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This ancient and mysterious martial city had been controlled by the Inscription Palace for many years but now half of it had been destroyed.

The Ancient Martial City was protected by all sorts of powerful and mysterious formations and barriers. Only those of the Martial Dao Realm could enter.

Now, even with so many Martial Dao Realm cultivators, they were unable to take down Qin Yun!

The ground near the city gate was uneven and many people struggled to emerge from the ground, their hearts full of fear!

Qin Yun had broken the black soul curse and grasped a divine ability!

Even a martial artist at the sixth level of the Martial Dao was afraid of such power!

In the sky, the Martial King wished he could destroy the ancient city's barrier and go in to capture Qin Yun.

However, the formation in the ancient city was very powerful. Not to mention Martial Kings like them, even stronger people could do nothing about it.

"Inscription Palace, hurry up and open the city gates! Judging from Qin Yun's strength, cultivators below the sixth level of the Martial Dao will be in great danger if they meet him!" A Bloodline Martial King said.

Those Bloodline Aristocrat Clans had sent many young Bloodline Warriors to chase after Qin Yun.

Now, they knew that Qin Yun had made a breakthrough, so they could only recall those disciples with low cultivation.

The Martial King from Spirit Desolate looked at the people from the Inscription Palace and said, "Qin Yun is a high-ranked Spirit Inscription Master. The Body Securing Talisman he crafted is enough to freeze any Martial Dao Realm cultivator! Furthermore, he has the Dragon Suppressing Cauldron, Heavenly Lion bloodline and totem. If he is determined to continue this, even if he's at the ninth level Martial Body realm, he still needs to be killed!"

"Hurry up and shut down the sealing formation in your Inscription Palace. Get people out of there! If this goes on, it won't be us hunting for Qin Yun but he will be hunting our excellent disciples of the Martial Dao Realm! "

The Martial City could only be entered but not exited. Everyone thought that the Inscription Palace had sealed off the ancient city.

However, the truth was that Qin Yun was controlling the great array inside the ancient city!

The Inscription Palace's Martial King broke out in a cold sweat and said, "To be honest, the Ancient City being sealed is not under our control but it suddenly appeared and we were also trying to find the reason!"

When the Martial Dao Realm cultivators below heard these words, an uproar broke out and waves of curses were heard.

They had originally thought that it would be fine even if they failed to kill Qin Yun after entering the ancient city.

But now, they were trapped here!

They clearly remembered how Qin Yun tore the totem martial artist apart and devoured them. He looked like a fiendish demon!

The Martial King of Totem Pavilion said coldly, "It looks like we have to join hands and break the ancient city's enchantment! We are all enemies of Qin Yun. If he is allowed to grow, none of us will be able to escape!"

The Spirit Desolate experts did not think much of it. An elder sneered and said: "What is there to be afraid of a mere Martial Dao Realm cultivator? He has two dao cores. If he wanted to reach the Spirit Martial Realm, he would need at least a hundred years! And there is still the Xuan realm after the Spirit realm! At the very least, he can become a Martial King in a thousand years or even several thousand years!"

"We must obtain his Heavenly Lion bloodline!" The eyes of a Bloodline Martial King were filled with greed. "As long as we can obtain a bowl of Heavenly Lion's blood, we can create a Heavenly Lion's bloodline. After that, we can reproduce and more Heavenly Lion's blood will appear!"

"That's right! We, the Bloodline Aristocrat Families, must join forces to capture Qin Yun." The other Bloodline Martial King said somewhat excitedly, "With this bloodline, dealing with the dragon will be much easier!"

The Bloodline Aristocrat Clan hated others for stealing their Inherited Bloodline.

But now, they wanted to rob Qin Yun of his Heavenly Lion bloodline.

This caused many people to secretly look down on them.

Afterwards, these Martial Kings joined hands and bombarded the transparent barrier nonstop. However, it was to no avail.

The enchantment had a very strong absorbing ability. It could absorb the powerful energy they had sent their way.

Qin Yun brought Xie Wufeng deep underground with him. Through the crack in the ground, they ran into the distance before using the Penetrating Divine Art to return to the base of the formation!

After he returned, he hurriedly placed the injured Xie Wufeng into the jade vat that was used to heal his injuries.

Hong Mengshu was placed under Cai Xiangjing for her treatment.

Xiao Yuelan saw that Qin Yun was also injured and helped heal him.

"Elder Wang and Elder Zhang are both dead!" When Qin Yun thought of this matter, he clenched his fists tightly and said furiously, "Those Bloodline Aristocrat Families, just you wait!"

At this moment, Murong Daren and company learned of what had happened. While they were infuriated, they were also astonished that Qin Yun could save Hong Mengshu under such circumstances.

While Xiao Yuelan was healing Qin Yun, she discovered that there were several strands of violent and turbid energy in his body.

The energies were not that of Qin Yun. They had been devoured by him.

"The energies in your body are very strong. I will refine them with you!" Xiao Yuelan said: "While we're at it, let's completely refine that immortal pill!"

Qin Yun also wished to break through quickly and obtain greater strength. Only by doing so would he be able to eliminate the warriors outside!

Xie Wufeng's Origin Sword was also heavily injured and was taken away by a bloodline martial artist. If he was unable to take it back, he would have to cultivate again.

Cai Xiangjing came from the Nether Moon Palace in the Spirit Desolate Land. She was a warrior of the Spirit Martial Realm but she could use a secret technique to suppress her cultivation and enter the ancient city of martial arts.

