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Nine Sun God King Chapter 1143

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Xiao Yuemei is watching from the side. Her beautiful eyes are flickering with anticipation. She said with charming smile : "I heard about cultivating using Divine Power during my past life. I always wanted to try it out but never got the chance. I didn't expect that in this life, I would be able to cultivate with Divine Power even before becoming an Immortal!"

Qin Yun said with smile : "Is Divine Power truly that important?"

"Of course! Why do you think the Devil Immortal Great Emperor's group is so powerful? It is because they cultivate with Divine Power! If we also want to become as powerful as them, we need to do the same!" although Xiao Yuemei traveled far and wide during her past life, Divine Power is an item of fantasy and adoration to her. So she wants to get a hold of it very much.

As the large golden Devil Horn began flickering on the Evil God Altar, Xiao Yuemei asked : "Evil God, we are preparing to sacrifice Dragon Spirits to you, Will it be enough?"

"Dragon Spirit? He he he.. good, quickly do it! If it is not enough, go find some vicious spirits!" Evil God became very happy because nobody ever sacrificed Dragon Spirit to him.

Qin Yun took out three Spirit Sealing pearl, placed them on the altar and said : "What do I do? Those Dragon Spirits are inside Spirit Sealing Pearls."

"Release the Dragon Spirits from the pearls onto the altar. I will absorb them through the altar." Evil God said.

Qin Yun did as instructed and soon enough all the Dragon Spirits have been absorbed by the altar at a very fast speed.

"Evil God, have you managed to break the seal?" Xiao Yuemei impatiently asked.

"I can sense a very strong sacrificial power.. ha ha ha..." Evil God laughed very happily : "I haven't felt this for a long time, I can't help but be nostalgic..."

"Quickly break the seal!" Xiao Yuemei urged.

"Although these Dragon Spirits are very powerful, they are still not enough. You will need to find a few more of them and then I will be able to succeed. I am just a bit away!" Evil God said.

"Evil God, I have many Star Spirits in my hands, will they be useful to you?" Qin Yun suddenly recalled all the Star Spirits Yu Shutian gave him.

"I also have them!" Xiao Yuemei also obtained many Star Spirits from Yu Shutian.

"They are useless to me! If I were the Star God, they would be very useful to me!" Evil God said with sigh.

"Is there truly a Star God in the Divine Desolate?" Xiao Yuemei very curiously asked.

"Of course! Moreover, a very formidable one, ranked ninth on the Divine Desolate God Ranking! A very high and aloof existence!" Evil God's voice is filled with envy and yearning. He let out a long sigh and said : "Even I only managed to see that person once from far away! Star God has many God slaves and servants, even better ones than you two!"

Xiao Yuemei lightly groaned and said : "Evil God, are you truly just a bit away from breaking the seal? You aren't swindling us right?"

Evil God said : "Little girl, we are partners, what benefit would I have by cheating you? You two are the best partners I have got in many years! Whether or not I can rise in Divine Desolate completely depends on you!"

"Alright, then we will go find some more Dragon Spirits!" Xiao Yuemei is somewhat at a loss and pouted.

Qin Yun laughed, pinched her adorable pouting face and said : "We will get more Dragon Spirits very soon! Wait until Xu Xiaoba returns!"

He continued : "Evil God, the Dragon God Altar has been destroyed. What kind of situation the Dragon God is currently in?"

"Dragon Race should still have another Dragon God Altar but it is of rather poor quality. They can still contact Dragon God but can not obtain the same quality Divine Power as before!" Evil God said.

Xiao Yuemei patted the Evil God Altar and said with smile : "Evil God, what's the deal with this altar of yours?"

"It can transform the Divine Power into liquid during transportation. And I can at most send 10 vats of Divine Liquid but because of space travel and other reasons, only 3 vat amount of Divine Liquid will remain. Moreover, it will take another seven years before I can send you anything again!" Evil God's voice is filled with helplessness.

"Ahhh! Doesn't it mean that 70% of the Divine Liquid would be wasted?" Xiao Yuemei has an expression of great regret. She said again : "Evil God, can't you send us a bit more?"

"I also want to but the altar on your side is not too good. On top of that, the higher ups are closely watching me! I can only do 10 vats at most!" Evil God said.

"There should a space formation within the altar right? To accept items from Divine Desolate?" Qin Yun asked.

"Something like that! Once you upgrade the altar to 10th layer, the wastage will be lowered by a lot, you will get 90% of the Divine Liquid and the quality won't be lessened!" Evil God said with smile : "Aside from this, I can also send you Divine Iron Powder, you can use them to refine magic tools! He he!"

