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"Yuemei, you can not go around blabbering about this matter. It will harm Qiaofeng." Qin Yun warned.

"Rest assured, I am not that kind of blabber mouthed woman!" Xiao Yuemei said with smile : "Brother, you are truly awesome. You just came out and already went to Long family and captured their dragon! If this matter were to made public, it would shake the entire Spirit Desolate Ordinary Realm!"

Qin Yun' might made Xiao Yuemei feel very proud.

Qin Yun controlled the Dragon Soul inside the Dragon Pearl and released a formidable Beast Soul Power. He continued to condense Inscription Spirit.

"What a pity I could not go together with you!" Xiao Yuemei said with face full of regret.

"It was very dangerous for me and Qiaofeng." Qin Yun said. Actually him capturing the dragon can be considered to be done easily and in a relaxed manner.

"You arranged everything at an earlier time. You already bribed Long Qiaofeng long ago, apparently you always had your sight set on that dragon!" Xiao Yuemei charmingly smiled and said : "Brother, I will help you look for the location of some dragons and then we will go together and kill it!"

"Alright!" Qin Yun laughed and nodded his head.

With the help of Dragon Soul power, he relaxed a lot. His and Xiao Yuemei's martial spirits also need not release 'Soul Blood' and can rest. Xiao Yuemei also calmed down and reinstated her martial spirit from it's weak state.

Qin Yun also sent voice transmission to Yao Fang : "Sister Yao Fang, I am together with Yuemei."

"Yuemei? She's with you?" After Yao Fang heard this, apparently she became worried and immediately asked.

"En. You really don't want to see her?" Qin Yun asked.

"I don't want to see her with this appearance. You take good care of her, don't bully her and don't swindle her!" Yao Fang said.

"This little girl is very clever, by herself she goes around to cause trouble and swindle trouble. Just earlier she brought me with her and swindled people!" Qin Yun also took this opportunity to tell Yao Fang everything about Xiao Yuemei.

Yao Fang has been living all alone inside the Nine Sun Divine Spirit third pearl for ten thousand years, it has been very lonely. Now after learning about Xiao Yuemei, she feels very happy.

"What are you two doing outside?" Yao Fang asked.

"We are refining souls!" Qin You replied.

He then told Yao Fang about his Inscription Spirit refining situation. This made Yao Fang exclaim in admiration, she really did not expect that Inscription Spirit can be refined. If he succeeds, that means that he will have a lot of Inscription Spirits in the future. One must know that, even in Immortal Desolate there are many Inscription Spirit that makes Immortals fight for them to death! Yao Fang continued cultivation, she instructed Qin Yun to let her know if he succeeds.

The Inscription competition is only several days away. Qin Yun and Xiao Yuemei have been holed up inside the secret room for seven days. In the end, even the Dragon Soul power is also thoroughly absorbed.

And now, the sky suddenly became covered with black clouds. Originally it was noon, however within a short period of time, the sky has been covered with ink colored clouds. A ten thousand li radius around Sword island suddenly became incomparably pitch-black. It is all black without daylight.

Boom! Rumble!

A violent thunder suddenly shot down and exploded on the Sword island's barrier formation. The new Sword island immediately sank into a panic, sword island also started trembling non stop. Sword island is being attacked by very dreadful and violent thunder and lightning. There are many Martial Emperors and Half Immortals inside the Sword Immortal Villa inside the Sword island. They immediately came out and soared into the sky. With grave expression they looked towards the sky at those unceasingly striking violent thunder.

"They are falling towards the Divine Inscription Palace. Could it be that someone is crossing tribulation there?" Jian Shitian said with frown.

"This is not ordinary tribulation!" one long beard elder said with grave expression : "This is heaven defying tribulation! Who is that triggered this heaven defying tribulation in our place?"

"Half Immortals have seven tribulations. The final tribulation is precisely the heaven defying tribulation. Crossing the heaven defying tribulation means becoming Immortal!" Jian Shitian said with face full of envy.

