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To be able to write a 9th Tier magic scroll, and a terrible spell like the Anubis' Spear, the crafter must have been at least at the 4th Rank of the Heaven realm and must have comprehended the terrifying Death Law and Soul Law.

Most importantly, releasing that spell didn't just require mana, it also required soul power. The six scrolls needed a huge amount of soul power. The price of using these six scrolls wasn't light. It could be seen from Morgan's painful expression.

The effects of these six Anubis' Spears was exceptionally good. A depressing painful deep roar echoed from the Holy Mountain Incarnation's mouth after it was pierced. The pitch-black power within its body somewhat weakened and many cracks appeared on the surface of its body. Even seven to eight thick cracks could be seen. 

Even Morgan took out a trump card, the others didn't dare to be careless. Something that could terrify a Peak 3rd Rank Heaven powerhouse like Clombton definitely wasn't something they could handle.

Dedale raised his metal staff and the three flaming spheres flying next to him rapidly revolved and a meter-big fire vortex now spread in front of him. A red golden light flickered from within as a flaming spear covered in numerous beautiful decorative patterns made its way out.

A layer of red golden flames was attached to the body of the Flame Spear. With the appearance of that Flame Spear, the surrounding space was burnt and pitch-black small holes kept appearing and disappearing.

The Flame Spear instantly disappeared and pierced through the chest of the Holy Mountain Incarnation. The red golden flames kept clashing against the ink-like pitch-black power.

Dubois summoned his Elemental God, and like a sea of lighting, Dubois' spells were all devoured by the Elemental God. The Elemental God let out a deep roar as glaring lightning was forming within its mouth before transforming into a lightning bolt so dazzling its color couldn't be seen. It then flew and hit the Holy Mountain Incarnation's head.

After releasing that spell, Dubois' Elemental God suddenly collapsed into lightning bolts and returned to his Demiplane.

Slythrin hesitated, before splitting the Endless Sand in half and softly blowing onto it. That small handful of Endless Sand turned into a small sand wave that attacked the Holy Mountain Incarnation. The Endless Sand came in contact with the pitch-black power on the Holy Mountain Incarnation's body and drilled into his body.

In an instant, the Beastman body of the Holy Mountain Incarnation crazily expanded as if someone was blowing air into it and the Endless Sand sprayed out from its wounds.

Birbo's chants echoed as his body turned into a shadow. The dense aura of the Shadow Law spread out and a shadow dagger ruthlessly stabbed onto the shadow of the Holy Mountain Incarnation.

Suddenly, that shadow seemed to come alive and frantically struggled as painful deep roars kept echoing...

As for Lin Yun, he hadn't summoned the Equilibrium Law's shadow, nor did he take out the God Fire Ember. He instead used law runes as a frame to form a huge pitch-black Wind Blade.

Even if the pitch-black Wind Blade formed from several hundred law runes could only display 0.1% of that matrix, it far exceeded any power that could be made from law runes made out of twelve base runes.

The pitch-black Wind Blade cut into the Holy Mountain Incarnation's head, and just as it looked like the Holy Mountain Incarnation was about to be beheaded, that ink-black power squeezed out and altered the direction of the Wind Blade, allowing the Holy Mountain Incarnation to keep half its neck. And even more pitch-black power surged out, forcibly destroying the Wind Blade.


The eighteen Heaven Rank powerhouses instantly went all out and released their strongest single-target spells and Aura Slashes at the Holy Mountain Incarnation.

Cross was floating in the air, he wasn't condensing Aura Weapons. Rather, his whole aura was poured into his golden sword, and his golden sword was like a golden shooting star as it rapidly fell towards the Holy Mountain Incarnation's head from the sky.

As for Clombton, his chanting became very intense. A glaring white star appeared amongst the dark clouds in the sky and fell towards the head of the Holy Mountain Incarnation like a meteor.

The berserk attacks thoroughly submerged the Holy Mountain Incarnation. The surface of its Beastman body started shattering like ice, huge cracks rapidly spread out . His body soon looked like porcelain before it exploded with a loud bang.

