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Morgan, who was standing next to Lin Yun, hesitated and comforted in a soft voice, "Sir Merlin, don't be impulsive. These Beastmen know more about the Raging Flame Battlefield than we do, they knew about the Dark Night Phoenix from the start and they can't get rid of this big bird. We can't even drive it away, we should just give up. Our harvest could be considered pretty good this time…"

Lin Yun casually looked at the Dark Night Phoenix occupying the array and showing no signs of leaving.

"I just want to give it a try, you just have to help pin it down so I can get close."

Lin Yun's words gave no way out for the Beastmen.

After all, they had already signed the contract. It would be considered violating the contract if they escaped midway.

On the human side, more than half of the people were supporting Lin Yun, especially the four Heaven Mages, they all agreed to let Lin Yun give it a try.

The army scattered and approached the Dark Night Phoenix in a semicircle. Once they were over a thousand meters away, the Dark Night Phoenix slowly turned its head and coldly looked at the reappearing army. 

"Sir Merlin, it's too dangerous. No matter what trump card you have, you are facing a 2nd Rank Heaven Dark Night Phoenix, it's not something we can withstand. How about we just give up?"

Morgan approached Lin Yun to try to persuade him one more time.

Lin Yun gently shook his head

"It doesn't matter, I only want to give it a try. If it doesn't work, we will thoroughly give up."

Not far, Jouyi, Harren, and Raphael all had worried expressions.

Jouyi looked at Harren and said in a low voice, "Sir Harren, Sir Merlin is being too adventurous. Although I know that Sir Merlin has a certain degree of assurance, that's a Dark Night Phoenix powerful enough to make people despair. We wouldn't even last half a minute against it.

"The chances of an accident happening are too high. Defensive spells and Magic Tools aren't very effective against this Dark Night Phoenix.

"If something bad happens, we have to use our fastest speed to save Sir Merlin, we absolutely can't let Sir Merlin fall here!"

Harren nodded. Raphael also softly sighed and already made preparations to save Lin Yun at any time.

On the other side, the Heaven Rank Blood Bone Beastman sneered.

"This stupid human actually want to get close to the Dark Night Phoenix? He is really courting death.

"Dark Night Phoenix Fire is burning on the Dark Night Phoenix's body, the dark blue fire birthed from night absorbs the darkness within one's heart as nourishment and it also has the infection ability of the Phoenix Fire.

"You'll die as long as you are infected. Moreover, this Dark Night Phoenix not only has powerful flames, its huge body is even more deadly.

"This stupid human wants to get within a hundred meters of the Dark Night Phoenix, then let him.

"In any case, our mission is just to restrict the Dark Night Phoenix's attacks. It's not too dangerous. But it's different for him. As long as the Dark Night Phoenix casually attacks him, he would be screwed!"

The Heaven Rank Black Iron Beastman next to him laughed with a cold and hateful expression, "It's a pity that the contract has been signed, otherwise I would have definitely let the Dark Night Phoenix notice him. What a pity...

"But it doesn't matter, that huge Dark Night Phoenix's wings span over a kilometer. That stupid guy wants to get within a hundred meters ?

"He is dead. No matter what hidden card he has, he definitely won't be able to dodge that bird's attack that close. He is screwed as long as he gets hit!"

The Beastmen powerhouses were sneering and expecting to watch a good show. They had experienced Lin Yun's burst power before. Especially that half a minute after summoning the shadow of the Equilibrium Law. He had been able to resist the eight of them without suffering.

The most important thing was that Lin Yun was only a 9th Rank Archmage!

That formidable fighting power made all the Beastmen feel a chill. They couldn't kill him, but he was throwing away his life.

They were looking forward to it. The eight Heaven Rank Beastmen made their plan of attack. Due to the existence of the contract, they had to carefully do their part, but Lin Yun would definitely die.

The fight started once again. The eight Heaven Rank Beastmen, and the five humans with Heaven Rank power led their subordinates to attack the Dark Night Phoenix.

As for Lin Yun, he had disappeared without a trace. No one knew where he had gone.

Impatience could be seen in the eyes of the Dark Night Phoenix as it was once again attacked. The dark blue flames were raging on its wings, and with a flap of its wing, dark blue flames and gales turned into a dark blue Meteor Shower falling over a three kilometers area.

The fireballs filling the entire sky swept with huge impact and the power of every fireball was not inferior to 7th Tier Fire Dragon Impacts. The earth shook, but every force was fully defending. Only the Heaven Rank powerhouses were attacking and could pierce through this large-scale spell to attack the Dark Night Phoenix's main body.

After a minute, the Dark Night Phoenix slowly got up and extended its wings. A sharp cry echoed and created a powerful soundwave. With the addition of the Dark Night Phoenix's wings flapping, the boundless dark blue flames whistled alongside gales.

