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Spirit Cultivation 527 First Group Fight - Part 1

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The moment she saw the old man fly out, Yiren immediately panicked. She was acting cocky just now, bravely stealing the Elemental Stone from him but she totally didn't expect him to change his targets so abruptly. 

"Please, we have to help them!" Yiren called out, hugging the Phoenix leg but it wasn't even a bit interested. 

"Why would I help the friends of that little dragon? I literally kidnapped you to force him into coming here. I want to fight him for what he said to me. I'm sorry." 

Despite panicking, Yiren spotted her chance. "Drakos? That old man wants to kill them! How will you fight him if that old man kills him?!" 

The Phoenix's eyes widened and she glared at the old man's distant back, cursing, "Fuck! I didn't think about it. The little dragon is mine to kill!" 

Yiren didn't want to be grabbed in the claws again so she flew up and sat on the Phoenix's back, suggesting, "Let's go! We don't have time!" 

The Phoenix didn't seem to like it but the desire to get its revenge on Drakos was much stronger. 

"Hold on tight!" 


While the Phoenix launched itself to the sky, almost blowing Yiren off its back, Xuefeng's group was already half-way there, rushing towards the mountain without any plan what so ever. 

They didn't have time to stop and think, having only one day to reach the mountain. 

"We are almost at the third sector! Get ready to drop down into the jungle and fight," Drakos warned and everyone visually tensed up.

Even though the skies were clear of any monsters, they could feel the overwhelming pressure coming from below. Despite it being only the second sector, they already had trouble breathing. Many God Stage Spirit Beast announced their presence this way, marking their territory.

"Tianshi, Lisa, support us from the middle! Wen, Wuying, Drakos, you handle the front-lines! Yi and Shan, back-lines! Nuwa and me, side-lanes! Wu, protect the supports!" Xuefeng shouted orders, seeing the line of trees ahead began to thicken. The deeper they adventured, the denser the jungle. 

It wasn't a game anymore. This time someone could easily die if they were careless. 

"Our goal is to push through and reach the mountain as soon as possible. Don't focus on killing the beasts. Push them back and move forward! Let's hope we won't be attacked by many." 

Just as he finished instructing, they all felt an immense gravity force pull them to the ground, making flying almost impossible. 

"Tianshi, shields! Everyone, take Lisa's pills! We are going down!" 

Tianshi was already prepared, creating a transparent shield around everyone for an extra layer of protection. She was already sweating, boosting their speed to the maximum for a while already. 

Xuefeng popped a few pills prepared by Lisa and others followed suit, descending all together. 


Xuefeng's dantian immediately exploded with Qi and his muscles filled with bountiful energy. His Dragon Edge shone brightly, the blue scales taking advantage of the extra Qi, coated with an extra layer of sharpness. 

"Good stuff!" Xuefeng complimented, the excess Qi bursting out of his body which made him look like a God descending from heavens. 

The whole group looked insane but the only thing he worried about was the coordination between them. This would be the first time they actually fought in an organized formation. 

"Watch out! Ten beasts right underneath us! It's a small pack of wolfs!" 

Right when they passed the crowns of the trees, Tianshi warned in an alert. Their luck wasn't that good to immediately meet with multiple beasts at once. 

"We need to fight! They are faster than us on land!" Wu informed, using their connection channel, and proposed, "I will put my Infinity Blade to use! That will distract them!" 

Wu was already prepared, her new Infinity Blade firmly in her hands. 

"Nuwa, support her! The rest, attack the leader!" Xuefeng followed up, already finding the target for himself. 

Five meters tall blue wolf in the middle of eating. It was definitely above a God Stage. 


No one wanted to be disturbed while eating and the Leader wasn't happy with all the attackers coming from the sky. 

Wu dove down first, using gravity to her advantage. 


Like a comet, she struck the ground with her sword, spawning thousands of blades all around the area. Few meters long Infinity Blade copies pierced upwards, stabbing all the wolves in their bellies and legs. 

Unfortunately, they didn't do much damage, none of them piercing too deeply into their skin. The copies were just much weaker than the actual Infinity Blade. 

Wu looked disappointed but at least she achieved one goal of immobilizing the enemies.


The Wolf Leader howled angrily, smashing his body against the blades, braking them with its massive weight before cutting them with its claws. 

Wu shivered, losing massive amounts of Qi just from keeping the blades but she kept the wolves locked firmly. 

Thankfully, Xuefeng and the rest were already there to assist. 


All of their attacks landed at the same time, Xuefeng's Dragon Edge slashing straight at the wolf's face. 

Cling! Cling! Cling! Cling! 

He felt as if he just struck a stone, his Dragon Edge bouncing off with a metallic sound.

They all jumped away only to see the Wolf Leader turn itself into a metal statue, defending against all the attacks with ease. 


The metal cracked at that moment and exploded, sending the metal fragments all around the place. Tianshi's shields performed well, defending them. 

"Wu, release the blades! Everyone, assemble around Wu!" Xuefeng ordered. 

The blades were no longer necessary, only disturbing their incoming battle. They couldn't move with blades all around the area. 

Just as Wu pulled her sword from the ground, Tianshi and Lisa landed safely behind her with everyone else following suit.

Their formation was finally complete. 

Wuying was the main commander when it came to battling while he was the leader of the group. She immediately took over after everyone was grouped, being more experienced in leading. 

"We can't kill the leader that fast! Use your Earth Qi to lock him from the rest! Kill the smaller wolves and then focus the leader!" Wuying commanded.

While the wolves glared at them, trying to slowly surround them, they began pumping Earth Qi into the ground, grouping it underneath the Wolf Leader. 

"Shan, Yi, engage with me! Xuefeng, Nuwa, lock them down one by one! Start from the right! Wen, Lisa, bombard the rest to distract them!" Wuying explained the fighting plan. "Execute!" 


The Wolf Leader called out to attack right as they moved but then four thick walls ascended from the ground, closing the leader in the darkness. 

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Xiao Wen's fireballs constantly exploded right at the wolves' faces, stunning them while Lisa's pills exploded underneath them, focusing them to defend. 

Xuefeng's role shifted from engaging to support as he locked down the wolf with Nuwa, making it unable to even blink. It was harder than he thought but Nuwa did most of the job for him. 

The three damage dealers worked like a well-oiled machine, cutting the target into pieces before switching to the next one. 

No one could underestimate the power of their group. 

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