The ink-like sinister power and an aura carrying the heaviness of the earth appeared in the air. That powerful ink-like wave frantically pounced towards the heavy earth aura.

A phantom of the Holy Mountain appeared and that ink-black power frantically pounced on that phantom, crazily seeping into it. But suddenly, the Holy Mountain's phantom exploded into fragments, and all the fragments scattered to enter the earth under their feet. That pitch-black power seemed to fly into a rage and flew towards the depths of the Holy Mountain, disappearing from their sight.

The feeling of rejection finally disappeared and this place's air, space, and elements no longer rejected their existence. Everyone sighed in relief.

Clombton landed on the ground with a pale expression and he solemnly looked towards the depths of the Holy Mountain.

"The Holy Mountain is already under the control of the Ancient God, but the Holy Mountain was still resisting and the soul of the Ancient God couldn't force the Holy Mountain to display its strongest power.

"The Holy Mountain's will had always been resisting the Ancient God, thus, the power it could display could suddenly be higher, or lower.

"Moreover, this was also the reason why the Holy Mountain Incarnation first displayed a defensive stance, the Ancient God's soul was unable to completely control the Holy Mountain Incarnation.

"What just happened was because our attacks weakened the grip of the Ancient God's soul onto the Holy Mountain Incarnation. The Holy Mountain Incarnation regained a lot of its control, but that was also a temporary thing. If we hadn't destroyed the Holy Mountain Incarnation's body, we might have faced the complete power of the Holy Mountain Incarnation.

"We would have all died…"

On the side, Cross had a solemn expression as he nodded.

"I just obtained the guidance and warning of the Holy Mountain Incarnation. It didn't want to be controlled by the Ancient God, but it couldn't resist the Ancient God's power and could only use a part of its power to resist while the other part was controlled to fight us.

"Now it finally found an opportunity, the Holy Mountain Incarnation shattered itself and merged back into the Holy Mountain. As long as the Holy Mountain isn't destroyed, and the Raging Flame Plane isn't ruined, then the Ancient God would be unable to control the Holy Mountain again.

"The Holy Mountain's will told me that the Ancient God's body is in the deepest part of the Holy Mountain. But we would meet many dangers on the way. There'll be many obstacles. This is no longer the Holy Mountain we are acquainted with. We have to be careful of everything we encounter.

"The former local Raging Flame Beastmen are no longer worshipping the Holy Mountain and have lost their souls, they are all under the influence of the Ancient God and transformed into Demons. Countless magic beasts also transformed into Demons due to the sinister force.

"Even the space here had become unstable, and there would be planar tears leading to other planes. These planes are all dangerous, without any exception. There are even more small planes that had just been born and are already in the process of being destroyed.

"Those are the most dangerous places. We have to be careful…"

Clombton and Cross' words made everyone's heart sink.

Lin Yun frowned, before a wisp of understanding flashed in his eyes. The Raging Flame Plane could be considered a big plane and the Holy Mountain had gained awareness and wisdom after being worshipped by the Raging Flame Beastmen for so many years.

Within the range of the Holy Mountain, the Holy Mountain Incarnation could not only be proficient in all Raging Flame Beastmen innate abilities, its power was at least at the 4th Rank of the Heaven realm.

If it hadn't reached the 4th Rank, everyone wouldn't have been able to feel everything rejecting them, even the air was resisting being breathed by them.

This was already the power of Domains. At least within the Holy Mountain, the Holy Mountain Incarnation could control everything. Even a thread would gain a formidable strength.

After struggling to defeat the Holy Mountain's Incarnation, everyone rested and reorganized before continuing on their way. But this time, no one was overconfident. They had experienced such a challenging battle right after entering the mountain, and they ultimately won because of the help of the Holy Mountain Incarnation itself.