However, she could not release the power of her own Spirit realm or else she would be rejected by the power of the ancient city and she would be tortured to death.

She also knew that she was the one with the strongest cultivation here, so everyone needed her strength.

"Qin Yun, even if I make a move, I can only use the cultivation of the ninth level of the Martial Dao! My duty is to protect Yuelan!" Cai Xiangjing said, "If you're really eager to get your hands on power, I have a suggestion!"

"In the Martial City, there are three sacred cultivation sites. They are the Dao Heart Pool, Dao Origin Pool and Dao Body Pool! As for where it is, I am not sure. In short, it is a place where the martial dao realm can advance by leaps and bounds! "

Qin Yun was cultivating together with Xiao Yuelan. He opened his eyes and said, "Let me try and see if I can sense the location through the array base!"

He quickly channeled his mental energy into the array foundation to sense the ancient city's grand formation.

If there really were three cultivation pools, then it would definitely require a very large amount of energy to maintenance.

"The Dao Heart Pool cultivates the Mental Energy, the Dao Origin Pool cultivates the Dao Core and Martial Spirit and the Dao Body Pool cultivates the fleshly body!" Cai Xiangjing said, "If you know where it is and we can capture it. It should be able to help everyone break through faster!"

Through the foundation of the formation, Qin Yun quickly sensed a place where it was absorbing a large amount of the array's energy.

He also realized that he could teleport from this place!

"I've found it, I'll head over later!" Qin Yun said.

"I'll go with you!" Xiao Yuelan was a little worried and hurriedly said.

Cai Xiangjing was also very worried because she was mainly protecting Xiao Yuelan.

"Sister Jing, don't worry!" Xiao Yuelan smiled at her.

Hong Mengshu needed Cai Xiangjing to heal her injuries. Xie Wufeng needed to be taken care of, so Cai Xiangjing had no choice but to agree.

"You must be careful!" Cai Xiangjing instructed Qin Yun and Xiao Yuelan very seriously.

After cultivating together, Qin Yun quickly returned to his peak state. Thinking back to the frenzied state he had fallen into previously, he felt a lingering fear.

Qin Yun held Xiao Yuelan's hand and passed through the teleportation formation at the base of the formation. They arrived at the halfway mark of a mountain.

The mountain was filled with towering ancient trees. Qin Yun and Xiao Yuelan appeared in a tree hole where the two gigantic trees had merged.

The locations of these transfer arrays were all inside the giant tree and were very secretive.

At this moment, the sky was dark. Qin Yun and company used Shadow Force after it turned dark and brought Xiao Yuelan to search the vicinity.

Not long after, they found a cave. This cave was also very secretive, as it was blocked by a large rock.

Qin Yun pulled Xiao Yuelan and used divine art to penetrate a large rock as he quietly entered the cave.

This ancient city had been under the control of the Inscription Palace for a long time, so the place of cultivation must have been controlled long ago.

Only the teleportation formation and the foundation of the formation had not been found.

Xiao Yuelan held Qin Yun's hand tightly as she secretly felt the mysterious power of the Nether Sun.

Suddenly, she broke free from Qin Yun's grasp.

Qin Yun was alarmed as he hurriedly looked at Xiao Yuelan but he could not see anything!

"Xiao Yun!" Xiao Yuelan transmitted her voice to Qin Yun, "I can also use that power to hide in the darkness!"

"Yuelan! You and Yue Mei are similar, she can copy other people's martial spirits, you can copy other people's special powers!" Qin Yun transmitted his voice. He was extremely astonished.

"When you have time in the future, if you have any special powers, you can tell me and let me duplicate them!" Xiao Yuelan gently smiled.

This was the power of Xiao Yuelan's mysterious third martial spirit.

Then they held hands so that they knew where each other was.

The tunnel to the cave was not big and it could only be used for three people.

After walking for about a thousand meters, Qin Yun and Xiao Yuelan saw that there was a door on the left and right sides of the passageway. Furthermore, there was an opening dozens of meters ahead of them. There was also a door there.

"The Dao Heart Pond, Dao Origin Pond and Dao Body Pond, they should all be here!" Xiao Yuelan said with a sound transmission, "Let's go in and take a look!"

Qin Yun nodded and pulled Xiao Yuelan along as he used his Penetrating Divine Technique to pierce through the door on the left.

If he had only gone through it for a short distance, it would not consumed too much of his internal energy. Qin Yun would have been able to use it with Xiao Yuelan at ease.

After passing through the door, Qin Yun hurriedly took out transparent soul bead to make both him and Xiao Yuelan transparent.

Fortunately, he reacted quickly, because there were many people here and the room was filled with bright golden lights.

It was a square stone room with a width of over ten meters. In the middle of it was a circular pool of water over twenty meters wide. Over a dozen people were soaking in the pool.

Beside the pool, there was an old man standing guard!

That old man was covered in devil qi, he was actually a Devil Fighter!

The people in the pool were all devil cultivators!

Qin Yun immediately thought of the trade with the Devil Dao Sect!

"Yuelan, attack!"

Qin Yun took out a few Body Securing Talismans and was about to throw them when he saw Xiao Yuelan fly over. Her slender hand slashed at the old man's neck!

The old guard was at the 9th level Martial Dao. He could also feel the danger approaching but after discovering it, his head had already landed on the ground!
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