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Qin Yun does not know the specific circumstances of the Sword Martial Assembly. He only feels that it has nothing to do with him. After all, this is a showdown among the top forces. He is little Martial Master, he does not want to blindly join in on the fun. With this kind of thought, Qin Yun is underestimating himself. Because Jian Shitian and the others really hoped that he could make appearance. In the previous Martial Arts Competition, Qin Yun was only at the initial stage Spirit Martial Realm. However, he reversed the situation and helped the Sword Immortal Pavilion pull out from a huge loss. Although Qin Yun plans to go to Sword Island, however he does not plan to show his face. Because he has fallen behind other people and worried that he would be a laughing stock.

"Xiao Yun, the Sword Martial Assembly will surely have martial arts competition. Why don't you go and take a look?" Ling Yuner giggled and said.

"Aiii, I am still far away from the Xuan Martial Realm! The Sword Martial Assembly is a gathering of the geniuses from the several large states and they will most definitely be at Xuan Martial Realm. Me going there is just looking for humiliation." Qin Yun said.

"You have Immortal Devil body, it can definitely offset the disparity!" Ling Yuner said.

"If they were some ordinary trash Martial Monarchs, it would not be a problem. However, those are all geniuses! Every single one of them has a super force behind them." Qin Yun sighed and said : "If I could use weapon, I would have nothing to be afraid of!"

If Qin Yun used weapon, he would be able to win just lying down.

Ling Yuner giggled and said : "Only with difficulty comes challenge!"

Qin Yun thought for a moment and said : "Alright, I'll give it a try when the time comes! Seems like sister Yang has also gone there!"

Qin Yun hastened his journey alone through the night and soon, he arrived at the Sword Island. On the way, he met many people who were heading towards the Sword Island. Qin Yun looked up at the sky from below and secretly felt astonished. There are two enormous islands in the sky. The first one is the old Sword Island, which is fairly small. The second Sword Island is tens of thousands of meters above the first one and it is even bigger. The entire island looks as if it has been made from black iron and extremely sturdy.

"The overall strength of this Jian family is really scary! There aren't many Dao Inscription Masters who can create such a terrifying floating island!"

Qin Yun flew up in shock.

The old Sword Island below has not been abandoned, it is still a prosperous city. As for the Sword Island on top, it is mainly used by the entire Jian family. Now it is open to outsiders only because of the Sword Martial Assembly. After Qin Yun flew up, he stood in front of a large gate and sensed the powerful barrier of the Sword Island.

"I feel that I can penetrate it with my Mysterious Penetration Divine Ability!" Qin Yun thought to himself.

To enter this Sword Island, one needs to be a Spirit Martial Realm Martial Master and pay five hundred thousand purple crystal coins! Qin Yun lined up to enter the gate. After verifying cultivation and paying five hundred thousand purple crystal coins, he smoothly entered.

"Yuemei, Yuemei, quickly come out to greet brother, I'm at the gate!" Qin Yun took out a voice transmission conch and sent words.

This voice transmission conch was given to him by Xiao Xuanqin. At that time, he did not plan to enter the Nether Moon Desolate Domain, so Xiao Xuanqin gave it to him and told him to go back to find Xiao Yuemei and others.

Very soon, Xiao Yuemei's excited voice was transmitted through the voice transmission conch.

"Brother, stand there and don't move, I am coming right now!"

After Qin Yun entered through the door, he walked around and observed the center of the island. In the middle of the new Sword Island, there are seven gigantic, sharp swords. They are one kilometer tall and encircled the middle area. One can tell with a glance that this is the core of the Sword Immortal Pavilion. Many people walked in and saw the seven swords in the distance. They are all stunned.

"There are seven Jian family in the Spirit Desolate. Each of them has a very powerful Immortal sword. Right now, they have increased the size of the Immortal Swords to use to set up formation. This is really awesome!"

"If we compare Jian family and Long family, I wonder who is the strongest!"

