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The Heaven Rank powerhouses stood at the forefront and resisted most of the power, but the Odin Royal Family and the Andlusa Royal Family in the rear had a hard time resisting. They took out Magic Tool after Magic Tool, which ended up turning into scrap metal within a second or two, but they were buying precious time for them.

The Beastmen weren't much better. The eight Heaven Rank powerhouses' Aura had already condensed into a crystal wall blocking in front of them, but the crystal wall was covered in faint cracks and showed signs of being on the verge of exploding.

The crystal wall wasn't just supported by these eight Heaven Rank Beastmen, the other Beastmen were also pouring their power into it. It would have shattered on the first wave with just the Heaven Rank Beastmen.

With the protection of Extraordinary Power, these Heaven Rank Beastmen wouldn't die, but that didn't put them at ease.

Everyone was in danger, only Lin Yun's side was a bit better. The constructed spiralling passages kept collapsing, but those flames and gales would lose some power as they followed the helix passages up.

They would take less than two seconds to reach the center of the helix passages, and there, Syudos controlled the Book of Mantras and opened an entrance leading to the Book of Mantras' world, drawing all the flames and gales into that world..

These ordinary Dark Night Phoenix Flames burning on the surface of the Dark Night Phoenix weren't very effective on Syudos, their only redeeming quality was the huge amount of flames.

As for Syudos, he had already grasped the true Dark Night Phoenix Fire, that was the flame breath of the Phoenix and the most terrifying fire attack the Phoenix could release.

That flood of dark blue flames was like a replenishing source of fire to Syudos.

Lin Yun and the mage army only needed to keep those helix passages up to weaken the flames and berserk power so they could be frantically devoured. 

After a dozen seconds, the brunt of the elemental tidal wave's power impacted their location.

It instantly shattered their defenses.

More than 90% of the Burning Tower's shield had turned dark blue and it scattered after they lost control. Several dozen mages instantly turned as pale as corpses, the greater half suffered magical backlash and spurted mouthfuls of blood.

On the Sky City's side, the four fortresses that had never touched the ground crashed with black smoke...

The Henry Family's darkness gate loudly collapsed, and over a hundred advanced magic scrolls and potions were left in tatters.

Jouyi's Starry Sky Barrier was full of holes and mana kept passing through these holes. Soon, a large amount of starlight was scattered and Jouyi's barrier disappeared.

Harren's Darkness Space also fell apart and more than half of the Law Runes he had formed after reaching the Heaven Rank had collapsed. Condensing them again would need at least a dozen days.

The Beastmen weren't much better, the Aura covering the bodies of the eight Heaven Rank Beastmen dimmed, it was like their Battle Aura Armors had suffered countless years of decay.

Many of the Beastmen that had eaten berserk medicine were now roughly panting, unable to straighten their backs.

As for Lin Yun's side, Lin Yun was frowning. It didn't seem like his mana consumption was great, but the mage army all drank potions to restore their mana.

One attack. It was only an attack with Extraordinary Power, yet a dozen Heaven Rank powerhouses and several hundred Archmages and Sword Saints could barely resist.

In the array, the Dark Night Phoenix unfolded its wings and raised its head, its eyes filled with icy ridicule and disdain.

"We can't let it cast more Extraordinary Spells! At this rate, even if we can snatch back the array, most of our subordinates would have died!"

Lin Yun frowned and took the lead to rapidly fly in the direction of the array.

The others gritted their teeth and charged towards the array one after another.

Now, they were at least two kilometers away from the array, this was too far. Even 1st Rank Heaven Mages' spells would be weakened and would only be able to display half of their power. Aside from large-scale targeted spells, casting at such a distance was impossible.

The group of Heaven Rank powerhouses charged into the array. Gallsworth was the fastest, his body transformed into a faint golden light and he suddenly slashed when he was within four hundred meters of the Dark Night Phoenix.

His berserk Aura condensed at the end of his sword. It seemed to spread over a hundred meters as it ruthlessly fell towards the Dark Night Phoenix's head. 

The surrounding air was continuously being pressured and the space seemed to shake.

The Dark Night Phoenix looked at this attack with disdain and arrogance, it flickered its right wing and dark blue flames suddenly condensed, transforming into a layer of scales that attached to the Dark Night Phoenix's right wing.

The wing and the sword clashed, resulting in a thunderclap that echoed in everyone's ears.

The hundred-meter-long sword shattered into fragments, which collapsed back into Aura. And that Aura was forcibly scattered by the wing's flap.

Berserk power swept the Aura and flew towards Gallsworth.

A shadow flashed as Gallsworth disappeared, flung into the distance. He couldn't be seen, who knew how far he had been sent flying.