Now a group of people from Sword Immortal Villa are flying towards Divine Inscription Palace.

Qin Yun is inside Divine Inscription Palace, together with Xiao Yuemei, he is refining Dao Lord Inscription Spirit, moreover he is one the verge of success.

"Brother, seems like something disastrous has occurred!" Xiao Yuemei has already took back her mirror. Also at this moment, she shouted loudly : "Cracks appeared on my mirror!"

"Ahhh! Is it alright?" Qin Yun is stunned and anxiously asked.

"It's alright, just slowly healing!" Xiao Yuemei giggled and said.

Ling Yuner said : "Xiao Yun, your act of refining Dao Lord Inscription Spirit must be a heaven defying dao! That is why it triggered heaven defying tribulation, Yuemei's mirror also cracked because of this!"

"There is such matter? So what should we do next?" Qin Yun looked at the constantly trembling white Soul Sealing Pearl.

White lights madly flashing on this Soul Sealing Pearl, it is very violent.

"Hand it over to sister Yao Fang." Ling Yuner said.

Qin Yun immediately contacted Yao Fang : "Sister Yao Fang, I encountered a bit of trouble. I succeeded in refining Inscription Spirit. But it triggered the heaven defying tribulation. I want to temporarily hand over that thing to you, ok?"

"Hurry up!" after Yao Fang heard this, she also became worried.

Qin Yun promptly put the Dao Lord Inscription Spirit inside the Nine Sun Divine Spirit's third pearl. The movement outside is still very big. Qin Yun and Xiao Yuemei rushed out of the Divine Inscription palace. Outside is actually pitch-black, enveloped by a very dreadful power pressure. People in the Sword island have a feeling that they might die any moment.

Boom Boom Boom!

Churning ink colored cloud in the sky suddenly dropped countless thunder and lightning that struck down on the Sword island's protective barrier. Qin Yun also secretly admired Sword island's defense, it can actually defend against this. Finally after a round of violent attack, the ink colored cloud in the sky gradually scattered. Soon after, a very strong aura rushed over. Jian Shitian and group of Jian family Half Immortals energetically flew over, this scared many people. The new Sword island once again became calm.

After Jian Shitian arrived, he said in clear voice : "I wonder which senior crossed over tribulation here?"

Just as he finished speaking, he felt that something is fishy.

The smooth long beard elder beside him said with frown : "This is strange. I am certain that it was heaven defying tribulation. However it is impossible for it to disappear like that. Could it be that the person crossing tribulation was annihilated?"

Soon after, Jian Shitian and his group entered Divine Inscription Palace to check, however did not discover anything. Qin Yun and Xiao Yuemei are outside the Divine Inscription Palace, together with other people watching the show. At this time, Qin Yun saw some familiar people appear, they are Jian Nanhu and Jian Ruyan. Beside them are a group of Jian family disciples.

Jian Nanhu saw Jian Shitian come out of Divine Inscription Palace and asked : "Grandfather, could it have been done by those donkeys from Long family? Did they not just lose a dragon. But they are already putting the blame on our head!"

One elder said : "Long family don't have this kind of strength, it is impossible to be them. We should go back first."

Jian Shitian shouted towards the people outside : "You all have clearly seen it earlier, out Sword island's defense is very strong. You can feel relieved now and should go back."

Everyone quickly dispersed.

Mu Fengxiao looked at the passing Qin Yun who changed his appearance. He suspects that it was a deed done by Qin Yun. He is very clear, wherever Qin Yun goes, there will be no peace. Qin Yun and Xiao Yuemei also returned to the luxurious suit.

Xiao Yuemei is very happily jumping and hopping : "Brother, we have succeeded, we have succeeded, HAHAHA..."

Qin Yun somewhat anxiously asked : "Yuemei, is your mirror alright?"

Xiao Yuemei promptly took out her mirror and handed it to Qin Yun : "It's alright, you take a look and will know."

"Truly alright!" after Qin Yun carefully observed it, he breathed in relief : "That was heaven defying tribulation. I will take care not to do this kind of thing gain!"

