya Vs Hyorinmaru!!!

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When Hyōrinmaru activated his Shikai, Hitsugaya noticed something that his own name couldn't be heard by the same person...

Hitsugaya: "You just said your own name, don't you remember it?? Don't you remember me??

As Hyōrinmaru looked down he felt that the person in front of his was telling him something important and therefore answered back...

Hyōrinmaru : I do not know who my master is and i do not know my own name.

As Hitsugaya expresses shock, Hyōrinmaru used this chance and used Sennen Hyōrō, it started creating many ice pillars, which encircle him and Hitsugaya, the Hyorinmaru turned his sword 90 degrees counter-clockwise, prompting the pillars to move towards Hitsugaya and enveloping as they crushed him.

Hitsugaya was actually speechless that he managed to pull this off, He started using Shunpo despite that his speed was affected by the technique and at the last second he managed to pass out of them as the enclosed the gap...

Hyorinmaru: "Oh?? You must have seen this technique if you could guess their paths..."

Hitsugaya: "More like i used it before... And i know very well that the enemy need to be distracted for it to capture him..."

Hitsugaya: "Your name is... Hyōrinmaru."

As Hyōrinmaru narrows his eyes, Hitsugaya leaps down to him and states his name is Hyōrinmaru. As well that he is Hyōrinmaru's master, Hitsugaya says Hyōrinmaru is his Zanpakutō Spirit as the two looks at each other.

Hyōrinmaru: "Do you expect me to believe such nonsense??"

Hitsugaya: "What did Muramasa do to you??"

Hyōrinmaru: "Muramasa has no say in his actions, everything which has happened is a blur because i lost all of my memories when i was released from my master."

Hyōrinmaru: "I have chosen to continue working for Muramasa for now, but my real goal is to find my true master."

Hyōrinmaru: "My master must be the most powerful Shinigami of all because of my enormous power, which is why my master could not logically be a childlike person like you."

Hitsugaya: "I admit that my powers have not reached my potential, however, this does not mean i'm not your master."

Hyōrinmaru: "Then prove you are my master."

Seeing that words will not convince him, Hyōrinmaru raises his blade and moved away. As Hitsugaya expresses surprise, Hyōrinmaru slashes at him from behind, forcing Hitsugaya to block with his sword.

As Hitsugaya forces Hyōrinmaru's blade away and jumps back, Hyōrinmaru fired an icicle at Hitsugaya. As the impact stirs up a large amount of dust, Hyōrinmaru fires more icicles at Hitsugaya. Leaping out of the smoke, Hitsugaya lands on a rock before launching himself towards Hyōrinmaru.

Blocking Hitsugaya's attack, Hyōrinmaru forced him away by sending Hitsugaya flying into the air. As Hitsugaya and Hyōrinmaru look at each other, Hitsugaya started chanting before yelling..

Hitsugaya: "Bakudō Arts 63 : Sajō Sabaku!!!"

A few energy like ropes came out from the palm of Hitsugaya that rushed and started binding Hyōrinmaru with it. As Hitsugaya landed on the ground he heard his voice...

Hyōrinmaru: "This is a wasted effort."

Expecting nothing else from his own spirit he saw Ice beginning to cover the energy rope. As the energy rope shatters, a column of icy wind started forming behind Hyōrinmaru and extended toward the sky.

As storm clouds condense overhead and lightning crackles, an ice dragon forms on the end of Hyōrinmaru's tail. Hitsugaya saw that and raised his hands as he fired two Hadō Arts 31 : Shakkahō at Hyōrinmaru, who blocks both the orbs of red energy with his hands.

Leaping into the air, Hitsugaya expressed surprise upon seeing Hyōrinmaru encase the red energy in ice.

Hyorinmaru: "Everything you do is useless..."

Hyōrinmaru crushed the frozen energy in his hand. And with the wave of his hand and sword, an ice dragon lunged toward Hitsugaya, who slashed at its head.

As Hitsugaya's sword failed to damage it, the ice dragon caught Hitsugaya in its mouth and slammed him into the ground with a large amount of ice been formed at the impact site.
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