"I heard that there are ten dragons in the Long family and they are also very formidable!"

"I think the Jian family is stronger because they are all Sword cultivators! After cultivating Origin Sword, they can easily kill anyone above their level!"

"That is only situational, it is only true for a situation where the opponent is not using any weapon. If opponents are using weapon, the advantage of a Sword cultivator is not that great!"

A group of people are discussing, if the Long family and the Jian family were to fight, who would win.

Not long after, Qin Yun saw a blue clothed girl with two ponytails, half of her face covered, jumping and hopping over towards him. It is Xiao Yuemei.

After Xiao Yuemei arrived, she kept grinning and pulled Qin Yun;s hand. She delicately laughed and said : "Brother, I knew you would return! Haha, THE KING HAS RETURNED!"

Under the veil, Qin Yun rubbed Xiao Yuemei's cute and beautiful little face and said : "I have something important to discuss with you!"

Xiao Yuemei pulled Qin Yun and walked through the wide street. She said softly : "Brother, since you are not here, that guy Jian Nanhu is being extremely arrogant. Truly, since there are no tigers in the jungle, the monkey became the king!. You must teach him a lesson!"

"Yuemei, I have just reached the peak Spirit Martial Realm!" Qin Yun sighed.

"It's alright. Even if that monkey Jian Nanhu is a Martial King, you will still be able to defeat him!" Xiao Yuemei delicately snorted.

Qin Yun followed Yuemei and walked towards a very tall tower. With a single glance, he can tell that it is the Divine Inscription Palace. Xiao Yuemei obtained Xuan Inscription Master's badge, so wherever she goes, she will be able to enter the Divine Inscription Palace for free. It must be said that, obtaining this badge is very valuable to her. It allows her to check into the luxurious Divine Inscription Palace at every city.

"Yuemei, did Jian Nanhu bully you?" Qin Yun asked.

"That stupid monkey also wants to bully me? He's not qualified! " Xiao Yuemei said with disdainful face.

"Then why don't you go and participate in the competition and kill him?" Qin Yun said with a smile.

If Jian Nanhu knew that Xiao Yuemei called him 'monkey', he would be so angry that he would directly attack to kill.

"I have too many secrets. I don't want to expose them and I'm also not very good at fighting!" Xiao Yuemei said with a tender smile : "Brother, go and register. Defeat Jian Nanhu and tell him that you are Qin Yun!"

Xiao Yuemei saw that Qin Yun is indifferent and said with a charming laugh : "Brother, just impersonate someone! How about I use my Divine Ability and turn you into a girl. You can go up as a girl and defeat Jian Nanhu!"

"You damned girl, don't keep trying to turn me into a woman!" Qin Yun pinched Xiao Yuemei's cheek and scolded her with a smile.

"Brother, don't you think this kind of thing is very fun? At that time, even big sister Yang wouldn't know that it is you! Don't worry, I will turn you into an old aunt so that you won't be watched by a group of stinky men!" Xiao Yuemei laughed even more happily.

Qin Yun doesn't know whether to laugh or cry. He can only rub her cheeks and regard it as teaching her a lesson.

Xiao Yuemei also stepped into the Xuan Martial Realm. With her talent, it would be strange if she did not break through in a few years.

The Divine Inscription Palace is extremely bustling. Qin Yun followed Xiao Yuemei to enter and saw an acquaintance. It is indeed the fatty, Mu Fengxiao. Mu Fengxiao also saw Xiao Yuemei. Although he is fat, his thinking is very meticulous. When he saw Xiao Yuemei bringing in a man, he also became suspicious. He quickly followed her. Mu Fengxiao also knows that Xiao Yuemei has Xuan Inscription Master's badge. Previously, he even teamed up with Xiao Yuemei to put on a show and swindle here.

"Fatty Mu, what are you sneaking around for!" Qin Yun also knows that Mu Fengxiao is following them.

"Brat, it's really you!" Mu Fengxiao also became extremely happy.