After entering, the surrounding environment began rapidly changing. Vegetation could no longer be seen and the earth started emitting a faint sulfuric smell. The rivers had already disappeared, replaced by flowing lava.

The sky was also devoid of light, it was as if heavy lead clouds were covering the earth. The air was also filled with a hot and sinister aura.

Strands of abyssal power turned into black smoke that wafted through the air. Small Flame Demons covered in black smoke were drilling out of the lava, and after looking at everyone, the small Flame Demons rapidly disappeared back into the lava.

Abyssal Blood Crows fluttered in the air, their bloody red eyes emitting a sinister radiance as they attentively watched everyone before flying out. 

They walked less than ten kilometers, but all the lifeforms of the Raging Flame Plane had disappeared. Every small animal they encountered had already transformed into an Abyssal lifeform.

Even insects digging into the ground were already releasing a dense sulfur smell, they became strange lower Abyssal lifeforms that lived on lava.

These puny abyssal lifeforms were innumerable. One Detect Life would discover hundreds of them. It was as if this place was just an ordinary corner of the Abyss with a developed ecosystem.

The Abyssal Blood Crows preyed on those ugly insects, and the small Flame Demons were like alligators hidden within the lava, waiting for prey to approach their river of lava.

After travelling more than ten kilometers, they hadn't met any powerful Demon and Abyssal lifeform on the way. Those low leveled Abyssal lifeforms simply didn't dare to approach anyone.

Under the pressure of Heaven Rank powerhouses, even if these guys were innately hostile to humans, they could only remain well-behaved and hide under the ground.

No one took these small abyssal lifeforms seriously. In the Abyss, these lifeforms were comparable to Noscent's hares and birds and were treated as prey. If one was somewhat peculiar, they could be taken as pets by some powerful Demons, just like how humans raised small birds and puppies.

The further they advanced, the more Lin Yun started having a bad feeling. It was as if he had been overlooking something. Clombton was also frowning.

"I think we have overlooked something. There seems to be some danger ahead but we seemed to have neglected an important problem."

After walking twenty kilometers without encountering any danger, Clombton stopped and couldn't help bringing it up.

But Cross already shook his head.

"You are still as cautious as ever, Clombton. Could it be that the holy light made you as courageous as a marmot?

"The Holy Mountain Incarnation already told me that although there were many dangers ahead, the greatest danger is the Ancient God's soul. The rest are just some demonized lifeforms and Beastmen, there isn't too much danger.

"At most there will be some Demon Overlords, maybe one or two at the 3rd Rank, but they should be scattered on both sides of the Holy Mountain.

"With our strength, there is no need to be scared. After all, we met the Holy Mountain Incarnation right after entering the Holy Mountain, that's already the strongest force here beside the Ancient God's soul.

"Don't tell me that we should worry about anything else? You might as well think on how to deal with the Ancient God's soul…"

Clombton had a solemn expression and doubt was visible in his eyes. He opened his mouth, but remained silent.

After moving another ten kilometers, they started seeing spatial tears. The way these spatial tears appeared didn't seem to follow a pattern. 

Some were only two-meter-long, some were forty to fifty-meter-long. They would suddenly appear before suddenly disappearing.

Through those spatial cracks, they could see some broken small planes. Some of those small planes only had a few hundred meters of land, some didn't even have land.

There were even some small planes that had been destroyed before the spatial tears were closed and the storms formed by the destruction of those small planes even passed through the spatial tears that had yet to be closed to form a flood of destruction.

Ultimately, everyone moving speed became even slower as they had to guard against the appearing spatial tears. Even if they were Heaven Rank powerhouses, they would instantly be torn to shreds if they were hit by a small plane's spatial tear.

Fortunately, before every spatial tear appeared, there would be some clear spatial fluctuations. As long as they were a bit careful, they wouldn't step into a space where a spatial tear was about to form.

This was the path to enter the inside of the Holy Mountain. No one could circumvent it, the Holy Mountain's space had already undergone some changes and it felt like another world. Apart from walking through here, it was simply impossible to enter the Holy Mountain.

