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Deathmarch in Final Fantasy 8 The Grind Preparation

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Slate POV

I wake up naturally for the first time in this life. It feels great. Ignis arrives shortly after my morning routine and we head to the Palace. As soon as I enter the humongous doors... I see Ink running at me dressed like Yuufie with a huge grin. Im not sure if it is my new beast instincts or what but I hit the floor running.


When I take a look behind... SHE HAS A PINK RIBBON WITH SPARKLES ON IT!!


Ok... I might have gone too far. But she will NOT put that ribbon on me.

As I am being chased in the castle, I am mocking Ink for not being fast enough. That was a mistake.

Ink: *BIND*!

I stop mid stride in the are. This little cheater!!


I fall on the floor and skid a good foot...

Slate: Magic?

Ink: MUAHAHA When did I say no magic?

Before she notices im free... RUN!

Ink: Huh? How did you get free? *Bind* should hold for 15 seconds on someone unexpecting it and 7 on someone ready for it... *Bind*!

I stop for a split second again then continue running away like a Cactuar. Im going to hunt one of those so help me gods.

Ink: *Stop* *Bind* *Sleep* ugh... Low on Mana

I hit the floor like a sack of potatoes. Come on passive Esunaga, Its just 3 low level debuffs

about 5 seconds later i can move again... and im off! As I turn the corner of the hallway I start to yell out my favorite line from the Pirates of the Caribbean...

Slate: Princess, you will always remember this as the day you almost caught Captain ... Gufu!

I ran into something. I got a face and a hand full of something soft, squishy and warm. Kinda like your favourite warm pillow on a cold winter day.

???: Oh? what a cute little pervert. Captain Gufu was it? Would you mind removing your face from my bust? Those aren't for you. They are for my little one.

I look up and see Lulu from FFX. Her outfit is just as low cut as I remember. Perfect.

Slate: Hello. Im Slate. Its nice to meet you Lulu. Your baby is one lucky kid. Im jealous. Wanna adopt me?

Her face is priceless. Waka is behind her with their first kid laughing. She has her newborn sleeping in a sling on her back. Ink rushes to my tail but stops mid sprint and goes pail when she sees Lulu.

Ink: Hello Ms.Lulu. What are you doing here today? Isnt today a freeday? Please dont tell me I have more homework.

Lulu: No Princess, Your mother asked me to come and test out someones Magic. I wanted to go shopping after. Would you like to join me?

Ink and Slate: YES

Lulu: Oh? You would like to join us Kiddo?

Slate: Yes please. I wanted to get a knife to start working on my profession. I went to Culless Munitions yesterday but... the Auntie said I needed an adult... and money would be good too...

Lulu: Well ok. I'll take two shopping after I finish my errand for the Queen.

Lunafreya: Well, I have great timing today.


Lulu POV

Lunafreys walks in and welcoms the perverted kiddo. She then informs ms that he is the one she would like me to test. Last time she asked me to test someone's magic... it was Princess Ink with her unheard of 6 High and 2 Average Affinitys.

Lulu: You would like me to test this kiddo's magic? Did his Materium develop a brand?

Lunafreya: It did. Thunder, Water, and Dark.

Lulu: Dark?! Wow... Im the only other person I know with High Dark. Ok then. Lets see what he can do. Come with me Kiddo.

Slate: Umm you do know my name right?

Lulu: Do you think i didnt notice those 5 squeezes and the nibble?

Oh, he is blushing like a tomato... cute

Slate: My name is Kiddo


Slate POV

She noticed. I thought I was slick. Worth it though. First pair ive touched ... in my life. Ba Dumm Tiss. Im funny... I promise.

Time to show these mortals that I am A future ARCH MAGE!!

Lulu: Ok kiddo, show me some magic.



Slate: Your husband is still in the room. How bold. 😚

Lulu: ...


Lulu: You truly are an interesting kiddo. Maybe if you were 15 years older and I had never met Waka. You deserve a good smack. Take your wack like a big boy.


Lulu POV

Im going to punish this pervy kiddo. Maybe I will let the Princess dress him up. I raise my hand to give him a good wack


Woosh. Oh? I missed?! No... he dodged? He should have been able to move. My bind is ... Broken?

Lulu: How did you dodge? How did you break my Bind?

Slate: Magic i guess? I have Esunaga and Regen passively running in my body




Everyone: WHAT!

Slate: Take a look.

The kid hits his arm and opens his Materium Globe for all to see.

After a minute or so of everyone looking... we are all dumbfounded.

Lulu: 5 Magic Affinity Avarage or above?!

Noctis: Only 1 Class?!


Lunafreya: Those Passives with NO cure Aptitude?

How? There is even an affinity he has yet to uncover. Lets see what his starting point is.

Lulu: Here you go kiddo. Its a Materium Class Orb. The Class is Black Mage. You will only get the basic spell of your highest Affinities. I expect Thunder, Water, and Blind. You will gain access to the class in a day. Put the orb where your Materium Brand. It will sink into your original Orb.

He puts the orb by his sholder and the clear sphere vanishes.

Lulu: Ready to go shopping kids?

Lunafreya: Id like to join you 3. Is that ok Lulu?

Lulu: Of course Your Majesty... If you are paying.

Lunafreya: Thats fine. Ill go get Noctis's Wallet


Amulet POV

Today has been slow. My stock of Materium is overflowing. My sales are low so I could use some new suckers. That kid from yesterday said he was a ward of the crown. I wish the little lier was telling the truth. If he was, ill give him 10 Materium and the best carving knife anyone has ever seen so help me god.

???: Ill take that deal mortal.

A pale green light pops infront of me. it grows till it shows the form of a woman with a tail with a claw looking end.

???: I am Asura. I heard your prayers and have chosen to bless you. Your next customer will reap the reward you just said and they will become regulars to your store. If you recant your word... It will be your lose. It is up to you.

The green woman calling herself the Goddess Asura vanishes. What the hell did I just see? My next customer will be a blessing?

🎶 Ding Ding🎶

Slate: Auntie im back!

Oh crap. The little lier is back.

🎶 Ding Ding🎶

Ink: Hello Auntie


🎶 Ding Ding🎶

Lulu: Dont call her Auntie kiddo. Thats rude.


🎶 Ding Ding🎶

Oh my heart. It cant take much more...

Lunafreya: Greetings Ms:Amulet. We have come to do some shopping for Slate.




Ink: Momma, Auntie just fell asleep.
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