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Deathmarch in Final Fantasy 4 New Home?

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Slate POV

I wake myself up with caution. Both sides of my face hurt. ill call a nurse to get me some meds.

Slate: Can someone bring me pain medication? My face hurts and my eyes are swollen shut. Im guessing some kind of allergic reacti-

Something warm is placed on my forhead. I think it's someone elses head if im not mistaken... a soft glow covers my eyes and something that feels like warm water spreads out from my forhead to the rest of my face. after a minute or so the feeling returns to my forhead and the light dims until its gone.

???: How is that little one? Is the pain gone?

As I opened my eyes... I couldnt help my big mouth...

Slate: I love you.


Lunafreya POV

Well that was unexpected. Im not sure how Noct would feel about a 10 year old demi-human child confessing his love to me the first minute he opened his eyes. The look in his eyes seem a little too adult for his childlike face. The god Leviathan of Zero contacted me due to being an Oracle. She told me that 4 chosen warriors would be summoned or sellected and that one will be from my home. They told me that I am to to make sure that he isnt spoiled or given special treatment. I will find only 1 and that he will find the other 3 themselfs. The 4 Chosen will have a part to play in the our future. The one I would find would have white hair with golden streaks and electric blue eyes with a black rim. ... I didnt know that he would have fox like ears, a bushy tail, and 4 crown tattoos on his left arm.

Lunafreya: Why thank you little one but I am a very happily married woman. I actually have a daughter about your age. I believe you met her earlier. Actually... here she is. Ink sweety, say hi to ... I actually dont know his name yet.

Out of nowhere...Ink splashes the young man in the face with basic water magic. I have no clue what has come over her. After giving Ink a scolding, I walk to the young man and gently cast Aero to dry him off.

Lunafreya: I would like to apologize for my daughters behavior and welcome you to... Umm hello? Are you listening? Are you ok? What are you mumbling?


Slate POV

Its Lunafreya from FF 15. Shes even prettier in person. She is my favorite non-playable FF character. What nurse is pulling off this god like cosplay? Wait... WHERE AM I? KIDNAPPED?!! IVE BEEN KIDNAPPED BY THE GREATEST COSPLAYER IN HISTORY!!? SOMEONE PLEASE HELP! Oh god, give me a sigh I will be ok please...

Out of nowhere... I get blasted with water in my face. It went up my nose. Not the sign I was looking for. There is a smaller version of Lunafreya standing with her hand sticking out and a shit eating grin on her face. What did she drench me with? Wait... something is wrong with this picture. Im missing something obvious... I can tell. The Lunafreya cosplaying goddess is reprimanding the little Demon. The goddess walks up to me and holds up her hand, she gentaly says "Aero" and lo and behold... a gental wind drys my clothes. My jaw has detached from my skull.

Magic. Real Magic. Real life Magic.

Time to do what I have ALWAYS wanted to do. Consequences be damned. I jump up to my feet and yell at the top of my lungs with my hands in the air


Everything goes black.


2 weeks ago


My name is Ink Fleuret Caelum. Daughter of King Noctis and Queen Lunafreya. I am 10 years old and look almost exactly like my mother except for my hair which is closer to grey then her platinum blond. I guess thats my fathers color mixing with moms. I have my fathers steel blue eyes and lazy attitude. I like what I like and hate what I hate. I was bored after I finished my affinity checking so I went exploring in my castle. Well... its my parents castle... but its still mine. As I was enjoying my little adventure in MY castle, a blinding light came from one of the spare rooms.

Ink: Whats that? I dont remember momma saying we were going to be having guests today... Maybe a robber? But how did they get passed all the guards? My adventure sense is tingling!! Maybe ill take a peek. heehee 😁

I am now a ninja princess here to catch a robber. Feel my wrath as i call for guards!

I bust (Push slowly) the door open only to find treasure. There is a boy laying on the guest bed. He has a fluffy tail with white and yellow colors and fox ears. I think he is Wearing eyeliner because under his eyelids seems to be a little darker than normal. He has a few weird markings on his arm... I wonder if they hurt. He is sleeping in a T-shirt and shorts with socks on. Who in their right mind sleeps with socks on? Let me fix this. As I go to take his socks off... his tail moves. Before I realized it... I am petting his tail.


Guards burst into the room (really busted in. like door in pieces) and wisk me away to safety. One of the guards pull out a sword and has it hovering right over the boys chest. He yells at the boy but the boy is still asleep. The guard takes no chances and starts to drive his sword down when all hell broke lose.

A ball of sea blue water with 2 shadows in it materialized out of thin air and roared. This froze everyone in place.


No one is moving. No one can. Im sure momma and father are already on their way. ... Ill go get them just to be sure...

Ink: M m m mi my lord. ill go g g get momma for you. illberightback!!


Lunafreya POV

I was enjoying a pleasant stroll with Noct around the palace when the sky starts to darken and the waters around Altissia start to churn. There is only one being that can cause such unnatural behavior in the waters and sky.

Lunafreya: Leviathan. She is furious for some reason. Noct, we must return. Now!

Noct pulled out his phone and called Ignis

Noctis: Ignis, I need you to pull the Regalia around. Luna and I need to return to the castle! Something is wrong!

After hanging up, Noct picks me up like a new bride and warp jumps a few times to the main street where i can see Ignis skidding to a stop. It takes us 5 or so minutes to return home but when we do... We see Ink running outside while crying for us.

Ink: Moomma!!!! Lord Leviathan is going to sink the world!!

Ink jumped into Lunafreya's arms and let the water works continue.

Noctis: Ink, are you ok? Are you hurt anywhere?

after looking Ink over, I mouthed to Noct that she seems fine. Noct tried to get her to talk but she could only answer in a jumbled sentence.

Ink: Bright light, Boy, Socks in bed, Fluffy tail, Leviathan, Sink the world, wants to talk to momma.

she passed out shortly after repeating herself twice.

Lunafreya: Ill go speak to Lord Leviathan. Ill be back.

I started running to where i felt Lord Leviathan's mana.
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