After going forward for a dozen kilometers, something unexpected happened.

Numerous Abyssal lifeforms appeared in the front and the rear, the grotesquely shaped Abyssal lifeforms exposed their sinister fangs and talons as they roared at everyone.

Several-dozen-meter-tall huge demons stood within the armies, and behind the armies, there were a dozen hundred-meter-tall Abyssal Demons covered in black smoke laughing at the ground they encircled.

Purple-Eyed Demon, Bone Demon, Horned Demon, Abyssal Blood Demon, Strength Demon...

The Demon Overlords stood among their armies, and there was even a Black Iron Silver Horned Demon Overlord whose bloodline was among the top three of the Silver Demon Bloodlines.

There was a total of sixteen 1st Rank Heaven Demon Overlords, which was equivalent to four 2nd Rank Black Iron Overlords!

Not to mention the Abyssal armies numbering in the ten thousand and all the Heaven Rank powerhouses being stuck in this area of chaotic space.

Apart from facing this abyssal army and Demon Overlord, they still had to face the continuously appearing spatial tears as well as the chaos floods coming from those small planes collapsing.

Everyone's complexions instantly changed.

Lin Yun silently roused his mana and took out the Book of Death. The Ten Thousand Spell Wheel and the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras were already ready to battle at any time, Enderfa and Syudos had already been notified by Lin Yun. This was a big trouble this time.

He had previously felt that the situation was fishy, but he now clearly understood that their path had been too peaceful.

They only encountered some lesser lifeforms of the Abyss, they hadn't encountered any abyssal lifeform or Demon above level 30, and all Abyssal lifeforms above level 20 had been very rare.

But as they walked here, Lin Yun already understood from what he saw. The Holy Mountain had already transformed into the Abyss and this space was especially suitable for Abyssal lifeforms. The dense Abyssal Power wasn't different from the Abyss, so how could there not be a powerful Abyssal lifeform?

Moreover, it was easier to understand from the Abyssal Blood Demon covered in a layer of blood.

Abyssal Blood Crows!

In Noscent's future wars with the Abyss, they had suffered great losses several times, those Abyssal Blood Crows, who were like ordinary birds, were the most important reason for Noscent's losses.

Abyssal Blood Crows were the pets of Abyssal Blood Demons. All Abyssal Blood Demons had countless Abyssal Blood Crows as pets. A drop of Abyssal Blood Demon's blood could fuse with over ten thousand Abyssal Blood Crow. But ultimately, only a tenth of them would survive.

And these few hundreds Abyssal Blood Crows would become the doppelgängers of an Abyssal Blood Demon and replace the Abyssal Blood Demon to patrol his territory. Anything the Abyssal Blood Crow saw, the Abyssal Blood Demon saw.

In the Abyss, which was locked in battle all year round, as long as someone was fighting an Abyssal Blood Demon, they would definitely tidy up all Abyssal Blood Crows within fifty kilometers.

It was because everyone knew that among several Abyssal Blood Crows, there might be one patrolling on behalf of the Abyssal Blood Demon.

But Abyssal Blood Crows were born inside the battlefield. As long as there was a war, the Abyssal Blood Crows would never become extinct. The blood and corpses left within the battlefields were the food of Abyssal Blood Crows.

There would even be a Blood Crow Overlord appearing a few millennia later. He would control Blood Crows to cover the sky. By relying on huge numbers, he would occupy a huge territory. 

A few Blood Crows had appeared before, But Lin Yun had overlooked them because there had been very few Blood Crows. Making it look very ordinary. It wasn't noteworthy as long as there wasn't a group of them.

Recalling his memories, he remembered a Blood Crow approaching everyone before flying out. He hadn't expected that Blood Crow to be one of the Blood Demon Overlord's eyes.

"Stupid human, since you disobeyed the wishes of the great master, then you can only feel pain and suffering. Your fate has already been decided.

"Your bodies and souls will be torn apart for master!"

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