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Bleach System Within Bleach 39 Chapter 39 : A Learning Session Of History In The School

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He almost staggered when he saw the rewards of such a Sub Quest.... But was confused about the Shards Of History so what else he could do as he sat in the class... What was the most efficient way to learn... Of course, he asked his own teacher The System..

Sora: "System what's with the <Shards Of History> what are they???"

System: <Shards Of History> Are Shards Host's Needs For The Next UPDATE of <THE BLEACH SYSTEM>

System: They Are Created From Tampering With Time And Space And The Main Laws. Host Has Made Two Massive Changes That Created The Shards 1) Save Masaki From Dying It Was A Major Blow To The Growth Of Ichigo And 2)You Awakened Your Own Shinigami Powers Instead Of The Original Way <The Forbidden Transfered> Which Also Caused You To Have No Relations With Gotei 13.....

Sora: "Then why didn't you gave them earlier???"

System: Because Host Fell In A Hibernation For Ten Years And As I Was Updating I Couldn't Give Them To You And That's For The First Shard The Second One Had Met The Requirements When You Met With Rukia.

Sora: "I see but what's their usefulness??

System: Host Is Truly An Idiot... As The Name Applies They Record History In Them And When All Those Are Gathered They Are To Be Used For Updates And If In Off Chance Host's Dies, The System Has An Auto Back Up Point From When Ichigo Was Born It Will Auto Activate And Delete This History Reverting it In The Original One

Cold sweat was oozing out of him when heard all that but then a sudden thought struck him.... And while trembling with a pale face he asked....

Sora: "Thhheenn what would have hap_pened if i had killed ICHIGO when i became Shinigami..??"

System: "Shards Of History Would Have Never Appeared In This World And When Host's Would Have Died As Both Main Characters Died This World Would Have Vanished In The Realms Of Nothingness... Simpler Erased Permanently Killing Trillions With It...

He was shocked and somehow just somehow he realized the true meaning behind this.... In his world, if you would have taken all episodes in the manga and put them in two pcs erasing every scene of Ichigo every dialogue he had from them in one pc what would have happened???

The answer was scary he didn't want to think it at all. just the fact he wouldn't be able to mofu mofu his little kitten was enough to make him shit bricks and fell countless chills in his back.....

It Was then that the sound of class ending awakened him and force him to walk with difficulty as he was still thinking about it.....

After saying goodbye to them he walked towards his home and while he was distracted a single arrow flew from within the alleys going directly to his heart it was then Ichigo scream his soul out... making Sora barely dodge with his bag...

??? : "Oh i didn't expect for you to dodge like that quite impressive Ichigo!!"

Sora turned at the sound of the voice and then he saw four eyes with a bow made of reiatsu and knew who it was right away...

Sora: "Ishida!!!"

As he said that he felt a strong competitive intent from him making our MC frown but then remembered that he was put in a quite dangerous spot by him and at the worst would have lost his life.... Therefore he decided right there on the spot that if he ever died he must at least save his loved one and his future WAIFUS that's why he screamed inside him THOSE SHARDS ARE MINE!!!!!!
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