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Yue You and Yang Shiyue's past life were twin sisters. Even after Yang Shiyue reincarnated, they still has deep familial feelings. It is also because of this that Yue You did not act ruthlessly towards Qin Yun after Qin Yun entered the Nether Moon Desolate Domain.

"Sister Bing Xing, are you on good terms with Yue You?" Qin Yun asked.

"It's not bad!" Bing Xing said.
"What about Xiao Xuanqin? In her previous life, her name was Yueqin!" Qin Yun said again.

"As long as they are from the Guang Han Palace, we have a good relationship with each other!" Bing Xing said : "Why are you asking this?"

Qin Yun is somewhat unclear so he asked : "Why was my previous life pestering your Guang Han Palace? Could it be some coincidence?"

Bing Xing coldly snorted : "Because the disciples from Guang Han Palace were all very outstanding. They were from powerful forces and families and they had all kinds of treasures on them! Everyone wanted to get their hands on us!"

"That's true!" Qin Yun said with a smile : "Furthermore, all of you are very beautiful!"

Bing Xing shot a glance at Qin Yun and said coldly : "Are you still not going to the Sword Immortal Pavilion?"

"Of course. However, first I'll go and play with the little girl, Jingmeng!" Qin Yun said with a playful smile.

"She's in seclusion! She's cultivating mental power in the Immortal Weapon Fantasy Field!" Bing Xing said.

Qin Yun really wanted to find the cute, innocent girl Liu Jingmeng. Now, he can only give up on that idea.

Bing Xing continued : "Shiyue said that she gave you her Star Lord Inscription Spirit. Did you fuse with it?"

Qin Yun promptly nodded : "I've fused with it!"

"She's being watched by many forces right now. You have to hurry up and become stronger, don't let her be bullied!" Bing Xing warned.

"I surely will!" Qin Yun's expression immediately turned serious.

Although Yang Shiyue is safe inside Demon Moon Island, it is only temporary. One must know, everyone still thinks that the Star Lord Inscription Spirit is still in Yang Shiyue's hands. Furthermore, Yang Shiyue also possesses the Immortal Moon origin, which is also a very precious treasure.

Qin Yun quietly left the Immortal Weapon Palace and headed for the Sword Immortal Pavilion in the Sword City. After the Sword Immortal Pavilion abode was attacked by the Devil Xuan Domain's powerful Devil Sects, Sword Island has been rebuilt and became very large, moreover it is now two layers. After all, the Sword Immortal Pavilion wants to gather all the members of the Sword family in the Spirit Desolate's Ordinary Realm, so they must be bigger. Only the gathering of the Sword family and the Long family could be such large scale. And now, the Long family apparently know of the Sword family's plot.

Qin Yun walked out of the city gate of the Immortal Weapon City and he saw a black clothed masked man riding a very strong steed.

"This aura seems very familiar!" Qin Yun looked towards distance and felt a familiar yet powerful aura.

"It's Long Qiaofeng!" Qin Yun is pleasantly surprised in his heart.

Qin Yun has a beard on his face and his hair was long. Half of his face is concealed and his hair is somewhat white. He is wearing coarse gray clothes and not releasing any aura. It is difficult to recognize him as Qin Yun. He passed in front of Long Qiaofeng but she didn't recognize him.

"Qiaofeng!" Qin Yun transmitted his voice to Long Qiaofeng : "I'm Qin Yun!"

Long Qiaofeng is riding on a steed, wearing black clothes and a mask. She softly said : "Come up!"

Qin Yun lightly leaped onto the horse and sat behind Long Qiaofeng.

"Hold me tight!" Long Qiaofeng said softly.

Qin Yun embraced Long Qiaofeng's slender waist and said with a smile : "I'm good. Let's go!"

Long Qiaofeng rode her horse, she brought Qin Yun away from the Immortal Weapon City. The direction they are heading towards is not the Sword Island.

