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Bleach System Within Bleach 247 Chapter 247 : A 6 Way Problems!!!!

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After this whole mess Inoue also helped heal Tatsuki as she had a big bruise in her head from her..... she also learned from her what happened which made her frown..... then night fell and all of them were troubled....

Tatsuki started thinking what would happen if she wanted to follow Ichigo..... not only her Sado was thinking he was weak.... Ishida the same but he was on 40% recovery of his formers power and he knew that when he recovers 100% he will become far stronger than before.....

Inoue was also thinking the same.... and lastly even Karin and Yuzu had their thought in the same subject... they are too weak.....

Sora was in his room when he heard a knock on the door..... he felt the fluctuations that came out of her and knew her.....

Sora: "I'm surprised you know how to knock...."

Yoshino: "Well live for more than 100 years and you pick a few common tricks...."

Sora: "Now then tell me what did you want??? why search for me??"

Yoshino: "You have no romance.... a lady in your room at the night..."

Sora: "Does your doll behind you count as a lovely night??"

Yoshino: "Aahahaha..... kinda..... he's part of me....."

Yoshino: "Anyway.... i.... no!! we wish to find a way to become shinigami....."

Sora: "Oh!! why would you do that??"

Yoshino: "Because our goal is too far away..."

Sora slightly was shocked.... her Goal?? what goal???

Sora: "What do you have in mind???"

Yoshino: "We wish to remain by your side.... something like a subordinate..."

Sora: "Ppfpfpffpfffffttttt ahahahahahahahahaha... that's what you came up with??"

Yoshino: "Yes..."

Sora stopped laughing when he heard the tone of her voice and saw her eyes.... it wasn't of a lost woman... but a woman who knew her determination.....

Sora: "Sigh... i do know of a way.... but your case will be a bit special..... as you had drunk Human Souls... the moment you will become one..... you will be branded as a sinner of souls and get send to hell....."

Sora: "Trust me..... you really don't wanna go there... therefore you will have to wait for at least 2 years.... till i manage to solve a few issues first....."

Yoshino was shocked.... eeeeehhhh sinner??? hell??? it actually exists?? when she heard the last part of waiting at least 2 years.... she thought..... i lived in darkness for so many years 2 more will be a piece of cake...

After saying goodbye... moments later Sora heard other knocks on his door..... he was shocked to find out that 3 people waited outside... Inoue, Sado and Tatsuki...

Sora: "For the bleach's sake don't tell me they also..."

He opened the door and saw three resolute lights in their eyes..... his jaw dropped on the ground..... what the hell!!!!!

Tatsuki: "I thought about what you had said to me... and i finally came to a term..... i want in....."

Inoue: "Tatsuki told me that you plan to leave with Ichigo..... therefore i also want in..."

Sado: "Ichigo is my best friend... therefore i also want in...."

Sora had both hands on his head as he couldn't believe what the hell was happening today.... they only ones who were left out were Yuzu and Karin....

The moment he thought about it, it was the moment he regrets it, because he felt his little sisters...

Knock Knock Knock Knock....

Sora smiled bitterly as he went to open the door... letting his two sisters inside and closed the door.....
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