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Deathmarch in Final Fantasy 7 Materium and Affinities

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Slate POV

Lunafreya gives Yuffie a look to which she growns and starts whining. She leaves the room and returns with a beautiful Crystal Blue Sphere.

Yuffie: You better not lose it, I wont be giving you another one you twerp. Thats my last Blue one.

Slate: You have different colors? Do the colors mean anything? ... Also, how do I use it? Do I eat it?

I go to put it in my mouth to see if I could pull a prank on Yuffie. As I put it by my mouth... Yuffie slaps the back of my head and yells.

Yuffie: Nice try. I know you know better and no. Colors dont mean anything in the beginning.

Slate: Ok fine. Party pooper.

I bring the orb to my forarm and it sinks into my arm. My arm is now glowing with a blue dot... looks cool to be honest. Next thing I feel is pain. Not to bad but enough to be annoying.

Slate: Is it ment to hurt? It stings and burns some.

Lightning: It is not unheard of but it is quiet rare. It just means the spot you put it in isnt good for the Materium. It will move on its own any second now.

The light starts to blink all over my body. first my hand, then my foot, leg, chest, forhead, and finally rests on my left upper arm. I take my shirt off to see if it left a mark only to realize I have tattoos on my arm.

Slate: When did these show up? These look like crowns... Could these be my drive forms?

Noctis: Those were on your arm when we found you but the one on your shoulder is new.

There is a dark blue circle on my shoulder with a black thunderbolt in it. Ok... that looks cool.

Slate: Does everyone get a tattoo? The princess doesnt have one on her hand...



Cindy: Sometimes a mark over the sphere will show up if you have a really strong affinity... By the looks of your mark however... 3 of your affinitys are high. Dark, Water, and Thunder. Impressive. Our Savior of Humanity only has Thunder and Holy. The most impressive one here though is Princess Ink. She has High Affinity for All magic except for Dark and Holy which are Avarage.

Ink: Ha ha haaa, take that tail boy. Im the greatest everrr!

Yuffie: How is your aiming practice coming along Princess Greatest Ever?

Ink: ...



Im hungry, to the kitchen!!

Everyone in the room started chuckling.

I follow her to get some food too. Last time i ate was in my last life


Cindy POV

Cindy: Well your Majestys... I managed to finish it in time. His Materium was a handful. It took over 10 Materia consisting of 2 Summon Materia, 2 Support Materia, and 6 Independent to synchronize with the crowns on his arms. I had to use 4 Crystal I'Cie tears to creat a Crystarium System to support yhe load. Are you sure the gods wont get angry? His Materium is a beast...

Lunafreya: I asked the gods. The said not to give him any unfair advantages. We have not. What we gave him were options. It is up to him to make use of them. We will wait to see if he does.


Slate POV

After following Ink to go eat, Ignis walked up to me and told me that he was going to take me home.

Slate: Say what? How do I have a house? I dont even have a job...

Ignis: Well... Someone was Deported and it was decided that you would be given their house. I will warn you though... its nothing special. I will be taking you back to the Palace tomorrow to start your studies alongside the princess. Am I correct in assuming that this is preferable over public school?

Slate: Your wrong. Id rather go to public school. Lunafreya told me that I would get the best hands on learning from the school Red 13 and Snow teach at. I want to go there.

Ignis: Ah, So you want to go to Choco-Haven then? Well... that will be difficult to arrange. Ill speak to Noctis and see if he can work something out. Ill come get you in the morning so you are not alone tomorrow. Perhaps we can tour the city if we get a chance.

Slate: Thank Ignis. Cya tomorrow.


After looking around my new home, I am happy. Its nothing special... just like advertised. 3 rooms with 2 bathrooms a living room and a kitchen. There is a new bed and that is all. Its practically empty. Ill work on that later. Maybe I will grind a Profession and make everything... Yup. Sounds like a plan. Now that I know im home alone, time to see what this Orb can do..

I hit my left sholder with my right fist. My fist starts to glow dark blue. I open my fist and a kickball sized Sphere with 4 pointed star in the center glows infront of me. A screen pops up next to the sphere... I think its a status menu.


Slate Clean

10 Years old

Twin Divine Beast-kin

(Bunyip/ Raiju)

Health: 200

Mana: 200

Attack: 10

Magic: 10

Passive: Esunaga, Regen

Affinities: Thunder(High), Water(High), Dark(High), Ice(Avarage), Poison(Avarage), Earth(Limited), Fire(None), Holy(None), Cure(None), ???

Class: Freelancer(Active)

Profession: None

Materium Points: 0


Ok... im confused. AM I A MIX OF 2 MONSTER GIRLS!! What the actual hell! What are with those passives?

After some hard thinking... I get it. Thats how the gods gave me a permanent healthy body. Esunaga removes any ailments and Regen keeps my Health at max... its actually smart but how do I have those passives but no Cure affinity? Ill ask Lunafreya tomorrow I guess.

Hold on...WTF is with my last name? Do I look like a bald old guy?

Actually... I kinda like it. CALL ME MR.CLEAN!!

It will be funny at roll call. Time to go explore my new home town. Maybe make some friends?


If I remember correctly... If i follow this canal... it should Ah Hah! I was right!

🎶 Ding Ding🎶

???: Welcome to Culless Munitions. Your one stop shop for Blades, Guns, and Materia. How can I... a kid?

Slate: Hiya Auntie, I need a knife to practice carving wood. Do you have a Blacksmith on your payroll?

???: Umm are you lost? Also, dont call me Auntie. My name is Amulet like the necklace. There is no way im selling a knife to a kid without a parent or guardian present... Do you need help finding your mom?

Slate: Well Ms.Amulet, I am not lost and my mother is nowhere close to here. Right now... I am a ward of the crown I guess... If i need someone with me to get a knife then ill bring them tomorrow but you didnt answer my question... Do you have a Blacksmith you trust to do custom jobs?

Amulet: I do, but you need to bring the materals.

Slate: Cool, Cya tomorrow.


Amulet: Weird kid. I bet he was lying about being a ward of the crown. Id be surprised if he comes back at all. Oh well... we will see.
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