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Deathmarch in Final Fantasy 3 New Body?

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Bahamut POV


7 Crystals blink into existance and the other 7 gods of Zero reveal themselfs.

Shiva of ice

Leviathan of water

Oden of lightning

Ramuh of thunder

Ifrit of fire

Titan of earth

and Asura of healing

Shiva: What do you want now Bahamut. I was taking a iced bath. This better be good you bastard lizard.

The other 6 nodded in agreement with her. The most important Commodity to the gods was entertainment. Whether it's a war that their followers are waging in their name to an interesting mortal who has hysterical ideas. One of the biggest taboos that any of the other gods could have is to say they found something interesting and to be lying.

Bahamut: Take a look at the memories Slate accidently let me see. i was looking for some drive nonsense but found an Orichalcum mine!

Bahamut held up his hand and formed a small golden ball. The ball expanded into a sphere the size of a car. Within the sphere was... the Monster Girl Encyclopedia in all its glory.

Shiva, Leviathan, Ifrit, and Asura gasped while Oden, Ramuh, and Titan spurt blood out of their noses.

Shiva instantly took the form of the Ice Queen. Leviathan shifted to the form of a Mershark. Ifrit actually caught fire. When the inferno died down... she took the form of a Lava Golem. Asura had a hard time picking her new form. she kept swapping from form to form till she found the Amazon. She was thrilled with it. Needless to say... The men had to sit down to hide the tents they were all rocking. Oden is the oldest of the gods so he spoke up first.

Oden: This mortal Slate deserves a reward!! look at these forms, they are a cut above the rest. what did he request for? An all powerful cheat? Sword? Class? I vote we give it to him! all in favor?

6 gods: Aye!

Bahamut: He doesnt want anything like that. He has only asked for 3 Gifts so far. One was a body that is always healthy...3 party members consisting of one DPS, one Mage, and a Healer... and some drive thing.

Asura: A human body cant withstand a gift as strong as perpetual good health. Did you tell him he would have to get a non-human body?

Bahamut: He didnt seem to mind. We were in the middle of choosing a body when i looked in his memories. He still has about 1 gift left. out of 8... 3 for the party members, 2 for the health and a new body, about 1.5 for the drive thing... correction, he has 1.5 gifts left.

Oden: Give him the drives and 1 more gift. dont bring up his new body. We will forge him one from this index he has given us... a male form of course. We will make the partners from this index too. That will be his reward for this treasure. Is that fine with everyone?

7 gods: Yes

Asura and Titan: I want the healer

Shiva and Ramuh: Dibs on the mage

Bahamut and Ifrit: DPS

Leviathan: Then Slate is mine. Want to put some input with me Oden?

Odens mouth was wide open. He wanted the mage to be honest...

Oden: Shiva and Ramuh, would one of you trade?

Shiva: Fuck off. Too late you geezer.


Oden: Umm Ramuh?

Ramuh: One word.


Ramuh: Lightning


Ramuh: Either help Leviathan or beat it. Oh and to be fair, only 2 breeds per person. Agreed?

Everyone but Oden nodded. Oden was still mad at how he is being hated due to Lightning.


Slate POV



is no one here anymore? did they change their minds? Maybe the drive requests was a bit much. Man... my blob is killing me. can i get a sofa at least? its not easy just floating here. Maybe they forgot about -

out of nowhere, a tsunami blinks into existance. The noise is unimaginable and im sure if i had one... my bladder wouldnt have held up in the strain.

???: Hello Slate. I am one of the 8 gods of Zero Leviathan. The others are busy trying to figure out how to fulfill your requests. We will need to use one more gift crystal to fulfill your requests. So far.. we have the party members for 3 gems, the Healthy body for 2 gems and the Drives for 2 more. We worked around the body problem so no need to worry. What would you like as your final gift? We dont have too much more time.

Slate: Oh, umm... well then. In my new body, can i have the bloodline of Pluto from the Percy Jackson books? All that bloodline would give me is an affinity to Dark Magic/ Necromancy and the ability to feel gems and ore. Maybe an affinity to earth magic?

Leviathan: No, you cant have that bloodline... but those skills are do able. Is that ok? Dark Magic and limited Geomancy.

Slate: Sounds perfect. I am ready.

Leviathan: Good but we are not yet. We will let you sleep for now and when you wake up you will be on Zero. For now, enjoy some peaceful rest. You earned it in your last life.

The edges of my blob vision start to blur and i start feeling relaxed.


Gods POV

Leviathan: Ok hes out like a light. How are we doing with the bodies?

Bahamut: The bodies are done but they need compatible souls. We were waiting for you to join us in the well of the departed to find some. Lets go!

You would never believe these 8 were the highest authority in this realm by the way they were acting...

Leviathan: So what did you 6 pick?

6 Gods: Not telling. Dont tell us your pick either. We want to see them first hand with Slate.

Shiva: Lets split up by member to find a compatible soul.

She didnt even wait as she dragged Ramuh off to find their soul.

Asura and Titan vanished. Bahamut and Ifrit are gone too. I guess ill wait till -

Shiva and Ramuh: Done

Asura and Titan: Easy Mode

Bahamut and Ifrit: Best soul ever

... that didnt take long.


Slate POV

Something is shaking me. My shoulder is in pain due to the nurse shaking me awake. Better let them know im still alive...

Slate: Im alive Nurse Tits-alot. Dont get your bra in a bunch. Just 5 more mi-

Fffffffuuuuwwwaaaa.... PAH!! (God speed Bitch slap noise btw)

Some how, defying the laws of the cosmos..., i was slapped on my left cheek when i was face down in my pillow and still managed to spin twice before slamming into the wall. I was scooped and slapped in one motion... impressive.


I take a look at my new arch enemy and all I can say is...

Slate: Who the devil are you and why are you so flat?

Not my best moment i confess... but meh, im terminally ill so i doubt she w-

there was no noise this time... she put her back into it...

I am now the owner of a pigs face...

I am an idiot
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