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Deathmarch in Final Fantasy 9 Let the Grind Begin

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Slate POV

After Lunafreya healed Amulet and woke her up, She said to pick 10 Materium out from her selection to take for free. She said she had a bet with a friend that I wouldnt return, much liss with the Queen. The price for her losing the bet was 10 Materium. She also said she would rather give them to me then to the guy she bet.

Slate: I dont want them Auntie. I like working for my stuff. I hate handouts.

Amulet: Fine then. Consider them an Investment on my part. Think of me first when you need weapons in about 6 years.

Slate: Wait... why would I wait 6 years to buy a weapon?

Amulet: How old are you?

Slate: Im 25


Amulet, Lulu, Lunafreya, and Ink: Haha


Dafuk is so funny?


Oh. Yea... Im 10 now. Woops, I forgot. That will take some getting use to.

Lulu: Kiddo, you truly are something else. In Zero, No one can wield a weapon with the intent to use it as a weapon unless its in unintended self defense. You can use a knife to cut food but not to attack someone. It is actually very rare for a child to beharmed by an adult. The Minor Goddess Aerith watches over all children like a protective mother.

Lunafreya: That isnt to say that kids cant be hurt though. If someone attacks and the attack is reflected to a child... the child can be hurt. If that happens... Lord Aerith will come down and end the two who had a part in hurting the child. That is why if a child is present... everyone stops fighting. No one would dare risk it.

Slate: So I have to wait till im 15 to start training to get stronger?!

Lulu: That is half true. The practice of magic on a still object lets you train your Magic Class till Tier 2. Fighting with a wooden sword does the same for Melee Classes. You may practice Profession Classes all you want. It all depends on the classes you have.

Slate: Is there a limit to the number of classes someone can have?

Lunafreya: Kind of. When you pick a class, your body undergoes some stress to try to abapt to the new branch of possible skills. After some time, your body acclimates and can receive another class. Then the process starts again but it will take longer to acclimate the second time. The cycle continues until the body lets you know it cant handle another class.

Slate: How do you know if your body is ready for another class?

Lulu: The class becomes active in your Materium menu.


Slate: Auntie, can I see your Orb Selection?

Amulet: Sigh, Your going to continue to call me Auntie... aren't you?

I nob

Amulet: They are over here. Take a look. You can pick the ones you want. Do you need help picking?

Slate: No, I just need time to think.



Ink: So Auntie, why did the tail boy come yesterday?

Lunafreya: Ink, that is rude just like Lulu said so. Call her Ms.Amulet.

Amulet: I do not mind your Majesty. If the boy calls me that then I dont see any reason that the Princess can not.

Amulet: Princess, He came yesterday to buy a Knife for wood carving. Without an adult present, I refused to sell it to him.

Ink: Momma, can we get the knife for the tail boy? If I get him the knife... maybe he will let me pet his tail. Ill put a ribbon on his tail when he is not looking hehe.

Lulu: Princess. What do you think the kiddo would look like in a pretty dress?

Ink: 🤨🤔😑😐😳

Lulu: Woops. Sorry kiddo


Slate POV

What kinda build do I want? ... My body has passive regen and im highly resistant to status ailments. I also have a good variety of magic affinities so magic is not lost to me. I have 3 party members so the Damage Dealer, Pure Mage and Healer roles are covered. I need a tank. Guess a Hybrid Tank/ Mage/ Knight build would fit nicely.

Before I decide on Classes to train in... ill choose my Professions. After looking for 15 seconds...

Miner(XIV), Gold Smith(XIV), and Carpenter(XIV)

7 more left to choose.

Ill take Psychic(X-2) for the passives of turning elements aimed at me that im good with into HP.

I plan to fight monsters and not really people... a blue mage of some kind would be a safe bet... Gun Mage(X-2) fits nicely. It even has MP regen early on in the skill tree.

Ill take Commando(XIII) for its physical and non-elemental attacking power. The Status Eater passive is a nice addition. Getting to remove buffs at the cost of mana plus life siphon are kinda broken.

Ravager(XIII) will boost my Black Mage class I already and add physical magic attacks like Frost Strike, Aqua Strike, Spark Strike, Ice Blitz, and Elect Blitz.

With these... ive got a solid foot to stand on with magic. Now for survivability... Something to help with physical attacks and croud control...

Dark Knight(X-2). It has no valuable passives but it hits with debuffs more often then not, I also give up some HP for hitting like a truck and it has Life Steal too.

2 more choices...

While looking... I see that there is an orb really far back...

Slate: Auntie, Can you help me reach the red Orb way in the back?

Amulet: Hmm? Oh yea sure. Ah yea, I doubt you want this Orb. Its the Red Battle Mage(XII) Orb.

Everyone in the room makes a face as if they stepped in some poo...

Slate: Whats with the faces? Is this Orb bad?

Lulu: Do you remember how we told you that the body takes a while to Acclimate from a Class Orb due to the new branches of skills it can learn? Well the Reb Battle Mage(XII) takes 5 times as long to recover due to how broad the skill set is. It has over 3 types of magic, 2 weapon types, and a unique armor type. In the time it takes to recover from using the Orb, you could use 4 other Orbs and still have leftover time.

Slate: Then its exactly what im looking for. Thanks.

Ill take a passive skill as my last choice. Blood Saber for AOE Life Steal

Slate: Auntie, ive made my choices. please check me out.

Amulet: I believe you kid. I also know eack Orb I have in stock. If there is any problem ill contact the Queen. The Queen also commissioned your carving knife. It will take a few days to have ready though. Come back in 3 days. It should be ready by then.

Slate: Then thanks again Auntie. Cya in a few days.


I am walking to the Regalia with the everyone after a long day of shopping. After visiting Amulet, the 4 of us went clothes shopping. Ink got like 30 dresses and shoes. Lunafreya got me a few casual outfits and flip flops. I really dislike shoes. Ink has been mumbling about some dresses sense we left Amulet's shop. Oh well. Not my problem. ([A.N.]how wrong he is)

They dropped me off at home before returning home themselfs. Time to test my theory.

I take the 3 Profession, 6 Class, and 1 Passive Orbs out of my storage and sit on the floor. I open my Materium Globe and Menu. I grab the Miner Orb and nervously use it. The Miner Profession is added on my Menu. After a few seconds... It becomes Active.


My Passive Regen and Esunaga let my body heal much faster then a normal one so I figured id recover from a new class faster too.

Slate: Time to set the groundwork for later.


It takes me 2 hours... but ive used all my Orbs. My Materium Menu Optimized itself too.


Slate Clean


10 Years old


Twin Divine Beast-kin

(Bunyip/ Raiju)


Health: 200


Mana: 200


Attack: 10


Magic: 10


Passive: Esunaga, Regen, Blood Saber(Trigger)


Spells: Thunder(1), Aqua(1), Dark(1), Blind(1)


Affinities: Thunder(High), Water(High), Dark(High), Ice(Avarage), Poison(Avarage), Earth(Limited), Fire(None), Holy(None), Cure(None), ???


Primary Class: Freelancer LVL 1


Secondary Class: Black Mage(X) LVL 1


Unequipped Classes: Red BattleMage(XII), Dark Knight(X-2), Psychic(X-2), Gun Mage(X-2), Ravager(XIII), Commando(XIII)


Profession: Miner(XIV), Gold Smith(XIV), Carpenter(XIV)


Crystarium Points: 0


Oh boy, Watchout World... Here I Come!!
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