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Qin Yun hid at as side and watched. He never expected that Long Qiaofeng would live in such a place. It is also no wonder that she has no good feelings towards the Long family.

"Long Qiaofeng, we thought you would be gone for a period of time, so we used your room to raise wild boars! If it is alright with you, you can come to my room to rest. I'll accompany you!" a middle aged man laughed loudly.

The others also burst into laughter as well.

After Long Qiaofeng heard this, she also quickly turned around to leave the courtyard.

Just as she turned to leave, she saw several old people appear at the entrance of the courtyard. One of them is a black clothed old man and his face is sinister and terrifying.

"You all..." after Long Qiaofeng saw the black clothed elder, her expression became grave.

"Qiaofeng, as soon as you returned, someone informed us! Congratulations, you have obtained a rare opportunity to repay the Long family!" the black clothed old man smiled sinisterly : "You are a child of the Long family and yet you awakened an extra Phoenix martial spirit. Hehe!"

Qin Yun previously heard Long Qiaofeng mention that the Long family wanted to take away her Phoenix martial spirit. And now, they finally made their move! The other people in the courtyard also surrounded Long Qiaofeng, preventing her from leaving. The black clothed old man is a Martial King and there are also quite a few Xuan Marital Realm here. After being surrounded, Long Qiaofeng felt extremely helpless. Her face is filled with despair and she can not help but touch her necklace and transmit her voice to Qin Yun.

"Qin Yun, go back first! The Long family still has a Half Immortal, it's very dangerous!"

Qin Yun immediately received Long Qiaofeng's voice transmission and he is watching from the side, however Long Qiaofeng does not know. The reason why Long Qiaofeng lied to him is because she wanted him to leave the Long family. One must know that Qin Yun is the only person Long Qiaofeng could call for help. However, she gave up, she is worried that she would implicate Qin Yun. This made Qin Yun secretly feel moved!

People encircling Long Qiaofeng all have repulsive expressions. Particularly, there are a few people who are worse than beasts, they are shouting and demanding to have Long Qiaofeng become their plaything. Everyone knows that if Long Qiaofeng's martial spirit is taken away, she would become a cripple. However, Long Qiaofeng is also a very beautiful woman. She is a famous great beauty in the Proud Star State. Even if she is crippled, there are still many people who wants to enjoy her.

"I will not let you get away with it even if I die!" Long Qiaofeng's ice-cold voice carried a trace of sadness.

Seeing the helpless and desperate Long Qiaofeng, Qin Yun can't help but recall his childhood, he was also encircled and had his spirit veins taken away by people. This evoked the anger in his heart!

Sky darkened, Qin Yun used Shadow power to blend into the darkness.

The black clothed elder walking towards Long Qiaofeng is obviously a Soul Refining Master. At this time, a few middle aged Xuan Martial Realm cultivators grabbed Long Qiaofeng.

The black clothed elder has a very high status. After all, he is a rare Soul Refining Master. He took out a pearl and smiled sinisterly : "Phoenix Martial Spirit, this is a Divine Beast Martial Spirit. It is too wasteful on you!"

Long Qiaofeng wanted to self-destruct but did not succeed. She can only desperately struggle and rain curses at this group of people. The black clothed elder laughed sinisterly and stretched out the black pearl. Everyone is looking at the black pearl, the next step is extracting Long Qiaofeng's martial spirit!

When their attention is focused on the pearl, Qin Yun quietly came behind the black clothed elder. The black clothed elder is concentrating on controlling the strange pearl, making the pearl release devouring power.

"Go to hell, old bastard!" Qin Yun took out the Nether Soul Sacred Blade and viciously thrust it into the old man's head.

This all happened too suddenly! No one expected that the formidable Martial King who has powerful defensive magic tools on his body would have his head pierced through in an instant. The weapon that pierced through the black clothed elder's head was a broken blade filled with cracks! The most terrible thing is that after the blade pierced through, it directly devoured the elder's soul!

Shua shua shua!

Soon after, a few throwing knives flew out and started piercing through. Qin Yun strengthened those throwing knives with help of Yao Fang's power. Furthermore, he carved many Star and Moon runes on them. Ordinary Xuan Martiral Realm Martial Monarch's don't have good protective armors, their lives were simply harvested. Most of the Martial Monarchs here are just trash, otherwise they would already go to the Sword Martial Assembly. In the dark night, the courtyard is very quiet, ground is littered with corpses! Qin Yun controlled the throwing knives to fly back and then helped Long Qiaofeng up. As soon as Long Qiaofeng saw the throwing knives, she knew that Qin Yun arrived.

"You stupid woman, I've been following you all along!" Qin Yun pinched her face : "You actually wanted to lie to me!"

Long Qiaofeng's head is lowered and her face is covered in tears.

"Alright, stop crying!" Qin Yun wiped away the tears on her face.

"Thank you!" Long Qiaofeng breathed heavily with her nose, then wiped away her tears.

"When I first met you, you were afraid of death and pain but now you're not afraid of anything. This is a huge improvement!" Qin Yun playfully laughed and then took out a storage bag and kept the corpses inside.

Long Qiaofeng doesn't know how to thank Qin Yun. She only feels that she owes him a lot and that she will never be able to repay his kindness no matter what.

"Qin Yun, you are really awesome! You clearly are not at Xuan Martial Realm but you can kill that many people in one go!" Long Qiaofeng exclaimed in admiration.

"I'm an Inscription Master!" Qin Yun said with a smile : "Let's go. Quickly, bring me to look for that dragon!"

