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Bleach System Within Bleach 20 Chapter 20 : Identification And Provocation

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System: Ding!! Congrats Host For Completing Condition 2!!

Rewards : Hogyoku Shard / 8 Levels

System: Ding!! Congrats Host For Completing Condition 3!!

Rewards : Hogyoku Shard / 12 Levels

System: Ding!! Congrats Host For Reaching Level 40!!!

System: Ding!! Modify New Stats For Host To See!!

System: Ding!! <Status>!!


Name: Ichigo Kurosaki (Xiaolan Sora)

Age: 3 Years 9 months 3 Days

Level: 20 EXP: 0/223.310 > Level: 40 EXP: 0/742.563.060

Stamina: 0.3/31 Health: 3 > Stamina: 20.3/51 Health: 203

Attack: 0.3/21 Strength: 3 > Attack: 20.3/41 Strength: 203

Defence: 0.3/24 Endurance: 3 > Defence: 20.3/44 Endurance: 203

Focus: 29/139 Mental: 290 > Focus: 49/159 Mental: 490

(S.P): 10116/10116 Reiatsu : 1.011.600 > (S.P): 10136/10136 Reiatsu : 1.013.600

Affiliation/Traits: Gluttony - Human - ???? - ???? - ????


It was at this instant that Sora on the outside lost a major power giving Urahara and Yoruichi a chance to fight back albeit barely.....

Our MC having gained and restored some of his health he started moving in order to stand up, as he was doing that ???? was bleeding on the ground and Ichigo stared at him with fear in his eyes trying to avoid him at all costs, he tried to look left and right only to see pieces of flesh and blood making him almost puke on the spot....

Finally, after much struggle, he stood up and sat down on his ass cause you know he was missing a leg and an arm.... He looked at Ichigo and then on the other figure and started speaking with a rough voice from all the tiredness he had....

MC: "So If iT isN't MisteR KinG of Quincy YhWaCh SaMa..... how Do yOu FeEl???"

Yhwach: "ggguagg pretty good i would .... gaaa guuu augug say..."

Gritting his teeth he answered with much difficulty while Ichigo was shocked again having confirmed that this man was responsible for his mother death.....

MC: "Heh so wHat wAs yOu plaN again.... AAAhh yes i RemeMber..."

Ichigo: "To rule over the souls by absorbing The Soul King...."

Yhwach was staring at Ichigo with disbelief and wide opened eyes as he didn't know that Ichigo knew about him furthermore knew his plan and was shocked even more when he heard him again speak the most important plan of his.....

Ichigo: "<The Sealed King> after 900 years of being sealed, you would regain your pulse; after another 90, you would regain your intellect; and after 9 more years, you would absorb the power of every "impure" Quincy to make their abilities your own. And finally, you would regain the world after 9 days."

Yhwach has been a ray of dust before the original that is still sleeping but had gained his intellect, he felt fear towards the both of them for the first time he could remember...

MC: "Heh don't be so surprised your face is about to split open from how wide your eyes and jaws are opened...."

Yhwach: "It was you.... how did..... WHO ARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! messing with my plans and everything... You will come to regret it...!!!!!!"

MC: "Pffff XaxaXAXxaxaxAXAXa"

MC: "If you were Yamamoto himself or <The Zero Squad> i would have turned and run full speed ahead to unknown grounds.... but you..... you're simply another soul you have at least 5 or so years till you absorb all the impure Quincies to gain your power....."

Ichigo: "And also 2 more years for preparation to claim the world....."

MC: "Therefore you can just slowly gain everything only to lose them again like 1000 years ago!!!!!"

Hearing that, Yhwach was about to retort back when he suddenly felt something dripping from his neck he looked down only to see a red line of blood... a Clone appeared suddenly behind him cutting his neck with Revolving Blade....
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