Xiao Yuemei arrived at her own suite and opened the door to let Qin Yun and Mu Fengxiao enter first. She looked outside to make sure no one was following then went in and closed the door.

"Fatty Mu, what business do you have with me?" Xiao Yuemei asked.

"Qin Yun is my friend. He faced mortal danger and escaped alive, so of course, I want to meet him!" Mu Fengxiao said : "I thought that he died and even shed a few tears!"

Xiao Yuemei curled her lips and said : "Go away, who would believe your lies!"

Mu Fengxiao looked at Qin Yun and said : "Qin Yun, you must have reaped great harvest in the Nether Moon Desolate Domain! Even the Remote Moon Mountain Range has become a huge treasure land. I don't dare to speculate about Nether Moon Desolate Domain!"

Qin Yun said with a bitter smile : "Fatty Mu, if my harvest were that great, I would have entered the Xuan Martial Realm long ago!"

Mu Fengxiao said with a face full of disdain : "Qin Yun, although you are not at the Xuan Martial Realm, a sneeze from you would make the Xuan Martial Realm people tremble. Don't be modest. Who doesn't know your strength?"

Xiao Yuemei nodded her head and said : "Brother, you must enter the Sword Martial Assembly and teach that monkey Jian Nanhu a lesson!"

Qin Yun shook his head and smiled : "Yuemei, say it honestly, do you have a grudge with Jian Nanhu? I'll help you mediate and we won't need to fight!"

Mu Fengxiao chuckled and said : "Last time, this little girl was pretending to be a Jian family member to swindle people and was caught by Jian Nanhu! Luckily, I was here and cooperated with her in time, otherwise she would have been exposed!"

Xiao Yuemei glared at Mu Fengxiao.

Mu Fengxiao said : "Qin Yun, in the Sword Martial Assembly, there's not only martial arts competition, there's also a Inscription competition! Martial arts competition is divided into several ranks, they are Martial Monarch, Martial King and Martial Emperor! Of course, you can also register to participate in the Martial Monarch rank martial competition!"

"The first competition to start is the Inscription competition. This time Jian family has brought out a very good thing at the last moment!"

Xiao Yuemei promptly asked : "What is it? Right now, all kinds of wild guesses are going around outside!"

Mu Fengxiao said : "I have some reliable information. It's said that it's a top quality Sun rune!"

Top quality Sun rune!

The corner of Qin Yun's eyes twitched. This is a rune he always wanted to obtain. Even though Mo Mo can see through the dark lines and repair many damaged runes, she can't duplicate the Sun runes. Qin Yun obtained a sword from Jian Nanhu, it also has Sun runes. The Sun and Moon Immortal Bed also has Sun runes but Mo Mo can't handle them. That's because Mo Mo is not strong enough!

"If it's just one set of top quality Sun runes, then it's useless!" Qin Yun shook his head.

"It's not just one set. It's said that there will be several sets!" Mu Fengxiao said : "I've already registered to participate! Of course, I don't have any hopes of winning. Jian family's many big shot Dao Inscription Masters are also participating!"

Xiao Yuemei said unhappily : "Even if someone wins, the Sun runes will still be in the hands of the Jian family!"

"I'm going to sign up to participate in the Inscription competition!" Qin Yun suddenly said.

"Brother, it's better to go for martial arts competition. What's so good about Inscription competition? You can't yet beat those Dao Inscription Masters!" Xiao Yuemei immediately shook Qin Yun's shoulder.

"I'll participate in the martial arts competition too, okay?" Qin Yun chuckled.

"Qin Yun, if you want to go for martial arts competition, it's best not to win first place!" Mu Fengxiao said with a grave expression on his face.

"Why?" Qin Yun and Xiao Yuemei asked at the same time.

"Because the first place is definitely going to be a fight between dragon and sword! Meaning it is the competition between Long family and the Jian family. If you get first place, I'm afraid.. I'm afraid that the Long family and the Jian family will both become hostile towards you!" Mu Fengxiao said.
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