He pulled Long Qiaofeng with him and used the shadow power to allow her to blend into the darkness. He told Long Qiaofeng to take a darker road so that they wouldn't be seen by people. The reason why Qin Yun helped Long Qiaofeng before was all because of this day! One must know that the dragon in the Long family is hidden very deep. Even many disciples don't know about it. Long Qiaofeng also inquired for a long time before she found out where the dragon is. Now, she is bringing Qin Yun to that place. If Long Qiaofeng was not leading the way, Qin Yun would never have expected that the dragon would be hidden within a group of old buildings. This area looks like an abandoned region, no one lives there and it is pitch black at night.

"Right here?" Qin Yun asked with voice transmission.

"It's below this area!" Long Qiaofeng said : "There's a very powerful barrier that can't be penetrated with Divine Ability power!"

"We can only enter through the main entrance!" Qin Yun said.

Long Qiaofeng brought Qin Yun into the middle of the group old houses and saw two lanterns hanging at the entrance of a courtyard. Qin Yun immediately knew that the underground entrance is in that courtyard. The group of old houses are in the northeast side of the Wei Long Villa. In the vicinity of this area, there aren't many buildings on the ground and there are also many small mountains here. There is no one in the courtyard!

"Qiaofeng, from where does that dragon come out?" Qin Yun asked with a voice transmission.

"That dragon can transform into a human, so it becomes a human to come out!" Long Qiaofeng looked ahead towards a fake mountain and said : "The entrance is right there!"

Qin Yun walked over to take a look and found a large iron gate. The iron gate is several meters tall and has a very strong barrier. Qin Yun is unable to use the Mysterious Penetration Divine Ability to enter, so he can only allow Mo Mo to come out. In Qin Yun's Nine Sun Divine Spirit's first pearl, there are two Immortal Origins. After Mo Mo absorbed the energy inside, her unique ability increased significantly. Once the delicate and cute little fairy came out, it quickly took care of the runes on the barrier and returned to the Nine Sun Divine Spirit. After the barrier is destroyed, Qin Yun brought Long Qiaofeng, used Mysterious Penetration Divine Ability to go through the iron gate with him. After going in, everywhere is pitch black. Very quickly they arrived underground, although it is pitch black here, it is also very spacious.

"Xiao Yun, that dragon is very strong. Even Martial Emperors might not be able to deal with it!" Ling Yuner said : "You will have to properly use the Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppressing Cauldron!"

Qin Yun's mental power has become more and more strong and his control over the Heavenly Lion's power also improved, it is rather easy for him to use the Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppressing Cauldron. The Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppressing Cauldron can deal with Long family people or dragons with formidable power.

"Who!" suddenly, someone raored in deep voice.

Red ray of light appeared ahead. A middle aged man with a head full of disorderly red hair slowly walked over. At this moment, Qin Yun and Long Qiaofeng also saw that the underground plaza is littered with corpses. The red haired middle aged man is also holding a thigh! The Long family is actually using human corpses to raise dragon! In other words, that dragon is a Devil beast. Only Devil beasts and Devils like to eat humans and the more they eat, the stronger they become!

"Great, I always wanted to eat something new. I didn't expect them to deliver themsleves, hahaha!" the red haired middle aged man laughed loudly.

Clearly, that red haired middle aged man is a Devil dragon transformed into a human!

Long Qiaofeng is extremely nervous because she can sense how terrifying that dragon is. She tightly grabbed Qin Yun's hand.

Qin Yun also have not said anything and directly took out the Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppressing Cauldron!

The Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppressing Cauldron appeared, the red haired middle aged man who was walking over while laughing loudly, can no longer laugh.

The Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppressing Cauldron suddenly enveloped the red haired middle aged man, after it was released the pressure from it is so mighty that he is completely unable to move. However, when the red haired middle aged man sensed the danger, he let out a exploding roar! Powerful sound wave shook the earth.


The Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppressing Cauldron also completely enveloped the red haired middle aged man and gradually started shrinking.

"It worked!" Qin Yun exitedly laughed and said. Then, he pulled Long Qiaofeng along to quickly leave the basement.

They just left that courtyard when they sensed more than a dozen of Martial King and Martial Emperor auras. The dragon's exploding roar just now shook the entire Wei Long Villa. Those Martial Emperors and Martial Kings know very well that there is a dragon in this area. That dragon has been raised by their Long family for many years.

Qin Yun and Long Qiaofeng are also feeling excited and somewhat worried. That's because they are still in the Wei Long Villa. Thankfully, it is night. Qin Yun used Shadow power and brought along Long Qiaofeng and easily left the Wei Long Villa's barrier and flew in the sky.

"Qin Yun, everyone knows that I have returned. Furthermore, the Soul Refining Master is dead. They will definitely suspect me!" Long Qiaofeng said.

"What are you afraid of? After you change your appearance and hide in Fire Moon City and don't come out, who will know about you?" Qin Yun said with a smile.

"But I'm still worried that Fire Moon City will be implicated!" Long Qiaofeng sighed : "Paper cannot wrap fire. Sooner or later, people will find out!"

Qin Yun also understood Long Qiaofeng's worry. Therefore, he brought her back to the Immortal Weapon Palace and explained the situation to Bing Xing. He let Bing Xing arrange her matters here.

After properly arranging Long Qiaofeng's matters, Qin Yun moved towards Sword City full of joy and expectation. He wants to find Xiao Yuemei urgently, then refine souls together!
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