"Qiaofeng, were you waiting for me outside the city?" Qin Yun asked.

"Yes!" Long Qiaofeng said : "I predicted that you would return within this period of time, so I arrived outside the city to wait for you!"

"You women have really scary premonition!" Qin Yun said with a smile.

He is embracing Long Qiaofeng from behind and put his chin on her shoulder, experiencing her enchanting fragrance.

Long Qiaofeng said : "I originally only held onto a thread of hope, I really didn't expect you to really come back! Qin Yun, I'll bring you to the Long family's Wei Long Villa!"

(TL NOTE : Wei Long means mighty dragon.)

"Why are we going to the Long family?" Qin Yun asked with a frown.

"Proud Star State's Long family is now stronger. Everyone went to participate in the Sword Martial Assembly!" Long Qiaofeng said : "The current power of the Long Family is very strong, so they are very arrogant. They think that no one would dare to rob the Long Family!"

"Qiaofeng, are you taking me to the Long family to rob them of everything?" Qin Yun immediately became excited.

"Don't even think about looting everything. Didn't you say you wanted to catch a dragon?" Long Qiaofeng said.

Qin Yun is somewhat worried for Long Qiaofeng, he asked : "Won't they suspect you?"

Long Qiaofeng said : "I've already found my way out! I am preparing to go to Fire Moon City!"

Fire Moon City is also a Moon Sect, it is also female only sect.

"Go to Demon Moon Island! I'll introduce you in!" Qin Yun placed his hand on Long Qiaofeng's abdomen. He can also sense that she has cultivated Xuan core and is a Xuan Martial Realm Martial Monarch.

Apparently, the great amount of stars that dropped in Remote Moon Mountain Range greatly benefited many people.

"I originally planned to go to the Demon Moon Island! Yuelan was the one who received me at that time. She said that it would be better if I went to Fire Moon City and then helped me contact Fire Moon City people! On the surface, the relationship between Fire Moon City and Demon Moon Island is not good but in secret they are allies!" Long Qiaofeng said.

Qin Yun also mentioned Long Qiaofeng's matters to Xiao Yuelan. Qin Yun does not find it strange that Xiao Yuelan would arrange things like this.

The Long family's Wei Long Villa is not within a city. Instead, it is within a mountain range. They flattened a large number of huge mountains and created a large flatland to construct the villa. The surrounding mountains were then used to set up formation.

Qin Yun and Long Qiaofeng arrived at the Wei Long Mountain Range and passed through a forest.

He looked up at the sky at the distance in front of him, there very powerful nine sun spiritual energy is being condensed.

"There's a very large formation up ahead!" Qin Yun exclaimed in admiration.

"En, that's where the Long family is!" Long Qiaofeng nodded.

"Qiaofeng, how did you cultivate to the Xuan Martial Realm?" Qin Yun asked : "You improved so quickly! I am only at the peak Spirit Martial Realm!"

"You still haven't broken through?" Long Qiaofeng felt somewhat amazed.

"I've been held back several years. It wasn't easy for me to leave the Nether Moon Desolate Domain!" Qin Yun sighed.

"The Remote Moon Mountain Range is now known as the Nebula Sacred Grounds, stars frequently fall there. I don't know what's going on but a large amount of resources are being produced there. My luck is good, I managed to obtain a lot of things before and then managed to break through!" Long Qiaofeng said.

"I thought the Long family woould nurture you!" Qin Yun said.

"That's a pipe dream! They aren't that kind! You don't know, they are now plotting against me, they want to take away my Phoenix martial spirit and gift it to another genius!" when Long Qiaofeng mentioned this matter, her face immediately became filled with anger.

At this time, they were also blocked by a barrier. Qin Yun gave it a try and passed through using the Mysterious Penetration Divine Ability. Then, he brought Long Qiaofeng through the barrier. There are still a few large mountains ahead. Since they are near the Wei Long Villa, they don't dare to fly and can only carefully walk.