Xiao Yuemei curled her lips and said : "Brother, you are really a coward. Just one heavenly defying tribulation scared you this much? Path to becoming stronger is heaven defying. Later you will face every kind of tribulation repeatedly!"

She is not least bit afraid, she sat one the table and started eating fruits.

"I am just worried your mirror won't be able to hold!" Qin Yun said.

"It doesn't matter, I am not afraid, why are you afraid?" Xiao Yuemei charmingly laughed and then threw a fruit at Qin Yun.

Qin Yun happily ate the fruit.

Xiao Yuemei sait with smile : "Brother, if you fuse with Dao Lord Inscription Spirit, will you be able to immediately carve Dao runes? Quickly give it a try!"

Dao Lord Inscription Spirit has been successfully refined. Moreover, Yao Fang pacified it.

After Qin Yun took out that Soul Sealing Pearl, he anxiously looked around : "Heaven defying tribulation will not appear again, right?"

"Don't worry about it, quickly fuse!" Xiao Yuemei walked over and urged on.

With Ling Yuner's help, Qin Yun very quickly fused with Dao Lord Inscription Spirit. The instant he fused, a very wonderful feeling arrived from all around him. Qin Yun took out a talisman paper and then took out the Mental Resonance Xuan Pen. He then started carving Dao runes on them. The number of Dao runes he mastered is not few, they are also top quality Dao runes. Qin Yun's eyebrows creased when carving Dao runes.

"Mental power consumption is too high."

Qin Yun immediately started sweating profusely. He only feels that his spirit moon is consistently losing mental power.

One hour later, Qin Yun's complexion looks deathly white. However, he successfully created a Dao Talisman.

"I feel like I am about to die!" Qin Yun took a long breath, then properly put away Mental Resonance Xuan Pen, lay down on the table and fell asleep.

Xiao Yuemei promptly brought Qin Yun on a bed to let him rest on it.

"Still have not entered Xuan Martial Ream but can craft Dao talisman. My brother is truly awesome!" Xiao Yuemei looked at Qin Yun and rubbed his face while grinning.

At this time, someone knocked on the door. Xiao Yuemei quickly went over and opened the door. There are two women here, their face covered in veil. After their saw Xiao Yuemei, they remove the veils.

The women wearing purple skirt is beautiful and noble. He beautiful, jade like melon face brought together a water like smile, this is Zi Qingcheng.

The blue skirt wearing woman is Shui Tianzi. Her figure is fiery, Her beautiful water like eyes flickered with charm that can captivate people. Her lovely red, jade like flirtatious appearance can intoxicate people.

She touched Xiao Yuemei's face and said with gentle smile : "Little girl, why are you trying to find us like this? What is so urgent?"

Xiao Yuemei said with playful laughter : "Sister Shui, my brother is back, he is very tired and needs someone to take care of him. Didn't you always hope to serve him all day long?"

Shui Tianzi and Zi Qingcheng looked at each other in astonishment and then quickly entered the room. After Xiao Yuemei closed the door, she promptly brought them to Qin Yun's room.

"It's really little brother Yun!" after Shui Tianzi saw Qin Yun, she charmingly giggled and promptly walked over. Her two lily-white hands stretched into Qin Yun's clothes and touched him all over.

"Evil water spirit! Don't you feel ashamed?" Zi Qingcheng can no longer watch it and promptly pulled her away.

"I only touched to see if it is truly little brother Yun. I can feel just by touching!" Shui Tianzie glanced at Zi Qingcheng with frivolous anger and then she charmingly smiled and said : "If you don't believe it, come and touch!"

This time Shui Tinazi is even more brazen, she directly placed her hands on Qin Yun's abdomen and tried to stretch to lower parts.

Qin Yun also immediately opened his eyes and managed to grab Shui Tianzi's lily-white hands, he said with smile : "Sisiter Shui, I am truly Qin Yun. You don't need to touch to confirm. You can be sure that I am Qin Yun!"

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