Qin Yun and Xiao Yuemei became very excited despite knowing that Evil God is letting them hear some fluffy things to make them excited for future gain. They have begun to become impatient waiting for Xu Xiaoba. After Evil God breaks free, Qin Yun would obtain more Divine Power in form of liquid than he obtained last time. If he dual cultivates with Xiao Yuemei, they can use the same Divine Liquid at the same time.

"I am not waiting for Xiaoba any longer!" Qin Yun took out the Devil Horn and the altar, as well as a large beast skin.

"Brother, what are you trying to do? We can't sacrifice people's lives!" Xiao Yuemei said with smile : "Let's just wait for that guy!"

"Relax, no matter what, I will never kill innocent people to offer them as sacrifice!" Qin Yun took out the Mental Resonance King Pen and said with smile : "I will now setup a formation that will draw in those vicious spirits!"

"That's a great idea! Need my help?" Xiao Yuemei happily asked.

"No need, I can complete it myself!" Qin Yun began carving runes on the beast skin at a very fast pace.

"Will we be able to draw in many vicious spirits if this formation is complete?" Xiao Yuemei asked in amazement : "Where can we find so many vicious spirits?"

"There are countless Ghost Beasts and such in the Ancient Domain. After they are killed, their spirit roam around everywhere. We can draw in those spirits with this formation. However, this is just a crude formation I am crafting because I want Evil God to quickly break his seal. Later I will make a Spirit Suppressing Pagoda that specializes in absorbing vicious spirits!" Qin Yun said.

"Make me one too! I also want to help Evil God!" Xiao Yuemei said with smile.

"Alright." Qin Yun nodded.

Very soon Qin Yun is done. He setup the formation at the roof of the Nine Condensation Pagoda and said with smile : "This formation will get energy from the pagoda and draw in vicious spirits! Let's see if we can get some vicious spirits here!"

These vicious spirits can't be seen with naked eyes but their aura can be sensed and attracted by this formation. Qin Yun began using Extinction Spirit Eyes to look around and soon enough, he saw many black vicious spirits flying over. He quickly took out a large Spirit Sealing Pearl and placed it in the middle of the formation. Those vicious spirits began pouring into the pearl one after another. The more vicious spirits entered the pearl, the blacker it became.

"Why does holy lake contain so many vicious spirits? What is going on?" Qin Yun said with frown.

Xiao Yuemei curled her lips and said : "It must be that Heavenly Dao Divine Rune who killed many people there. Also the Dragon God Altar was nearby, they must have killed many people at the altar!"

Xiao Yuemei's speculation is half right. Aside from that, there are many battle stages inside the Great Ancient College. Countless talented people died during martial competition and the Dragon God Altar tried to used their death as sacrifices. The pearl continued to become more and more black.

"Great! We will no longer have to run everywhere now!" Qin Yun said with smile.

"Will it be enough?" Xiao Yuemei asked.

"Let's wait. There are more vicious spirits in the vicinity. We should take them all!" Qin Yun said. From the shape of the vicious spirits, he can tell that many of these have been from beasts.

After waiting for more than half a day, the pearl finally became completely filled with black colored vicious spirits and began to emit a very evil aura.

"These things should be very delicious to Evil God right?" Xiao Yuemei began eating a fruit and said with charming smile.

"The vicious spirits inside should be as powerful as a Dragon Spirit!" Qin Yun is very happy. He very carefully picked up the filled Spirit Sealing Pearl and placed another one on the formation. Then he took out the Evil God Altar and the Devil Horn.

"Evil God, this time we don't have Dragon Spirit but we have many vicious spirits! They should have equal effect for you, right?" Qin Yun said with smile.

"It is fine. After all, Dragon Spirits are hard to come by!" Evil God said.

Qin Yun released the vicious spirits from the pearl onto the altar.

Hu hu hu....

As soon as they appeared, those vicious spirits let out waves of roar and began struggling to fly away from the altar. But they failed and were absorbed by the altar.

"Very good.. very good... I will soon be able to break out!" Evil God laughed heartily.

Xiao Yuemei is eating a bright colored fruit and said with sweet smile : "Brother, we will soon be able to obtain Divine Liquid!"

The vicious spirits continued being absorbed by the altar and soon enough, the altar trembled and released a burst of golden light.

"I broke the seal... ha ha ha..." Evil God burst into laughter.

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