"Qin Yun, you have the Devil Star Overlord. You should be able to defend against Martial Kings and Martial Emperors, right?" Long Qiaofeng suddenly asked.

"Well.. my Devil Star Overlord is sleeping! " Qin Yun said.

When Long Qiaofeng heard that, she promptly pulled back Qin Yun and started walking back.

"Qiaofeng, what's wrong?" Qin Yun hastily asked.

"You don't have the Devil Star Overlord, it will be very dangerous!" Long Qiaofeng lightly snorted and said : "Why didn't you say this earlier! There are no Half Immortals in the Wei Long Villa however there are Martial Emperors and Martial Kings!"

Qin Yun said with a smile : "There's no need to worry. Let's sneak in and take a look first!"

Long Qiaofeng is extremely resolute to not allow Qin Yun to take the risk.

"Since we're already here, I can't just go back like this!" Qin Yun said.

"No way, it's too dangerous. You just came out of the Nether Moon Desolate Domain. What would happen if you get caught?" Long Qiaofeng tightly held onto Qin Yun's arm, stopping him from going.

Qin Yun thought for a moment and said : "Qiaofeng, I have some Xuan Talismans that can make meteorites fall and even stars can fall! If the situation is bad, I will use those Xuan Talismans and create a large commotion. Then, I will escape!"

"Really?" Long Qiaofeng also recalled the Remote Moon Mountain Range. She also personally witnessed the stars fall, that was a scary sight.

"Of course it's true!" Qin Yun chuckled.

"How about this? I'll go investigate first and see how many Martial Kings and Martial Emperors the Long family left here!" Long Qiaofeng thought about it and felt that it will be more secure this way.

"Alright, I'll wait for you here!" Qin Yun spoke and took out a necklace and handed it over : "This is a voice transmission necklace. Put it around your neck and let your mental power to enter it. Then, you will be able to contact me!"

The necklace is very beautiful. It was forged by Qin Yun in the Nether Moon Desolate Domain. Yao Fang also helped. Long Qiaofeng quickly took it to bring it along with her. This is a very high grade item. One must know that many people only use sound transmission conch. Not only are they very big, they aren't also good looking. Qin Yun can carve complicated star runes and moon runes on a very small necklace, which is why he is able to make it so small.

Long Qiaofeng instructed Qin Yun to wait here for her return, then she quickly rushed towards the Wei Long Villa. Qin Yun obviously is not going to listen to Long Qiaofeng. After seeing her leave, he turned himself transparent and hastily followed her. After crossing over a few mountains, Qin Yun stood on top of a mountain peak. He also saw the gigantic Wei Long Villa, it is like a giant city. All around the Wei Long Villa is surrounded by layers upon layers of large mountains. Powerful Inscription Masters used those large mountains to set up a powerful defensive formation.

"I don't know whether or not the stars can break through the large formation here!" now, Qin Yun can clearly sense the powerful defense of Wei Long Villa.

Long Qiaofeng entered the Wei Long Villa. Qin Yun carefully followed behind. Long Qiaofeng did not notice. Long Qiaofeng also took off her mask, revealing her ice-cold and beautiful face. In the Long family, Long Qiaofeng can sense a great deal of danger, so she always has a bad look on her face. Long Qiaofeng is walking on the main road, moving towards the center of the Wei Long Villa. Along the way, there were many people, however no one greeted her and it can be seen that her status is very low here.

In the evening, she arrived inside a large courtyard.

"Yo, Miss Qiaofeng! Didn't you go to the Sword Immortal Pavilion?" the person who spoke is a young man, he glanced at Long Qiaofeng from head to toe.

"I didn't want to go, so I came back. I hurried my journey the whole day and I want to rest!"

Just as Long Qiaofeng finished speaking, many people walked out of the courtyard. They are all some very arrogant youths and middle aged men. There are Spirit Martial Realm and Xuan Martial Realm among them.
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