The spellstorm created by the several hundred Archmages fell onto the Dark Night Phoenix's wings. It was like a drop falling onto a stone table. The spells exploded one after another, but they didn't leave a single mark on the dark blue flame scales.

The Blood Bone Heaven Rank Beastman released his Blood Bone Aura and it was like a dozen-meter-long bloody bony outgrowth impacted the Dark Night Phoenix's wing, slightly halting the flap of the Dark Night Phoenix' wing.

But that huge bloody bony outgrowth exploded into fragments.

The Black Iron Beastman released a sphere of black Abyssal Fire distorting the air and space. The several-dozen-meter huge fireball could absolutely compare to a 9th Tier Extraordinary Spell.

But the Dark Night Phoenix opened its mouth and devoured it in one mouthful as if it was a snack. After devouring it, the Dark Night Phoenix opened its mouth to spit out black smoke. Its expression seemed to show its distaste for the snack.

The remaining Heaven Rank Beastmen wanted to fight in close range, but they were sent flying by a flap of its wing.

As for the humans, Dedale's flames were nothing more than snacks to the Dark Night Phoenix while Raphael's endless gales were nothing more than a breeze.

Jouyi's Starry Sky Mirage couldn't even envelop the Dark Night Phoenix and Harren's Curtain of Darkness was also worthless, they could only keep casting.

Lin Yun kept releasing Four Element Bombs, but it was no different from a child throwing firecrackers at a steel wall, it had no effect.

Everyone kept attacking for half a minute, but the Dark Night Phoenix didn't even use a defensive spell. It only relied on its powerful body to resist their abilities.

Suddenly, the Dark Night Phoenix raised its head and let out a sharp cry. A visible soundwave could be seen spreading from its mouth. The space fiercely shook as the soundwave spread and made everyone spit out blood.

Whether it was the Heaven Rank powerhouses or the Archmages, their defensive spells were broken like paper one after another.

"Thump, thump, thump…"

The Odin Royal Family and the Andlusa Royal Family had no Heaven Rank powerhouses, they were unable to resist the shockwave.

The shields of five mages were shattered and their bodies were shaken into pieces by the sound waves.

A few of the Beastmen sent flying had yet to return and their powerhouses were shaken to death one after another. Their Aura was rapidly consumed, and without their Aura defenses, they fell to the soundwaves, just like sand castles breaking down with a light touch.

With that sharp cry, the Dark Night Phoenix folded its wings and glanced at everyone with ridicule and disdain, as if it was looking at a group of ants.

The dozen Heaven Rank powerhouses glanced at each other with helplessness and despair.

This wasn't something they could fight against.

"Forget it, we can't resist against that Dark Night Phoenix, it doesn't have the strength of a beast that has just advanced to the 2nd Rank, it might not be far from the 3rd Rank.

"We aren't its match. If not for the fact that it was unwilling to leave the array, we might have already died. Let's give up…"

The Odin Royal Family members were covered in blood, and blood was flowing from their seven orifices. They were afraid and in despair.

"That thing is too powerful. After all, a Dark Night Phoenix has a bit of a Phoenix's bloodline, my Darkness Elemental God has already been half burnt and recovered six times. It has reached its limits. It'll be completely destroyed if this continues." Morgan wiped the blood out of his face as he suggested giving up in frustration.

The group of mages remained silent, but not one wanted to keep fighting. The gap in power was too great.

On the side, the eight Heaven Rank Beasts also remained silent. After a while, Gallsworth sighed, "I miscalculated, I hadn't expected this Dark Night Phoenix to be that powerful. We simply can't take the array from it. It hasn't killed us because it is unwilling to chase us.

"We can only give up."

Lin Yun frowned as he looked at that Dark Night Phoenix, before suddenly saying, "Let's try again, you guys pin it down while I get closer."

Everyone suddenly became silent and looked at Lin Yun in shock.

The Heaven Rank Blood Bone Beastman's expression darkened and a mocking smile appeared on his face.

"Stupid guy, don't tell me you think that you can resist this 2nd Rank Heaven Dark Night Phoenix?

"Its strength is already at the peak of the 2nd Rank, it isn't something a 1st Rank Heaven powerhouse can stand against. It would only be possible if we had a few dozen Heaven Rank powerhouses.

"Don't think that you can withstand a Dark Night Phoenix because you were able to resist against us for a minute. Only a few seconds are needed for you to be torn apart."

Gallsworth also frowned and shook his head, "Human, we don't know what you are thinking, but this 2nd Rank Heaven Dark Night Phoenix isn't something we can handle. Expelling it is impossible, let alone killing it.

"If we take the risk and it ends up thoroughly infuriated, at least half of us would fall…" 

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