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Deathmarch in Final Fantasy 10 Awakening

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God Realm POV

Leviathan: Damn, That will not end well.

Ifret: That is going to hurt...

Bahamut: He will be fine though... right?

Asura: In time his body will be... But im worried about him now. There is a reason I'Cie start with 2 or 3 classes. No body is ment to house so many classes... much less acquire then in such a short amount of time. If he spread them out within a week... he might have gotten away with it...

Leviathan, Call the Oracle. He needs help. NOW!! THE DRIVE GIFT SEAL IS BREAKING!

Asura: She cant help him. No one can take his burden. The mortals dont know this yet, but his body is bursting with Divine energy. He is psychically charged with more energy then he can endure. The Oracle has a sliver of this energy but thats the most she can ever have.

Asura: He needs one of the 3 party members to share the load with for a day or so. The healer would be preferable... but they are nowhere close.

Shiva: The Mage is close... will they work?

Asura: The Mage? Maybe if their Divine Race matches...

Shiva and Ramuh: It does.

Ramuh: Will the mage be alright though?

Asura: Im guessing that just like the Healer, The Mage has yet to take her true form?

Shiva: That is correct. They are still in the form they were born.

Asura: Well then... helping Slate will change that. The excess Divine energy will trigger her rebirth but she will be fine.

Shiva: Ill let the Oracle and the Mage know.

Asura: Tell the Oracle to bring the king and the Witch. Once the Mage starts helping Slate... they will be in for a fight until Slate's body is out of mana.


Lunafreya POV

Today has been perfect. I went shopping with Ink, Lulu, and Slate. Slate would drop a dirty joke any chance he gets and to be honest... he is quiet funny. Lulu told me he squeezed 5 times and took a nibble of her chest the second he bumped into her. When he gets older... his poor wife.

Noctis walks in. Oh my... He has the look. Lucky him, Im in the mood too.

Lunafreya: Want to try for a little prince?

Noctis: I am feeling EXTRA energetic tonight. Lets go for twins.

Noctis disrobes and playfully jumps towards our bed when he runs into a Protectaga.

Noctis: Ouch, my face. Are we playing hard to get tonight? A little warning would be nice next time.

Lunafreya: I have not casted this spell.

Noctis Equipped his battle attire and his royal arms circle him.

Noctis: Can you escape from the Spell?

???: No need. I will release her but I need both of you to listen to me.

The rooms temperature plummets and a stunning figure of a woman made of ice appears.

???: I am Shiva and there is not much time. Oracle, grab your offspring, mate, and the Witch woman. You must go to Slate. He is in danger. When you get there, you will know what to do. Leave ... NOW!!

Shiva's avatar explodes into powder. When the powder hits the Protectaga, it brings the spell down.

Lunafreya: Ill go get Lulu.

Noctis: Ill have Ignis get the car as I go wake up Ink.


Slate POV

After my bath, I lie down on my bed in my shorts. My shoulder is kind of itchy. I made out like a bandit today. I Squeezed and Nibbled on Lulu's Ultma Weapons, I set the ground work for my future build, Got free clothes and even ordered my carving knife. My next move is to grind me classes till Tier 2 then build a fortune with Miner and Gold Smith.

Man... my shoulder is sore now... Right over my Materium Mark.

My arm starts burning and shining.


I start screaming like a Banshee. My arm has cracks running from my Materium to my crown tattoos.

I continue wailing. Help



Father woke me up and said we are going to see the tail boy. Does Father want to put a Ribbon on him too? No, only I can put a Ribbon on tail boy. Father can put the dress on him. Yes, that is perfect. Dress and Ribbon together. Very perfect. Father tells me to get ready because we need to leave right away so I grab my box of Ribbons and a Pretty Blue dress for tail boy to put on.

Ink: Ok father, I am ready. Secret Mission Blue Dress and Ribbons is set.

Noctis: Why are you still in your pajamas?! Oh whatever, we dont have any time. Come here.

Father picks me up and we warp to the car. Momma and Ms.Lulu are already in the car. Ms.Lulu looks like she just woke up... Her boobies are more covered up then normal.


How do they look even bigger?? Must me magic.

Ink: Ms.Lulu, will you teach me your boobie magic later? How are your boobies even bigger with a regular shirt?

Lulu: Oh my Princess. It is very special magic. You must find the person always on your mind and have them rub them before you go to sleep.

Someone who is always on my mind?


Ink: Momma, you gotta help me. I want to end up like Ms.Lulu. Can you help me before I go to bed?

Lulu: Parents and friends dont count. The person must me super special.

Noctis: Can we please drop this for my sanity? We are about to arrive at the boys house.

We just made it to the tail boys house. Im ready. Ribbon and Dress at the ready.

He left his lights on? Whats that noise?


Noctis POV

We just made it to Slate's house and something is seriously wrong. There is a suffocating mana in the air. I think Slate is Screaming too. We must hurry.


Lunafreya POV

This Mana... Divine Mana with something mixed in? How can this be happening? Slate has no Affinity for Holy magic and thats a watered down version of Divine. His body cant take it!!


Lulu: I agree. The mana in the air is wrong. Its like something holy and wicked are fighting and the kid is the battlefield.


We walk inside and Noctis covers Ink's eyes. Slate is suspended in the air screaming. His left arm is in tatters with cracks all throughout the skin. Black ink like blood is seeping from some cracks and white smoke is raising from the rest of his body. Lord Shiva said we would know what to do but... im at a loss.

Lunafreya: Do either of you know what to do in such a situation? Shiva said one of us would and it sure isnt me.

Noctis: Im at a loss myself. Magic is not my strong suit...


Lulu POV

Lulu: Even though it is mine... im not sure what to do myself. Ill try though.





Kiddo has gone quiet and some of the cracks on his arm have closed... but he looks to be in more pain. Im not sure what more I can do...

???: You are on the right path but it is not enough.

Time has stopped. Everything has gone grey except for me and the eyes of Lunafreya.

2 forms are next to the kiddo holding a barrier that I could not see before. The kid was not just floating in the air... he was floating in a pool of the ink stuff from his arm.

???: We have little time to explain. You bought us this minute with your slow spell. The girl must help him. She will be fine. Tell the king to be ready for the fight of his life. When time continues... recast Slow as much as you can. You will need to keep Slate as still as possible. Tell the king he will only need to fight for about 2 minutes till Slates Mana runs out. Thats when the seal will kick back into effect.

???: The girl needs to absorb this energy. She will be fine and Slate will not hurt her. When Slate returns to normal and wakes up... tell him these exact words.

"Ink is the Mage, find the other 2. When you 4 are together. The protective charm will fall. The Black Materium will show you the way"

???: Good luck.


Time resumes and I can still see the Barrier. My spells break and Slate starts screaming again.

*Slowga X27*

Lulu: Noctis fight. Dont kill. 2 minutes. Ink can save him. She will be fine. Fight for our lives...



Noctis POV

Lulu just passed out from mana exhaustion. I pull out my Swords and get ready for anything...

I am wrong.

Slate opens his eyes... but they are Golden Vertical Slits and his body is now completely black with one silver wing coming from his back and 1 silver horn sprouting from his forhead.

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