In an instant, sound, flames, and gales fused together and spread like a huge ripple attacking in all directions.

The group resisted as much as they could. Every Heaven Rank powerhouse was suffering unspeakable misery. They couldn't get within a kilometer of the Dark Night Phoenix in front of such a terrifying attack.

The thirteen Heaven Rank powerhouses used all their power to defend, they were simply unable to attack.

After flames, sound, and gales merged together, it was like a storm of destruction. The members of every force gathered together and banded together, just like a caravan passing through a desert's sandstorm.

At this time, an area covered in sand near the array suddenly sunk in and a huge hole appeared. A four-meter-wide entrance was suddenly unveiled.

And Lin Yun flew out of it.

The Dark Night Phoenix, who had just released a large-scale Extraordinary Spell and was sneering as he looked at the distant allied armies, suddenly felt a wisp of mana fluctuations under its claws and was immediately startled.

But there was no time to think. The Dark Night Phoenix opened its mouth and a pure black fireball spurted out of it, flying straight for Lin Yun.

In the distance, Morgan, Jouyi, Harren, and Raphael, as well as Lin Yun's subordinates, were red-eyed. But this was when the combined storm of destruction was at its strongest, even the Heaven Rank powerhouses could only stand there and keep their shields up to painstakingly resist the storm's impact.

They watched as the source fire went out, but they couldn't do anything. No one expected that the Dark Night Phoenix would actually throw its strongest source fire to the suddenly appearing Lin Yun. This was the source of the flames burning throughout the Dark Night Phoenix's body.

Space distorted due to the flames. It looked like flames themselves didn't occupy space. Space was like seawater, and the impacting flames were just displacing it. Spatial spells were ineffective against the source fire, it simply couldn't be blocked.

The group had red-eyes, but they couldn't do anything, they could only stare blankly.

On another side, the eyes of the strenuously resisting Beastmen suddenly shone. The Heaven Rank Blood Bone Beastman even laughed. 

'Sure enough, that stupid guy is screwed. He really picked the perfect time, he chose to appear when everyone was being restrained by the Dark Night Phoenix's spells.

'Doesn't that mean that he has to resist a 2nd Rank Haven Beast's attack in melee range? And the Dark Night Phoenix's source fire! That's the closest thing to the immortal Phoenix Fire.

'Sure enough, that stupid human will inevitably die.'

On the side of the array, Lin Yun coldly looked at the Dark Night Phoenix's source fire, not a trace of fear visible in his eyes.

If he couldn't approach the Dark Night Phoenix, Lin Yun wouldn't have wanted to give it a try. He just recalled the Quicksand Tower's tunnel leading to the array, and although the pah had been buried, the passages hadn't been completely buried. As long as he could pass through and re-opened the entrance, he would be able to appear under the Dark Night Phoenix's claws!

This was definitely close enough!

Lin Yun opened the entrance of the passage once the Dark Night Phoenix's fire, soundwave, flames and gales ruthlessly spread about.

When the raging flames hit Lin Yun, the latter instantly soared and runes spurted out of his mouth. In an instant, a two-meter-tall light gate appeared in front of Lin Yun.

At the same time, the God Fire Ember in the Demiplane's sky kept moving according to its trajectory, but a two-meter-tall gate suddenly appeared in front of the God Fire Ember.

Following its trajectory, the God Fire Ember rushed into the gate.

And outside, just as that ten-meter-big pitch-black source fire sphere was ten meters away from Lin Yun, its raging heat activated Lin Yun's defensive shield. All the runes on the Law Runic Shield roamed crazily, and the heat emitted within ten meters increased the defenses of the Law Runic Shield.

At this time, a fireball no bigger than a fist rushed out of the gate and Lin Yun's Law Runic Shield recovered. It had a layer of irresistible power that frantically increased the heat.

It was replaced by a power that pressured souls.

The fist-sized flames' power couldn't be sensed further away than ten meters.

The sphere of flames drifted and collided with that dozen-meter-big source of power, and by the time the God Fire Ember and that source fire were within five meters of each other, the berserk power was like a fireball being picked up by a giant and being pressured.

The fireball would slowly cave in, and the God Fire Ember would rush into the source fire. The Dark Night Phoenix's source fire didn't have the qualifications to approach. 

After the God Fire Ember reached the center of the source fire, and it took less than a second for the Dark Phoenix's source fire to explode, while the God Fire Ember kept slowly swaying and reached the Dark Night Phoenix's chest.

A sharp alarmed cry echoed as the Dark Night Phoenix seemed to have encountered something terrifying. It frantically flapped its wings to fly away.

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