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Deathmarch in Final Fantasy 13 Full Recovery

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Lulu POV

I grab Noxtis's hand and tell him to get us away from Slate. He looks confused but I guess he read my expression. We warp to the otherside of the room and watch.

Creepy Arm: Who said that? This body is MINE!!

The arm plunges down again. The arm is laughing the entire way but stops once again. The Crystal Ooze around the wrist shatters into dust leaving a hand print.

???: I will be taking this body you gecko. You may run along now.

Creepy Arm: And WHO the fuck are you to order ME around? All you are left is a discarded fart in the wind. You barely have enough essence to make a familiar to come here. You think you can take this this body from ME? THE OMEGA KAISER DRAGON?! DREAM ON BONE DUST!

???: I didnt bring a familiar. This is me. I am physically here to take him from you. So take your Omega Dumbass Keister out of my SIGHT! BEGONE!!

The voice boomed like a cannon shattering the rest of the Ooze Crystal turned to dust. The dust just hung in the air as if it was waiting for something.

???: The 2 of you need to leave. Grab the Oracle outside and return to the girl in the Light Cocoon. The boy and I must talk privately.

Noctis: I will not leave him with someone who's name I do not even know. Who are you?

???: To know my name while I am in this form is to call for death. Do not ask me again for I WILL answer you human. Now go.

To know his name is to call for death?

It cant be...

???: You are correct Busty Witch. Do not think about me further. Get the Male and those 102 I Cups away. They are very destructive and distracting.

I blush and take a glance at Noctis. ... His jaw is opened and his eyes are the size of dinner plates...

Lulu: Noctis... my eyes are up here.



??? POV

Now that the huge distractions are gone...

???: I know you are awake brat. How are you feeling?

The boys eyes slowly open and he hissed in pain.

Slate: Like I was ran over by a Stampede of Behemoth for a year straight. What happened to me? I cant feel or move my arm.

???: What do you remember?

Slate: I remember using my Orbs to get my 9 extra classes and 1 passive skill. I tried to go to bed but then my Materium Mark started to itch and shine. Then Pain... next thing i know... im here.

??? Wait... you used 9 Class Orbs at once? And you still live? Well... we are more fated to meet then I first realized. I will break it down for you. You are dying... again.

Slate: Haha.. tell me something I dont know...

???: Well... your left arm is useless now. I dont know the entire story but from what I can tell, your body had to much Divine and Dark Mana in it from the Class Orbs. Somehow, the girl upstairs managed to take most of the Divine Mana out without dying but that leaves the huge amount of Darkness. The Gekko tried to kill you and use your body as his new form. He managed to get your arm until I broke his connection to it. The dark dust in the air is the Mana he pulled out of you. What I do next is up to your response to my next questions...

???: Bust or Butts?

Slate: Bust no questions

???: Harem?


???: Loli?

Slate: Look but no touch

???: Legal loli?

Slate: A Myth.

???: Why do you want to get strong?

Slate: Woh a real question. To enjoy my life. Its no fun being weak.

... I may just cry. Finally, I have found the perfect Summoner.

???: Well said! I can save you and you can save me. You dont have an Eidolon yet. I will become your permanently Soul Bonded Eidolon and replace your arm bones with the only ones I have left. I will lose everything leftover of my old body but Ill absorb the extra Darkness within you to make a new body so you will not have a powerful Summon for a few years until its done. Do we have a deal Slate Clean?

If so, call my name.

Slate: Yes we do... Hades! King of Death!


Slate POV

Slate: Yes we do... Hades! King of Death!

The dark dust in the room starts spinning. within the dust I can see a 20 foot tall hooded torso with only its left arm remaining. The head is a Skull Mask and the Hood is inky black. There is a huge scythe behind the figure too.

Hades: Here we go. Dont die on me!

Hades grabs my left arm and used the Scythe... to cut it off.

I didnt feel a thing. Hades then puts the arm on the floor and lies next to it with his arm in the air. He then slams his arm onto mine and his boney arm goes through it. After a few seconds, he moves the arm to check if it was working ok and returned to me.

Hades: Now here comes the hard part... You are MUCH smaller then I am. My extra bones will become powder and be infused into your skeleton. This will make your bones stronger but your left arm will be purely made of my bones. You need to grab my Scythe and cut your Materium Mark with it. That will bind me as your new Eidolon. After I become your Eidolon, you will get your arm, my leftover bones, and Scythe. They will become yours to control.

Hades: Here we go.


Lunafreya POV

102 I Cups. That is unreal. I am barely a D... Must be Magic. Anyway... I am worried about Slate.

Lunafreya: Will Slate be ok? Who was it who saved him Lulu?

Lulu: I cant say or we all die. It is all up to Kiddo now. We will be able to tell if it worked when the mana in the air vanishes. ... Just like that actually.

The dark mana from the lower part of the castle is gone. The 3 of us breath a sigh of releaf. Slate walks into the room with a little pep in bis step

Slate: Morning everyone. Im back from the dead... twice :D

Lulu rushes to him and gives him a dangerous hug. Slate is turning blue with a huge smile on his face.

???: Good for you brat. Best way to die is suffocation ny breasts in my opinion.

Lulu jumps back in terror.

A Dark Blue Crystal Skull with Gold Sparks in the eye sockets is floating around Slate.

Slate: Everyone, this is Hades. My Eidolon.

Their faces. Perfection.

Slate: I have some explanations to give out. It all started when I died... the first time.
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